Personal relationship with jesus false idol

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personal relationship with jesus false idol

The song "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode describes the faith of many: The language of personal relationship with God has become. In other words, while the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus” isn't in the The fullness of God is not in your individual heart and it's not on. God never designed marriage to be our ultimate treasure. When does marriage move from a precious gift from God to a false god of personal security? my satisfaction in this relationship rather than in my relationship with God? Because in the age to come, Jesus says there is no marriage or giving in.

What does it mean to have a personal relationship with God?

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever—the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. Jesus said this before He died, and after He died, the Holy Spirit became available to all who earnestly seek to receive Him.

He is the one who lives in the hearts of believers and never leaves.

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He counsels us, teaches us truths, and changes our hearts. Without this divine Holy Spirit, we would not have the ability to fight against evil and temptations.

personal relationship with jesus false idol

But since we do have Him, we begin to produce the fruit that comes from allowing the Spirit to control us: This personal relationship with God is not as hard to find as we might think, and there is no mysterious formula for getting it.

As soon as we become children of God, we receive the Holy Spirit, who will begin to work on our hearts. We should pray without ceasing, read the Bible, and join a Bible-believing church; all these things will help us to grow spiritually. Trusting in God to get us through each day and believing that He is our sustainer is the way to have a relationship with Him.

Although we may not see changes immediately, we will begin to see them over time, and all the truths will become clear.

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Our life with Christ is communal, not personal or private or individual. When the Scriptures speak of believers, they are part of a community, a fellowship of other believers. Christianity is about a church relationship with Jesus. I know this runs contrary to what many modern believers think.

In an age when we are more isolated than ever, when our worlds often shrink to the size of a phone screen, talk of community sounds like a radical departure from the norm.

personal relationship with jesus false idol

But the norm of the Christian faith is not isolated believers, little islands of spirituality, but a continent of Christians banded together by the Spirit.

We are baptized into one body, the body of Jesus. Our so-called personal relationship with Jesus is indeed with his person—his body of which all other believers are a part.

Even when we pray, we pray communally.

personal relationship with jesus false idol

We pray in Jesus, through the Spirit, to the Father, in a vast concert with all other believers. Me-and-Jesus prayers are impossible.

personal relationship with jesus false idol

When we read the Bible, we read communally. The Bible you read—the book itself—is a communal product.

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Translated, printed, bound, and sold not by us personally but by others. We read, often unconsciously, with the voices of preachers, teachers, and parents from over the years guiding our knowledge, assumptions, and beliefs.

Is Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus a Biblical Concept?

And, ideally, we read the Scriptures with others. In groups, in classes, with an eye to the wisdom of the past and the voices of brothers and sisters studying it with us. Above all, however, Jesus calls us into a living, active, worshiping community that regularly gathers around his gifts. We are washed into his body on the stream of baptism.

personal relationship with jesus false idol

We eat the communal meal of his body and blood. We sing together, pray together, confess together, grieve and heal and eventually die together. He gives us pastors.