Back pocket relationship

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back pocket relationship

A couple of years ago, I was enjoying a quiet evening at home in front of the TV, when I got a text from my long-time friend Bob. “Hey,” it said. “The guy who keeps you in his back pocket for a rainy day; who doesn't remember your birthday, but calls at 3am looking for a booty call after striking out with. Ms. Just-Not-Great-Enough [Why Men BACK-POCKET Good Women] GOOD ENOUGH to be long-term, serious relationship material – but he.

Мне кажется, я должен вам сказать… что это не случайный набор букв.

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Все на подиуме воскликнули: - Что. В голосе Беккера слышались извиняющиеся нотки: - Простите, но это определенно осмысленные слова.

back pocket relationship