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Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 30 - Words : A/N: At no point will Steve and Danny be engaging in an adult relationship. Timeline set between the end of 5x04 and before 5x06, thus the scene at. At the end of season eight, McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) is suspicious of For “ Hawaii Five-0” fans, it's the start of four months of repeats and. You may like. Hawaii Five Hoʻomaʻike (Unmasked) (5X06) Hawaii Five Kanalu Hope Loa (The Last Break) (5X03) · Hawaii Five Ka.

To hide and disappear from everyone who had known her but fate has a way of stepping in and leading you to where you should be and for Danielle, her fate was apparently Steve McGarrett. Will the team be able to keep him safe from the unknown killer? Why he did it again? Could he stop him? Or there is much much more to be worried about? He soon realizes the reality is far beyond his worst fears. Gone by Landon Richardson reviews Steve McGarrett thought he had all the time in the world to build a relationship with Danni Williams but when she begins dating someone else he realises that he may be too late.

Maybe everything which he wanted is gone from him… or is it? She jumps around a lot. When John McGarrett is killed, Steve really should have known better than to think she'd let him go seeking vengeance, at least not on his own. He closed his eyes and held her close, and tried to convince himself that it didn't matter that he didn't have an answer. The Long Way Home. Set in Season 2, feelings are realized when Steve and Kono go undercover.

After the case is closed, will the two continue to form a relationship, or will they decide their ohana-and Five 0-is better if they only remain friends? When Steve starts acting strangely and seems totally wrapped up with meeting an old buddy from the Navy, Danny's suspicions and old insecurities arise.

Sometimes what you see isn't what's really going on.

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Might she be the one for Danny? She is wary of love, hasn't been great to her. Danny Williams, Tani Rey TaniDanno Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: She could see no emotion in his face. Based on previews for episode 6. Steve and team angst. Steve is a kidnapper who has had a change of heart; Danny's a kid See inside notes. Another game of hide-and-seek leads to Steve discovering some 'hidden' truths. Just About Perfect by runningwyld reviews Danny plans the perfect proposal. He should have known that nothing ever goes according to plan.

Because Steve is a crazy person. Self-Insert Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: Hesse Snow in Hawai'i and Related Events by worldtravellingfly reviews What happens if you insert a Firecracker into canon?

Catherine sets Steve free because she thinks he's happy. How is she coping, how is Steve coping? Does setting each other free work for them? Code Golden by slayer of destiny reviews Someone is stupid enough to kidnap Detective Danny Williams. The whole island goes into panic mode as they prepare for the destruction Steve McGarrett is about to unleash on them to get back his partner. Unfortunately, the loaner comes with an unexpected guest. Fish Tacos and Chocolate Chip Cookies by runningwyld reviews Steve always takes it hard when a case involves the murder of a single father, but Danny knows just what Steve needs Not a casefic, the story begins just as the case is closed and the arrests are made.

There is slight angst and fluff; emotional hurt and comfort, family and feelings. He didn t know how much his life was about to chance once again. All Steve knows is, he want let his daughter go again with out a fight.

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But what will happen between him and Cathrine when old feeling for his ex-wife resurfaces. Steve offers Isabella a chance to fix the mistakes of the past. Is she willing to let him back into her life? Will she allow him back into her heart? But as light begins to shine on the details, multiple secrets are brought out of the dark. Rated T for blood and violence, but it is Hawaii Five Kajwritings Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: Of course, the two can't last an hour without laying into each other.

After various scenarios evoke bickering and bonding, the two eventually find the one thing that releases the tension, maybe the reason the tension is there. In any case, Steve is again plagued by those he cares about who may or may not return the sentiment.

It can be read separately, mainly Steve trying to organize a birthday surprise party for Danno and Danno making it impossible. The whole team has been drafted. Steve commandeers Danny's chaperone duty at Charlie's baseball team's overnight camp on board the USS Missouri he is a Commander after all. As always, trouble follows and Steve learns a lot about Danny's son. Friendship, family, suspense, danger, whump, baddie, no slash, Warning: He briefly wondered if the neighbors could hear them, and just as quickly decided he didn't care, because Steve's fist came flying at his face and he was suddenly up close and personal with a patch of lush green grass.

It only makes sense under the circumstances, right? Oh yeah, and Eddie plays Frisbee. He gave absolutely no cares as to the rest of the people in this jail, but as long as Grace knew he was okay and Steve was clearing his name, Danny could hold out for another few days.

Tag to 6x03 Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: A getting together story. Have you ever wondered how it came about? How did Danny let anyone touch his magnificent hair, anyways? Did You Mean It?

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T-Rating for that reason only. Absolutely nothing explict, either detailed or implied. Please don't read if this is not your type of thing. Making him swallow once, loudly. But right now they're nothing. They're friends, best friends even, but it's not enough.

He accidentally lied and told him he was seeing someone. What happens when he asks Donna to be his fake girlfriend and they have to act like a couple? All credit due to the show for the characters and to my imagination for filling in the blanks. Will Steve prove to be the guardian the little girl needs? McDanno slash Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: Powerless by graystephen93 reviews post 7. But what happens when a sudden power outage leaves them both in the dark?

Everyone can be sick.

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Ce sont les circonstances exceptionnelles qui entrainent les gestes exceptionnels - Slash - McDanno Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: A chat with his Five-0 Ohana and he is finally on the right path. A path that could lead to wedding bells after all. They have come together to make a pack, or they would be if Danny would stop pulling away from them.

Steve is frustrated and upset, as Alpha of their pack he can't understand why his second, and the man he would like to be his mate, keeps them at arms length. Luckily he is as hard headed as Danny. Goes AU after 8x I don't own it. She has a tendency to find trouble. This might be the first of a series. This is also my first H50 so let me know how you like it.

We've been married for the last seven years. It was the last time they spoke about it, she thought as she looked at the ring in her hand. It had been a ridiculous plan. All In the Holiday Spirit by donnapspecter reviews What happens when Harvey and Donna are forced to stay in a room together when they get snowed in during a business trip Another Christmas fic based on some tumblr prompts.

As their work relationship goes on, their personal relationship starts to grow. Seeing as there doesn't seem to be a name for this pairing such as McDannoI've been made aware that it's referred to as Surf and Turf. Rated M for later chapters.

Steve has been abandoned too many times in his life. It's time to focus on the only person that never leaves him. Fortunately, Danny's there to drive him down the road to recovery. A little bit of angst mixed with humor and fluff by the end of it.

It's a McDanno as a couple story this is kinda get-together. It's heavy with feelings. The SEAL had not expected this to happen. Steve McGarrett now has a giant problem on his hands. Po 'ele 'ele means dark. McDanno Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: Just the goofs being goofs.

When he asked what it had to do with him, Steve nearly dropped his phone on his face when the officer explained that he was listed in Cath's medical records as the father of her child. Or the one where Steve doesn't come into work, and Danny goes to investigate. Hints of mcdanno, but squint and you might miss it. Timeline set between the end of 5x04 and before 5x06, thus the scene at Danny's favorite spot is not in my story. Danny is not what he expected.

Danny McDanno, eventual smut. OTP prompts for Mcdanno that I've found. Rated M as some are sexy. Diamond in the Rough by indehed reviews McDanno Judge Wo Fat is searching for the key to wealth and power, though said 'key' is more of a 'lamp'. A beaten, dusty lamp that has lost its shine and may or may not contain a genie.