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Library allows only 25 items to be entered unless you pay for it. Inventory managers can be found all over the place. Most of them are terrible. One free offering that seems to, at least, have rough feature parity with Delicious Library is Data Crow. It turns out to be fairly easy to wind up with duplicate copies of files, particularly if you collect certain types of data say, comic book files or role-playing pdfs.

This application will hunt for duplicate files and let you delete extras; however, pay careful attention to what it finds. If you are not sure what it is doing, you can get burned. The makers of this game, Ambrosia, completely rule. If this genre is not your cup of tea, I guarantee that they have another game some of which, alas, only run in Classic mode that will have you addicted within minutes.

If you like this game, you might also try Vendettawhich is very similar in concept, but uses 3D first-person combat and requires on-line play with thousands of other players. Capable of reading and writing nearly any graphic format, this program also has slide show capability and a great directory-based image browser. A suite of batch processing tools also make altering multiple files the same way mostly painless. For example, take a huge directory of images, scale them all to be the same height, then crop them to be the same width, then save them as a different format.

Growl is a notification system used by a lot of the other apps on this list to breifly popup a message in the corner of your screen to alert you to an event such as e-mail arriving, a job completing, and so on. Though previously free, the developer has now fully embraced the App Store model.

Ancient history

For the moment, more apps support Growl. Once upon a time, the Mac developer tools came with Icon Composer, a simple application for editing application icons.

In the early days of OS X development, Apple had to build quick and dirty tools like this, since they were the only show in town. Now that third parties build much better icon editors than Apple could, they have discontinued Icon Composer. This is probably the best of its replacements, mainly for its exporting capabilities. Also, when I asked the author to add change the open dialog to allow browsing inside application packages, he released a new version that did so within days.

This made creating this post much easier. Iconographer free, but abandoned ; IconBuilder Photoshop integrated filter. Quicken screwed up, though keeping its code mired in technology known to be dying. When this technology was jettisoned on the release of Lion, Quicken stopped working on modern Macs. Fortunately, Quicken had enough haters prior to this that mature alternatives exist. For my needs, iBank was the best replacement. I explored many replacements for Quicken when I moved to Lion.

You might find others I examined fit your needs better.

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A very sexy Risk game, somehow more addictive than the hordes of other Risk clones. It allows network play, but only 10 games before you have to pay for it. For the ambitious, developer tools are available to make custom maps and AI players.

Shortly after the dawn of the Mac came MacDraw, a program for editing vector graphics where images are made up of editible primitive lines and shapes. I prefer using vector graphics when possible as opposed to raster graphic tools like Photoshop, which edit a grid of colored pixelsas they scale better and are easier to change.

It has a companion iPad app which feels even more so, with cloud syncing between them. Not long ago, few options existed in this space other than the very expensive Adobe Illustratorbut now quite a few compete.

Money 5 by Jumsoft - The Best Personal Finance App for Mac and iOS

Others include VectorDesigner previously recommended, but now too expensive compared to iDrawArtboard a simpler user interface, not as powerful and Inkscape free, but clunky. Note also that some traditionally raster editors are starting to get very simple vector drawing features such as Pixelmator, mentioned below.

animesost.info: All Version Updates for Mac OS

Just pony up the cash for this program. You might also want to grab iPhoto Diet to remove some of the bloat iPhoto creates. Now, however, dozens of possibilities exist. Some other possibilities in this space are OmniPlanMerlin or, for something slightly different, Curio. A number of on-line only tools also exist now, such as Teamweek. Leap provides an alternate way of accessing, organizing and finding your files, making use of the OpenMeta standard to add tags to file metadata.

Using any tags you care to add to a file, as well as other file metadata such as file type, modification date and so on, you can perform complex searches, either ignoring the rigid hierarchy of folders, or using it to augment the search. Leap really shines if you have a lot of a certain kind of file such as PDFs or video and want to search for a specific one. A unique, cross-platform to-do manager with iOS synchronization though still no iPad app.

Their web site explains it better than I can. After a day trial, save stops working unless you pay for it. LifeBalance is not constructed or intended as a GTD tool, though could probably be shoehorned for that purpose. Brings up an alert any time your computer attempts to make a network connection to the outside world, allowing you to accept or deny the attempt. It can be trained to ignore things like your web browser, chat client, etc.

It will only run for three hours at a time unless you pay for it. This is good enough for me, as I tend to run it only when installing new software. Nothing can be saved until paid for. If you have a burning desire to view the media on your Mac video, pictures, music on your Playstation 3, this is the easiest way to do so.

Totally seamless and easy to use. Allows you to do search and replace on filenames, including support for regular expressions. Sure, you could do similar things with the command line, but this is easier.

The Best iOS Music Player App For iPhone & iPad

Also shows you the results of changes before they are made. Switchers itching for something like Visio should look no further than the professional version of this app.

Visio, notable as one of the few products whose interface radically improved once bought by Microsoft, could steal quite a few lessons from the guys at Omni. Current versions also sync with an iPad version, and contain a bunch of the layout code from Graphviz.

A Virtual Surround Sound Experience for your music!

A limit is placed on the number of nodes you can have in a file until this software is paid for. The Omni Group tends to build really great products and charge way too much for them, but chooses products that no one else is building for the Mac. What usually winds up happening is that someone comes along to undercut them with a slightly-less-good version, for much, much less money. You know that shoebox or file cabinet you have filled with old bank statements, bills, receipts, statements and so on?

Would you like to replace that with an encrypted database of PDFs? How about if details were optically scanned from the PDF and populated into searchable database fields? Paperless can do all that. If Adobe Photoshop breaks your bank, this image editor is a strong choice, delivering most of what the average user will need out of a raster editor in an elegant interface and much lower price. There are tons of image editors out there. Others are harder to use, such as GIMP.

Still others are more specialized, such as Pixen. Postbox is a powerful e-mail client which works a lot better for me than the Mail app that ships with OS X. Please click the following link to view it: Please read on to learn more about DataLore… The DataLore Advantage DataLore gives you our innovative Search-As-You-Type technology allowing you to search and find files on your own computer or on other Macs on your network, at lightning fast speeds.

Search filenames, filetypes, content and more. Searching is live and dynamic. There are no start or stop buttons to press — just type and search! Perform simple and complex searches all via a text entry box. No need to press start or stop, or click on multiple drop down menus. DataLore will start searching with you, will stop with you, and will change with you, responding immediately to your every move.

This unique text entry method for making quick searches, from simple to complex, works with you while you type, without any interruption.

When you want to change or adjust your search criteria, simply change the text and DataLore will follow your lead, moving with you full steam ahead. Perform simple searches with words separated by spaces or perform more complex searches using Boolean and Wildcard queries, date ranges, file types, and much more. Combine special search characters to produce more complex search patterns. The text shorthand options make custom or more complex search queries, fast and easy! The main limitation is that the iMac drives tend to be small especially a few years back, when SSDs were just getting going.

So, the idea would be to load up iTunes with your movies, set up sharing, and then stream to any Apple TV or iTunes instance in the house. What we do use the kitchen machine for is to stream video to watch. You can also stream Netflix and so on.

Sync A large source of frustration, trial and error over the last ten years has been syncing information to and from the kitchen machine. Then BitTorrent Sync came out now renamed to Resilio. It works exactly the way we want it to, works seamlessly and has given us no real problems.

It even syncs Mac file metadata, such as tags. On the kitchen machine, we share both the Photos archive and iTunes library as read-only shares, allowing them to be backed up in multiple places including the aforementioned machine in the attic. We also share some directories for specific purposes such as a common wallpaper directory. We have a family id used by the kitchen machine and individual ids for each family member.

This lets each person have both private and shared calendars. Lots of planning discussion now happens around the kitchen machine, as it displays all the shared calendars. Reference One thing a machine in the kitchen helps with is going paperless. Any time we get something with a manual an appliance, device, tool, toy, etc. So, the kitchen becomes the goto place for instructions. And, since there is an iOS client for Resilio, you can do things like easily find the manual for your camera while on vacation.

A cooking database also fits on a kitchen machine naturally. We had the best luck with SousChef, right up until it collapsed, moved to other developersthen vanished off the face of the earth.