Seattle to portland bike distance proportional relationship

Final training tips for a spectacular STP

Recently in Seattle, guerilla cyclists installed pylons to separate a bike lane from the And the average distance traveled by bike per person per day was km in .. -the speed limit for cars on a street is directly proportional to the Having cycled widely in Portland, Seattle, London and Amsterdam. bicycle stations throughout Seattle to encourage ridership, and add safety and convenience for cyclists, and signify .. For destinations further afield, bicycle trip distances . have a inverse relationship. Documented on Portland's four bridges. To meet this need, bicycle and pedestrian forecasting models are being . relationships between bike . proportionally to the square mileage within . Results from a sketch-planning tool used in Seattle, WA (FHWA, ) .. miles. Metro is currently collaborating with Portland State University to use bike path data derived.

Want to make Day 2 even easier?

seattle to portland bike distance proportional relationship

You can camp or stay at hotels even closer to Portland. InI rode my first STP in two days on a pound mountain bike, while carrying a backpack loaded with, among other things, my laptop. When I told a veteran cyclist about this, he offered this critique: Getting your nutrition right will keep you feeling good and your pace consistent.

10 tips from an STP veteran (Are you really ready for the ride?)

A sports nutritionist once passed along some STP nutrition advice to me that seemed to work. Start loading up on carbs like breads, pastas, fresh fruit, veggies and low-fat yogurt five days before the ride. Eat a snack three hours before you ride and start eating about 30 minutes into your ride. There are plenty of gas stations and grocery stores along the way to get what you want.

10 tips from an STP veteran (Are you really ready for the ride?) | The Seattle Times

A little cash also is helpful if you need to buy an extra tube or pay a technician for a repair along the way. Trails like these also can be a good place to ride with children who are not yet in full control of their bicycle.

seattle to portland bike distance proportional relationship

As long as there is little foot and bicycle traffic — busy trails with erratic users are the worst place for novice cyclists. On streets with frequent intersections, separate paths only make cycling less safe. I wish those who advocate for them would look at the data and stop asking for facilities that will cause more accidents. An on-street bike lane above, on uphill right side is a much better solution to separating bicycles and cars. It keeps cyclists on the roadway as a legitimate part of traffic.

To novice cyclists, it may be disconcerting to be passed by fast-moving cars, but it is safer to be an equal part of traffic than to pop out from unexpected places as you cross intersections on a separate path. Separate cycle paths are appealing to many cycling advocates because they exist all over Europe.

And in Europe, more people cycle, and cycling is safer. Having lived in Europe, I believe that cycling there is successful in spite of and not because of the bike paths. It may help to know that separate bike paths originally were not introduced to make cycling better, but to clear the road for cars during the s by the car-obsessed Nazi government in Germany. For that reason, cyclists were required by law to use the bike path, whether it was well-designed or not.

As early asthe French Cyclotouring Federation lobbied for bike lanes painted on the road, instead of mandatory, but dangerous, bike paths.

In Europe, that battle still is going on more than 75 years later, because the Nazi-era laws remain on the books to this day, even in cycling-friendly places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

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To be clear, I am not implying that those advocating for separate paths should be in any form compared to Nazis. I only included this for a historic perspective on why European cyclists are required to cycle on segregated facilities. As North American cyclists, we are lucky that we retain the right to use the road. The discussion in the comments was summarized in another post. Eat, drink, and be merry Riding two centuries on back-to-back days takes a lot of energy.

For endurance athletes, the recommended amount of protein is roughly. For example, a pound person would eat about 3. One long-distance cycling veteran suggests carb-loading five days before the event: During your ride, eat small amounts of food often to aid digestion. Try eating something in minute intervals and adjust.

Final training tips for a spectacular STP

See which protein or energy bars actually give you energy. Fralich recommends pre-hydrating two hours before a long ride by drinking 14 to 20 ounces of water. Experiment with energy drinks to see which one works best for you. Enjoy the scenery and the company of other riders as you peddle to Portland. Butter up Help prevent chafing.