At video games affect your relationship

How video games could ruin your relationships

at video games affect your relationship

However, the relationship between video game usage and interaction . addressing violent video games and their impact on aggressive behavior as well as. While there is no formal diagnosis of video game addiction, an obsession with video games can definitely have a negative impact on the quality of a relationship . Video games have a strange nature: they can let you escape from reality. gamers—people they barely know—about their personal lives more.

at video games affect your relationship

Unfortunately, there are a few individuals who cannot do this. Instead, these folks become irritable, isolated, and in some instances aggressive.

Balance Video Games and Your Relationship (Males)

This can be more troublesome with male gamers who can be badly influenced by the extremely sexist subculture that permeates the world of online, multiplayer gaming. When these behaviors impact a relationship, the result can be permanent damage to a relationship.

In extreme cases, verbal abuse and even relationship violence can occur.

at video games affect your relationship

Couples can use Video Games to get Fit Together People who are more physically fit feel better about the way they look, and they have more energy. This combination is a key factor in having a great romantic life. How can video games contribute to physical fitness?

Why She Hates It, Why You Do It, and 6 Simple Ways to Make It a Non-Issue

Many modern video game consoles have interfaces that require movement, and support games that encourage physical activity. These games require that the people who play them dance, run, and simulate the movements required to box, hit a baseball, bowl, ski, or participate in other sports.

This means that a couple can spend time with one another and improve other aspects of their relationships. A gaming session that begins early in the evening may not end until it is time for a couple to go to sleep.

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This can mean hours of fun for a couple. Simply being allowed to play with him is unlikely to make you feel any more important in the relationship. Yes, it is true that turning to video games can be a way of dealing with feelings of depression, anxiety, or interpersonal difficulties — this should not be overlooked. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, video game addiction is simply an unhealthy obsession with games — this is the issue.

The person is drawn in by the challenges, strategies, competition, visuals, rewards, and feels a sense of accomplishment when mastering the game see Why Are Video Games Addictive? The problem may not be that he is depressed or socially anxious, but that he has prioritized video games over other activities and has difficulty setting limits on his gameplay.

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Too often the partners of video game addicts avoid talking about their concerns because they are afraid that it will make the situation even worse. True, it may cause a temporary increase in the overall stress level in your relationship. However, the purpose of discussing relationship problems whatever they may be is to deal with before them become out of control.

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Let your partner know: It is OK to offer suggestions. Hopefully your partner is receptive to the conversation above as initiated by you. However, it is perfectly reasonable to offer a few tentative ideas for his feedback: But maybe we could agree to cut back to an hour or two per day so that we still have time for each other?

at video games affect your relationship

Unfortunately, they can end up talking to other gamers—people they barely know—about their personal lives more than they talk to their own partner. Shutterstock A false sense of stress Video games can elevate heart rate and actually cause the gamer to feel like he is under stress.

at video games affect your relationship

Then, when he puts down the game after a loss, he can behave irritated and short with his partner as if a real problem has occurred. Shutterstock Forcing your partner to nag The gamer usually puts his partner in a position in which she has to nag. Shutterstock An exclusive club with other gamers Really avid gamers develop their own language with other gamers. The game consumes their minds and conversations.

at video games affect your relationship

This can leave their partners feeling a bit left out, when all the conversation is centered around something they know nothing about. Shutterstock Taking up the TV It may not seem like a big deal, but when your partner is in front of the TV, playing video games, for four, five, six hours a day…you can almost never just find the TV unoccupied.