Feels like something is missing from my relationship

feels like something is missing from my relationship

But, I can't decide if I feel like there's something missing because I'm irrationally .. In my case, he had a good heart but he was absent from the relationship and . I can't pinpoint exactly what it is, but something just feels off. When I'm out with friends, I only rarely feel that proud "that's my boyfriend!" feeling. If it feels like something is missing in your life, perhaps you need to focus less that I had resentment because I felt like I was a giver in most of my relationships.

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That might be what's standing in the way, but to have a better relationship you have to know what it is. It may be helpful for you to get in touch with it.

feels like something is missing from my relationship

You might keep searching for a perfect partner in vain if you don't know what is your absolute necessity. This is something you would feel deep inside — your gut feelings.

Does this sound like the pattern of your life? Use that trust and understanding to discuss the issues you might be having. An honest and open communication will help you both work on a compromise and find solutions to relationship problems.

If nothing else, at least it may help you both recognize the limits of the relationship and accept it or avoid throwing away years with an incompatible partner. Failure to communicate can really disrupt the possibility of success with a relationship. Sometimes something is just plain misunderstood. Talking about it can clear things up. The Two Concepts of Availability Are you really available? There are two concepts of emotional availability in relationships: Giving your full attention to the relationship you're in.

Recognizing if you're in an undesirable relationship.

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In the first case you'll want to be fully emotionally involved. In the second case you need the courage to move on -- to be available when the right one comes along. Of course you want to work on your relationship, and therefore you need to pay attention to it. Paying attention helps the relationship grow and helps you make a permanent commitment. You become available, or free, to get out there again and hopefully find a better match. We need to be emotionally available to commit to a permanent relationship.

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For sex, for companionship, a travel partner, whatever. In this case we are not allowing ourselves to become available for the right person. Looking back on my experiences, I've noticed that I have had relationships where we just never discussed and shared our dreams with one another.

We just let time go by and enjoyed being together, but we didn't work at creating growth towards a common goal — the goal of marriage. Why I kept finding women who were so patient, I do not know. I must have been subconsciously selecting women who were so patient that they just went along with being in a relationship without having the need to discuss making a future of it.

We were fooling ourselves. There was physical intimacy but no emotional intimacy. Learning what the common needs are and what we both want from the relationship is important.

Sharing this knowledge works only when we have open communication and emotional availability. Otherwise there may be a lack of commitment. Or worse, both partners may actually want something different out of life, but they are comfortable with the status quo of the existing relationship.

Later you'll look back and laugh "Remember when I lived in that fucking Shed? The first guy I was with for 5 years. He was great - our personalities were very similar, we liked the same things and he loved me like crazy. But I never had any excitement or passion for him. We were glorified roommates. I ended it and it was painful, but the right thing to do.

Three years later, I met the second guy. I had been dating and met a lot of duds in the process. I was so happy to meet a nice normal guy so I kept seeing him.

feels like something is missing from my relationship

I knew from the beginning that it wouldn't work, but I was so tired of being single, so I went for it. We were together almost 3 years. Again, nothing was ever wrong - he was and still is a really nice and wonderful guy One year later, I was on okcupid thank you, Metafilter and I met my current boyfriend. He was nothing like what I thought I wanted. I'm tall and only ever dated tall guys - he's 3 inches shorter than I. He's a hunter, I'm a vegetarian.

He was just coming off a horrible marriage and looking for something casual And we clicked from the first email. We moved in together 6 months after meeting. I was 31 and he was We talk about how we instantly knew it was right and how it never occurred to either of us that we didn't have to settle for someone until we met.

Something is missing in our relationship

That's the thing about finding one of your "ones" - and I know it sounds trite, but - when it's right you know. Don't kick yourself for knowing that something is missing and moving on. Here is a list of things that happened after I ditched my five-year relationship with an awesome guy: With strangers from Craigslist.

I went out with a string of fascinating, sexy, and accomplished men, including one from the teevee. None of these men became my new boyfriend. So would I still make the decision to leave? Stories of happily ever after like the ones above are inspiring, but it'll be just fine if shit doesn't go down that way.

Because in my case, the alternative to flying solo was becoming the kind of person who gets married with a shrug. Props to you for choosing uncertainty and adventure over quiet desperation. So happy I left! As you said, there was nothing particularly wrong. We never really fought, we had a healthy relationship, I could depend on him, my family loved him. But there was just something that I longed for, and over time it led to a boiling resentment. I couldn't even articulate what was wrong because it seemed intangible.

Now, I look back, and I couldn't imagine myself so miserable. I've been in relationships where something was wrong, and it made it harder to leave this one. I haven't found anyone yet, but I am completely happy at the moment. The reason I think this factors in is that it deeply affected the beginning of our relationship.

Why Do I Feel Like Something Is Missing in My Relationship?

Rob devoted all of his time and energy to making our relationship work and sorta pushed his sense of self aside. They have polar opposite views to mine and his father is actively mean. I didn't have the most stable childhood so having a close-knit family in my future has always been really important to me, so it's been a struggle to wait and see if this is a "deal-breaker" for me.

Rob and I have discussed this -- that maybe it's not working out -- but we keep having good weeks and bad weeks. I don't want to be the idiot who gave up the great guy because some X factor wasn't there -- but I also don't want to commit to something at 24 if I feel something is missing.

Some friends have said that I will know when it's over -- that until I'm sure, I should give it more time. It's been about 3 weeks since our first conversation about "something being missing" and we've continued to have really up and down times.

feels like something is missing from my relationship

We've talked several more times, but the conversation always ends with us not being ready to end it yet. Is it weird that we keep talking about it? I also said that there are exceptions to that rule. You're one of them, SMM.