Princess man sad ending relationship

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princess man sad ending relationship

But I had to make a small exception with The Princess' Man. storyline and throws a tragic Romeo and Juliet-esque love story in the middle of it. And that scene at the very end, when he finds out that Se Ryung didn't die .. and had sacrificed her relationship with her father and family just to help him. In fewest words possible about The Princess' Man: epic, brilliant – PERFECT. this show, but I don't want to end up with a 5-page essay lest I bore you. Sometimes Kdramas suffer from bipolar – probably just bad editing – and it . but that inevitable interwoven relationship and for the ladies, how they. The Princess' Man's opening is, quite honestly, absolutely amazing. people had died that it would have been depressing if it had had a sad ending. They'd both matured and so had their relationship and the scenes they.

She starts out as a bit unlikable as she is the first obstacle standing in the way of Seung Yoo and Se Ryung's love. But we learn that Kyung Hye does not try to break the lovers up out of spite or jealousy, but because she tries to protect her own family.

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Initially, she is quick to judge Se Ryung for being unaware of Su Yang's evil deeds. However, over time Kyung Hye realizes that she cannot blame Se Ryung and she herself has to fight harder to defeat Su Yang. Jong, who is introduced as a goofy fun-loving guy, proves himself to be the main support for Kyung Hye. Even though she initially refuses to call him her husband we see them become closer over time. Then we have Seung Yoo, who is first introduced as this easy-going slightly careless guy that enjoys the company of gisaengs and likes to drink.

Although all the tragedy and loss tears Seung Yoo apart, it also forces him to fight for something that matters and, similarly to Se Ryung, not for just love but for justice.

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And finally our villain Su Yang, whose personal growth is mostly negative as he grew more crueller as time went on, but also became less satisfied with his decisions. Even having gained the power, he was unhappy knowing that his daughter no longer respected him.

He was terrible person no doubt, but he truly loved his family and especially his daughter. He was finally at peace and happy to know she was alive, but still unable to show himself after all the things he had done. Even though she was not dead, he had still lost her forever. It's almost like there's this unexplainable magnetism to him that you are unaware of until you see him in a drama.

princess man sad ending relationship

There is nothing that I love more than a good soundtrack that heightens all the tensions, thrills and emotions in a drama. What I didn't like: I liked the ending, but my only grudge is with Seung Yoo losing his sight.

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But I felt it was unnecessary as I thought the show already had a pretty good reason why Seung Yoo would have had to stop his revenge — he was becoming a father.

It was kind of corny and the fact Suyang just popped out from behind a random tree like some kind of creepy meerkat just added the cherry to the top of an already funny cake.

princess man sad ending relationship

The Princess' Man had been so angsty and so many people had died that it would have been depressing if it had had a sad ending. It needed a light at the end of the tunnel otherwise it would just have been waaaaay too sad. The main cast was strong and the supporting cast was just as strong and, for the most part, they brought the characters they played to life, making them both realistic and believable.

My only complaint would be about the actor who played the gang leader and who seemed to have taken the instruction 'look evil' very much to heart Maybe a little too much, because his permanently evil sneer honestly looked more than a little comical. He looked like the least trustworthy man on the planet. The characters themselves were pretty great too and, as I've said, I absolutely loved how they grew and matured over the course of the drama, especially, it must be said, Se Ryung.

princess man sad ending relationship

She never stood up for herself, seemed happy to let others blame her for things she had no control over, and was so heart sick she could barely do anything at all. Meanwhile, Se-ryung learns that Seung-yoo's ship sank. Despite her mourning, her parents fix the date of her wedding with Shin Myeon. In an attempt to bait Suyang, he kidnaps Se-ryung on the day of her wedding. He is mercilessly cruel to her, and reveals her father's part in the sinking of the ship.

Suyang shows up to claim his beloved daughter but he survives Seung-yoo's arrow because of his armor. Meanwhile, Shin Myeon shoots an arrow at Seung-yoo, which is intercepted by Se-ryung who takes the brunt of it.

Shaken by her sacrifice on his behalf, Seung-yoo is shell shocked and he escapes only because Seok-joo and his friend Noh-gyul save him by forcibly dragging him away from her prone body. Se-ryung is taken home by her father and Shin Myeon is suspicious because she took the arrow on behalf of her kidnapper. However, the encounter with Seung-yoo and the kidnapping changes Se-ryung's attitude towards her father and Shin Myeon, now that she is aware of the extent to which they will go for power.

Seung-yoo reveals that he is alive to Jung Jong and he is relieved to have an ally in the fight against Suyang. Foiled in his attempt to kill Suyang, Seung-yoo starts assassinating those who were privy to his family's murder. He leaves behind the alias of his deceased general father, Great Tiger, at each site to stir fear among his enemies.

Se-ryung's attempts to atone for her father's atrocities gradually melts Seung-yoo's anger, especially when he learns that she saved his sister-in-law and niece's lives in the reprisal against the members of the rebel nobles' families. Se-ryung refuses to be crowned Princess and continues to bravely defy her father.

Seung-yoo gives up his vigilante assassinations at the behest of his old teacher, who urges him to join the larger cause of dethroning Sejo and restoring Danjong.

Se-ryung inadvertently learns of the plot and is caught in a terrible dilemma. Saving her father comes at the cost of her love and vice versa. However, the rebellion which was led by Six Scholars of the Hall of Worthiesincluding Seung-yoo's teacher fails, leading to their deaths and the exile of Princess Gyeonghye and her husband Jung Jong. Seung-yoo manages to escape, but Shin Myeon discovers his identity. King Sejo learns that Seung-yoo is alive and that Se-ryung may have had knowledge of the plot.

The rift between father and daughter grows. Se-ryung in a symbolic move, cuts her hair and renounces her ties to her father. When she takes refuge in a temple after leaving the palace, Seung-yoo takes her with him to Bing Og Gwan. However, when Shin Myeon and his guards nearly tear apart the place searching for her, she surrenders herself up to them.

In his rage, King Sejo sentences her to become a slave of Shin Myeon. However, Seung-yoo and his friends rescue her in the nick of time. Shin Myeon refuses to give up his quest to possess Se-ryung and follows the pair to Princess Gyeonghye and Jung Jong's place of exile. In the course of Jung Jong protecting the pair, Shin Myeon comes to learn that Jung Jong is plotting yet another rebellion. He is arrested and executed, leaving behind a devastated and pregnant Gyeonghye.

Meanwhile, in addition to their grief over the loss of Jung Jong, the lovers face more obstacles. The rebel leaders with whom Seung-yoo continues the plan for the attack refuse to accept her, because of her link to King Sejo. Seung-yoo and Se-ryung pledge their love as husband and wife and agree to separate till the battle is over.