Describe relationship with parents

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describe relationship with parents

New Changes. Of course you love your parents — that's a given. But at times, maintaining the bond between parent and adult child can be as. I love my parents, but I do not feel any affection toward them. My relationship with my mom has gotten better but my dad and I still cold. I have a very good relationship with my parents. Although my father travels a lot because of his job, we spend a lot of our time together and we.

Occasionally my knee would get dislocated and though it did hurt, it didn't really stop me from being "normal" - until I had a surgery. I had the surgery on the 5th of September When we were discussing it, I was told that I would be put to sleep, they would operate my knee, I would wake up, go home, stay at home for a week or two, receive physiotherapy for some weeks and everything would go back to normal.

I was in pain for four weeks, couldn't start the physiotherapy until around six weeks had passed, after two months everything was far from even close to normal and I got a side effect no one ever told me about: I was already very depressed about not being able to walk or run, but on top of this my maths teacher would tell me to "come more often" or "drop out". She literally told me several times that "I don't think you should continue in this class".

When I was considering changing to an easier class, I asked my dad if there is a possibility of changing to an easier class and he laughed and said "Are you stupid? He mentioned how well his co-worker's son who ironically happens to be my classmate was doing in the same class. I continued until I got tired of hearing the same things each lesson. I tried, but things weren't going well. Three months after my surgery.

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And I didn't tell my dad. Though I was happy, it stressed me out a lot because I would think "What if he finds out" and "I'll have to tell him some day".

describe relationship with parents

The first Monday after New Year's our term cards were sent to us online. I wasn't really planning on showing it to him, but the following Tuesday morning he asked me about it.

I could easily manipulate it, but I thought "this is it". I couldn't handle the stress my little secret was causing me.

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I decided on no more secrets, we sure had a fun relationship until then and I never confronted him for anything he had every said or made me do, but this is the only academic decision I had ever made myself and he should be okay with it. I couldn't catch up no matter who tutored me every weekend. So, I went downstairs with my laptop and put it in front of him. Saw him move his eyes downwards and I saw them stopping on "maths".

I saw him getting confused and I met his eyes when he said "Wait. Which math are you in?

describe relationship with parents

He repeated "Which math class are you in? I repeated what I had answered previously. We didn't talk that Wednesday. But we talked on Thursday. He came home during his break and said yelled about something about my laptop and phone, that I had to do my homework at school, how I "always make my own decisions" and how much of a disappointment I am.

After this we didn't talk at all for eight weeks and one day from the first Thursday in until last Sunday. The only reason why we talked is that he took a look at my current grades and decided that they weren't good enough. We aren't actually talking, but he just checks my homework, the content of essays I hand in online and makes sure I read well for the tests I'm having in the future. Oh, that's nice, you might think, but no. Since my "bad" grades broke the ice between us I've literally been working with something school-related from the minute I've gotten home until I go to sleep and you can't imagine how exhausting it is.

In fact, right now I'm "studying for a science test".

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I've also sensed that our relationship is falling apart for each day that passes. So basically, our relationship is damaged and only based on him taking a look at my academics. I'm still interested in social studies, religion and history, politics, human rights, philosophy, cultures and languages, in fact I manage to speak six languages fluently.

describe relationship with parents

I'm in the process of applying for an exchange year leaving in August and he knows about it, but has never said anything except "OK" I sent him an e-mail and he responded with an "OK". He never took an interest in my life. He never had patience for me. When the going got tough, he checked out emotionally. If he was forced to deal with me it was usually with irritation, anger, or harsh words. He never said that he was sorry. Our relationship was generally negative. My parents now… Fast forward the clock 30 years.

My mom and I are still close. Sometimes I resent her for not giving me a childhood. Sometimes she resents me for having healthy children and a loving spouse, things she always wanted. There was a rough patch in there after my autistic brother Matt attacked my daughter. I felt that she sided with Matt over me.

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But that was many years ago now. Over time, the rough seas smoothed out into reflective glass. We lived through some very difficult times together. Despite everything that happened, we are still very close. My mother has my utmost respect and admiration for her perseverance through hard times.

But when he had to step up to the parenting plate, he failed miserably.


For this reason, we will never be close. I no longer hate him. I pity him for his weakness.