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Traffick (Tricks, #2) by Ellen Hopkins

with Seth, Seth must go into prostitution and finds another man with whom to continue a relationship. Whitney Lang Whitney is the fifteen year old daughter of . There's Eden, the preacher's daughter who turns tricks in Vegas and is novel, Tricks, Ellen Hopkins introduced us to five memorable characters tackling these . Tricks is a young adult verse novel by Ellen Hopkins, released in August It tells the He meets Loren and is catapulted into a new kind of relationship. Toward the end of the book, the author seems to make Whitney to be losing more of.

I've noticed with Ellen Hopkins' books that I rarely tend to care for the characters. For Tricks and Traffick, I appreciate the way she doesn't shy away from writing characters that aren't particularly likeable but I can't say that I feel much for them.

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I don't have a favourite - there's no one I hate and no one I love. Maybe it's our differences or maybe I'm after just a little more depth from them. Of course I root for them and want things to go well for them, but that's about it. At the very least, I appreciate that they are real and flawed characters. The worst thing with Tricks for me was not really remembering the story or characters. I'd only read it last year but I've read a lot of books since then - including other books by the author - so I was thrown off at first.

I'd definitely recommend reading the two books back-to-back if you can, or at least reading a recap before reading this book. I did pick up on bits and pieces while reading, since it was a memorable read, but it helped me a lot to read the Wiki summary for a complete refresh.

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As always, Traffick was a quick yet haunting read. I really like her prose and the free-verse style, though I struggled at times to differentiate the different voices and perspectives. It's definitely a memorable read though that sticks with you and gets under your skin. I knew very little about sex trafficking prior to reading her books and her representation of it, along with the facts she presents in her author's notes, leaves me speechless.

Overall, they're both very powerful and important reads that I definitely think should be read together if possible for the full impact.

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If you have any concerns, let me know. Edelweiss I received this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Initial Review: August I'll post a full review closer to the release date in November!

If you want to go into this book blind, don't read this. Tricks was my first Ellen Hopkins book and one of my most memorable reads. Although each of their stories is unique, they all are forced to undergo the harsh life of an underaged prostitution. The novel follows their journey from their beginnings in the City of Sin, to their eventual departure and hope for a better life.

Traffick is the second book of Tricks book Synopsis Edit Eden Streit Eden is a 16 year old girl who grows up in a religious household. Her parents find out that she has been seeing a boy behind her parents' backs and they send her to Tears of Zion. Once there Eden trades sex with a worker named Jerome for good food, shampoo, and more little luxories. She hides in a truck and a trucker finds her and drives her to Ely. Once there another trucker drives her to Vegas in exchange for oral sex.

Once in Vegas Eden becomes a prostitute living on the street. At the end of the book Eden starts living in a group home and things start looking up for her. Seth Parnell Seth is a 17 year old boy who is a homosexual dating a man named Loren.

When Loren moves Seth is heartbroken and goes off to a gay bar and meets Carl. Later Seth's dad kicks him out of his house and Seth moves with Carl to Vegas. Once there Seth is very lonely and one day while working out he meets Jarrod. He ends up having sex with Jarrod and it turns out that Carl used him as bait and Carl kicks Seth out. In the end Seth moves in with David a guy he met on a website still staying in Vegas. Whitney Lang Whitney is a 15 year old girl who lives in her sister Kyra's shadow.

After losing her virginity to Lucas and him breaking up with her at a party she meets Bryn at the mall who keeps his eyes on her. Later Whitney runs away with Bryn to Vegas where he gets her addicted to drugs.