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relationship story of seasons

For Story of Seasons on the 3DS, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Is there bachelor/ette's flower/heart events even if im in a relationship with someone?. The Bokujou Monogatari games have allowed us to interact and build relationships with townsfolk, eventually forming a lasting relationship with. Story of Seasons, known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari and formerly known as Harvest Moon, .. "Harvest Moon and Same-Sex Relationships". Bitmob.

Tree of Tranquility silkworms and ostriches were introduced to the series, and the new game also enabled players to befriend wild animals and persuade them to live on their farm.

Animals are also able to reproduce. Eggs can be placed in an incubator to hatch a chick in a few days, while giving a cow or sheep a Miracle Potion will impregnate them. Magical MelodyHarvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility and Harvest Moon: Pets and other animals[ edit ] In many Story of Seasons games, the player is given the opportunity to receive a dog and horse as a pet.

How to Get Married | A Story of Seasons Help Guide

A large variety of animals can be kept as pets in the newer titles, from pigs and cats to pandas and turtles. In some games, the pets attend competitions e. Back to Nature the player can raise fish. Pest animals are also found in older Story of Seasons games for example, Friends of Mineral Town including wild dogs, and gophers. Wild dogs visit the farm at night and harass any livestock not kept in a barn or fenced area.

Gophers in some older titles would consume crops. Gathering materials[ edit ] Many Story of Seasons games require the player to gather materials for home improvement, tool improvement, cooking, or selling. The most common building resource in Story of Seasons is wood; other resources can include stone and golden lumber. The player can gather wood by chopping tree stumps and branches, and use wood to add buildings or fencing to their farm. Mines are present in many games, and minerals gathered can be used for upgrading tools and crafting gifts.

In many games wild plants, such as herbs and flowers, may also be gathered.

Marriage Options

Festivals[ edit ] Most games in the series feature annual festivals which the player can attend. Some festivals are contests with prizes available, while others are social events, some being equivalent to actual holidays, such as ThanksgivingNew Year's Day, and Christmas Eve.

Livestock festivals also take place, where the player can submit their animals to compete against other farms. Animals that win these contests often receive benefits; for example, a cow that wins might gain the ability to produce gold milk. Getting married[ edit ] Most Story of Seasons games offer the ability to marry. Gift giving and interacting with the love interest may increase the love interest's affection, and if their affection is high enough marriage may be proposed with a Blue Feather.

Most love interests have rivals, who will marry them if the player does not. The feature was removed from the North American version over concern its inclusion would have raised the game's ESRB rating. Animal Parade, Rune Factory 3and Story of Seasons are the only versions where the player can have multiple children.

However, in Story of Seasons, unlike the other games, pregnancy is only experienced once, as the player character winds up having twins.

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Animal Parade is the first game in the series that allows the player to have two children of either gender, and Rune Factory 3 allows the player to have three children of either gender. A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: The ring exchange event will last one hour, and you'll return to your farmhouse after the event is over. The flower on your dear's portrait will also change. Kamil or Licorice will also have a flower appear on their character portrait after the two of you begin to go steady.

The remaining marriage candidates will still have their flower colors, but they will be missing the white flower bud that indicates your selected person's status. You will also receive a visit from Dessie.

Story of Seasons Guide: How to Get Married

Now that you have a sweetheart, she'll stops by your farmhouse to tell you the steps you need to get married. Though, if you're reading this then you already know what she's going to tell you! The villagers in Oak Tree Town will also comment on your recent commitment for the first week. Now that you are a couple, your partner will give you cooked dishes once per day when you talk to him or her. Your stamina level will need to be at 2.

The dishes that the candidates give are: When it is your sweetheart's birthday, go into your house between The same thing happens on your birthday when you walk into your farmhouse during the dinner period. If the two of you share the same birthday, the event will take place inside of your farmhouse. You'll also get a cute little kiss.

Breaking Up When you're tired of being strapped down and yern for freedom, you can break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. To do this, you'll need to have his or her flower color at purple or less 19, FP or lowerwhich you can do by giving the person bad gifts. Once you've reached the required friendship level do not talk to the person for 31 days; this includes avoiding festivals and random events.

After the required cold-shoulder time has elapsed, walk into your sweetie's house to trigger the break-up scene. If you decide not to break up, you'll lose FP but remain a couple.

If you do decide to break up then you'll lose FP and be free to woo another marriage candidate. Besides giving gifts, another way to quickly lower a marriage candidate's love level is to show the going-steady Ring to a different marriage candidate, then go back to talk to your sweetie. Your partner will object to you showing the ring to any free person available. Each time you do this it will lower the person's friendship points by I Want You Back!

If you decide you want to get back together with your ex-partner, you can do so but it won't be easy! After 62 days have gone by since you broke up, you can give him or her another commitment Ring on a sunny, non-festival Saturday or Sunday.

Upgrading Your House Size To accomodate the person who may be living with you at some point, you will need to increase the size of your house to the Big Farm House. The blueprint for the house upgrade will be at Gunther's shop forG after you build the Upgraded House or 70, G if you are playing in Seedling mode. The house comes with a double bed inside of it. You can change the style of the double bed if you want, but you don't need to have a specific double bed style to get married.

Proposing Marriage You will need to give your dear a Blue Feather to propose marriage. You can buy the Blue Feather at Otmar's general store forGG for Seedling after Dessie gives you advice on how to marry.

Dessie's marriage tutorial event will trigger after you give a going-steady ring AND if you have unlocked her! Dessie doesn't become available until Spring of year 2, which means you have to wait until at least year 2 to buy the Blue Feather, even though you can give the Ring in year 1.

You must see the four Nature Sprite Inspection events, one in each public field area, before you can unlock Dessie.

You can sell the Blue Feather to the Trade Depot for 10 G, and it is one of the items in the shipped items list. Otmar will sell one feather each day, so it is okay if you sell it. You need to have all of the requirements in place before you can successfully offer the Blue Feather to your sweetheart. Wait until a sunny Saturday or Sunday when it is not a festival day, you have seen the yellow flower event and pink flower events or both pink flower events if you're going out with Eliseyou have a red flower color with your sweetie, you have upgraded your house to large or higher, and then give him or her the Blue Feather.

For Raeger and Mistel, you have to wait until they are not working at their stores e. If your feather is rejected, then all of the marriage requirements have not been completed yet. Double check each one of the requirements, as the game won't allow you to marry with your chosen beloved until you've cleared them. Reverse Marriage Proposal You can have your partner propose to you by completing additional requirements. Once you're ready, walk into your sweetheart's house between 6: If you've met the requirements, your partner will propose marriage to you with the feather you own.

For Raeger, he needs to be in his restaurant area and not upstairs in his living quarters. If you reject your sweetie's marriage proposal, you can still propose marriage to him or her, but you will need to meet more requirements. Now you'll need to give at least gifts and seven days have to pass before you can give the Blue Feather to the one who you've rejected. Scheduling the Wedding Plan If your feather is accepted, you'll view a scene where your dear will take your feather.

You'll even get a kiss! Afterwards, you'll gather at the Guild Hall to talk to Veronica, who will explain the three wedding plans you can choose from. You will NOT be required to chose your plan at that time. Veronica will explain the three plans, and then later you will talk to her at the counter within the Guild Hall to make your final decision.

relationship story of seasons

Veronica will set the date of the wedding to be a few days in the future, and you can't specifically tell her the date you want your wedding to be on.

After you have handed your beloved a Blue Feather and it has been accepted, he or she will not break up with you.

relationship story of seasons

Even if you happen to drop your fiance's flower color to lower than red before you schedule your wedding ceremony, you'll simply have a wedding with a non-red flower colored marriage candidate. Your character will change into wedding clothes for the ceremony, but the style of clothes will be determined by the wedding plan you choose and not something you select individually.

A western-style wedding will have the girl wearing a white wedding dress, and most of the boys will wear a white tuxedo; Klaus and Nadi wear black tuxedos during their western-style wedding.

relationship story of seasons

An eastern-style wedding will have the girls wearing a pink ceremonial kimino, and the boys will wear a white ceremonial kimono. The plans cost different amounts of money and have different affects on friendship with the villagers who attend your wedding. The type of plan also affects how quickly the pregnancy event triggers.

More expensive ceremonies result in faster baby mak'n. The Simple Plan - This basic wedding only costsG and will be a minimilist, western-style wedding with your fiance and Veronica. With this plan, the pregnancy event will trigger 30 days after your cremoney if you have build the two-story farmhouse. The Deluxe Plan - The next level plan will costG and will allow you to chose whether you want an eastern-style wedding or a western-style wedding.

As a wedding gift, 5 M. Daisy Pots and 5 Red Rose Pots will be added to the constructed objects inventory inside of your farm house. The pregnancy event will trigger 20 days after the ceremony if you've constructed the two-story farm house by then.

The Luxury Plan - The last plan is the most expensive at 1, G and you can select the western-style ceremony or the eastern-style ceremony. The guest list will be greatly expanded and includes most of the villagers.

You will have more congratulations speaches from the villagers than the Super Plan. The wedding gift will be 5 M. The pregnancy event will trigger 15 days after the ceremony if you have the required house upgrade. Post-Marriage Stuff After the wedding, you will gather back in your farm house with your new spouse. He or she will give you a Wedding Ring that you can wear if you add it to your clothing closet, and then select it as one of your accessories.