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a short distance relationship movie japanese suicide

Movie: My Rainy Days; Romaji: Tenshi no Koi; Japanese: 天使の恋; Director: becomes interested in Rio there is a reason he can't pursue the relationship. Double Suicide () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. extremely original movie, based on a Japanese puppeteers theater (called "Bunraku") . while still attempting to maintain a healthy relationship with his too-loyal wife Osan . at the breathtaking variety of his scripts, all from such a short timespan ( ). Koizora is a film based on a cell phone novel of the same name. The film is directed by Natsuki Imai and stars Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura. Koizora debuted at the Japanese box office on 3 November On the day of the baby's death, Mika finds Hiro visiting the grave as per their promise. The next year, she.

Sign in to vote. Shakesperean clash between duty and love chaos-rampant 17 October Based on a 18th century bunraku play Japanese form of puppet theater by Chikamatsu, Double Suicide revolves around the star-crossed love of paper merchant Jihei and courtesan Koharu.

The problem in Jihei's case however is twofold. First he's a married man and second he can't afford to pay the brothel Koharu works in and redeem her. In the face of their unrequisite and impossible love, Jihei and Koharu decide to commit suicide together - the inevitably tragic conclusion the title refers to. Double Suicide is a three-act filmed play but it's director Masahiro Shinoda's command of the craft that transforms it into something more.

Since the original is a bunraku puppet play, he opens the film with modern bunraku actors preparing for it and after the credits sequence switches the puppets for real actors. The puppet masters however remain present for the entire movie, dressed in black suits, looking all the same, mute and mostly motionless, like artificial props and part of the set decoration they're charged with changing.

Indeed they remove and change sets, actively take part in the action and interact with the actors and even freeze narrative time for our convenience but the best part and a testament to Shinoda's talent is that they never call attention to themselves as a gimmick.

They blend seamlessly with the combination of traditional and abstract painted sets and there are times you forget they're even present in the scene until they move. What they do mostly however is observe. Shinoda's direction is as usual perfect - enhanced by Criterion's pristine transfer, Double Suicide is a feast for the eyes shot in stark black and white, where the black is black and the white is white. Related to Shinoda's excellent directorial skills, a common conception about him is that he's a director easy to admire but hard to love.

Oshin leaves for Sakata to attend Kayo's wedding. She does not update Kayo with news about Kota for the sake of Kagaya's future. Through Kayo, Oshin meets Ryuzo Tanokura, a seemingly rich textile trader who frequents the Ginza coffee house. The third son of a prominent Saga family, Ryuzo decided to leave home for Tokyo to strike out on his own. Seven years Oshin's senior, Ryuzo falls in love with her, and the two get married despite initial opposition from both their parents.

Married life in Tokyo[ edit ] Ryuzo's business begins to go downhill due to the post-war depression and his lack of business acumen. Oshin's attempts to improve business practices are badly received by Ryuzo who believes that business is a man's world. To supplement the family income, Oshin decides to return to work for Isho with Ryuzo's reluctant approval as married women did not usually work.

As she increasingly takes on the role of breadwinnerRyuzo feels undermined as he believes that it is the man's job to look after the family. He becomes increasingly despondent and indolentand turns to alcohol and women, while Oshin turns a blind eye because of her love for him.

After a confrontation during which Ryuzo makes clear his bitterness, Oshin realises that her working to supporting the family had wounded his pride. She decides that it would be better for Ryuzo if she were to leave him. However, Oshin then discovers that she is pregnant. She decides to quit hairdressing in order to save her marriage. But with the loss of her income, the household comes to the brink of starvation before Ryuzo realises that he cannot let his pride get in the way of supporting his family.

He borrows money to tide them over, and they start to think of a new business venture. Realising they need capital to start a new business, Oshin persuades Ryuzo to allow her to try selling their cloth at a night market. After a rocky start, she manages to sell all their stock within 10 days.

They decide to use the proceeds to start a new business selling Western-style children's clothes designed by Oshin. Due to lacklustre business, Ryuzo arranges to sell their products at Onoya, a large local shop.

The affordable clothes are sold out at Onoya on the first day, and Ryuzo begins to expand production despite Oshin's misgivings. With Oshin's baby arriving soon, Ryuzo arranges for her mother to visit. Oshin gives birth to a healthy baby boy whom they name Yu "courageous". After Oshin's mother leaves, Ryuzo's father also pays a visit to see the baby. The couple learns that Ryuzo's mother still refuses to accept Oshin.

Ryuzo decides to borrow large sums of money to buy a plot of land and build a large factoryconvinced that a successful business will prove his worth even as a third son and persuade his mother to accept their marriage.

One day, they receive an unexpected visit from Kayo who says she has come to see the baby. However she soon reveals that she wishes to run away from her unhappy marriage in Sakata and find Kota, whom she has learned is at his parents' house in Tokyo.

Kota agrees to meet with Kayo who expresses her desire to be with him. However Kota tells her that the only reason he met with her was to apologise for the way that he had left her. With his continued involvement in the workers' movementhe was not in a position to have a relationship. Kayo finally realises what a fool she has been all these years and that Oshin was the one Kota had loved.

Kayo resolves to return to Sakata and bear an heir to carry on the family business. After months of building work and preparation, it is finally the day of the grand opening of the new factory. Their faithful retainer Genji dies protecting Yu, who survives unscathed.

With only shattered dreams and debts, Ryuzo decides that they have no choice but to return to his family in Saga.

Oshin is fearful of the treatment she will receive at the hands of her mother-in-law and urges Ryuzo to try once again to build their lives in Tokyo.

But after so much disappointment, Ryuzo no longer has the will to try again. Although Oshin wants to stay on in Tokyo with Yu, her mother whom the Kagayas have sent to Tokyo to find Oshin persuades her to stay together with Ryuzo for the sake of their son. Hardship in Saga[ edit ] Upon their arrival in Saga, they are greeted warmly by Ryuzo's father, who is overjoyed that they are unharmed. But Oshin receives a barrage of criticism from Ryuzo's mother Kiyo, who blames her for all the disasters that have befallen Ryuzo, including Genji's death.

Ryuzo's eldest brother makes it clear that Ryuzo will not receive another penny from the family since he took his share of the inheritance when he left home. Kiyo informs them that they will have to work the fields to earn their keep - the very life that Oshin thought she had escaped when she left home. Kiyo is controlling and domineering, criticising Oshin at every turn while chiding Ryuzo for not taking charge of his wife. As Ryuzo and Oshin have no money, they are unable to purchase even simple items like soap, needles and thread.

Oshin is keen to offer her services as a hairdresser to the villagers, but Ryuzo and Kiyo refuse to allow this as it would bring disgrace to the family. Ryuzo asks Kiyo for money, but she scolds Oshin for complaining to Ryuzo, leading to marital discord between the couple. Oshin wants to leave and go to the nearby town or back to Tokyo, but Ryuzo will not hear of it as he is worried about how they will support themselves without any money.

He decides to join a scheme to reclaim land from the sea, which he will own after 10 years. Oshin is concerned about such a high-risk endeavour but Ryuzo presses ahead nonetheless. While Oshin continues to be bullied by the household, Ryuzo becomes fed up with Oshin's complaining and begins to side with his mother.

He even moves to a separate room, much to Kiyo's delight, who encourages him to divorce Oshin. One day Oshin receives a letter from Isho who has returned to Tokyo after the earthquake and will be opening another hairdressing shop in a few months.

Oshin decides to join her in Tokyo when the time comes. As she plans her escape, Oshin discovers she is pregnant with their second child.

On the day that she is due to catch a train to Tokyo, Ryuzo finds out and intercepts her. When he is unable to persuade her to stay, he struggles with her to take their son from her. Oshin falls and hits her head, paralysing her right side. She has no choice but to return to Ryuzo's home. The partial paralysis in Oshin's hand renders her unable to cook, sew or look after Yu, who is now cared for by Kiyo.

As the visible injury was to her head, not her hand, the family including Ryuzo begins to think that Oshin is feigning the injury. Aware that she is a burden to the family, Oshin cannot bring herself to tell anyone that she is pregnant. However Ryuzo finds out that she is pregnant, which brings them closer together once more. Unfortunately, Kiyo learns that Oshin had planned to run away and wants to throw her out of the house. Ryuzo reveals that Oshin is pregnant and that she must therefore stay with the family.

But Kiyo believes it will be inauspicious for Oshin and her own daughter Atsuko, who is also pregnant, to give birth in the same house at the same time - it is said that one of the births will not go well. Oshin agrees to move into the shed, which Kiyo hopes will prevent the superstition from coming true. After a difficult labour, Atsuko delivers a healthy baby.

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Oshin goes into labour at the same time, but the malnutrition and forced labour have taken their toll - Oshin's baby is too weak to survive. With this latest calamity, Oshin's mind becomes unhinged. As Atsuko does not have enough milk for her baby, Kiyo asks Ryuzo to let Oshin breastfeed the baby. While he is initially taken aback by the idea, he agrees thinking that it might comfort and restore Oshin's mind.

After feeding the baby, Oshin comes back to her senses and agrees to continue feeding the baby. Kiyo is immensely touched and grateful and promises to treat Oshin better. After a month, Atsuko returns home with the baby. Unbeknownst to the family, Oshin had already decided to leave the household as she realised that she would have to work the fields for the rest of here life in Saga and would never amount to anything.

Now that her duty is done, she informs the family that she will be leaving for Tokyo. Ryuzo agrees to let her leave as a sign of love and they part believing that they will be together again one day. Ryuzo's father and eldest brother give her some money to help her in Tokyo. However Kiyo is furious and refuses to let her take Yu with her. While preparing to leave the next morning, Oshin's sister-in-law tells her that she will bring Yu to her.

As Kiyo refuses to hand over Yu, Oshin has no choice but to trust her sister-in-law. She turns out to be true to her word and stole Yu while Kiyo is out and Oshin leaves for Tokyo with Yu. Night market in Tokyo[ edit ] Oshin is warmly welcomed by Isho in Tokyo. But Oshin discovers that her hand is still not recovered enough for her to resume hairdressing.

Ken helps her to set up a food stall at a night market and rent her own house. All seems well until one day a woman bursts into Oshin's house when Ken is there. She turns out to be Ken's partner and accuses Ken of having an affair with Oshin and spending all his money on her.

Ken admits that he is in love with Oshin, but says he has done nothing wrong. Oshin is shocked and saddened to learn that she has been the cause of another woman's grief, and uncomfortable about Ken's feelings for her. She worries that rumours may reach Ryuzo in Saga. Despite Isho's entreaties for Oshin to stay with her, Oshin cannot bring herself to be a burden to Isho, and decides to give up the stall and return to her family home in Yamagata. Oshin's mother is overjoyed to see Oshin after 4 years, but her brother's reception is cold when he realises she intends to stay.

They do not have enough food for her and Yu. Oshin's mother's attempts to protect Oshin widen the rift with her brother and his wife. Oshin manages to find work helping other farmers.

Running an eatery in Sakata[ edit ] One day, Oshin is informed that the madam at Kagaya is seriously ill and unlikely to recover. Oshin visits the Kagayas in time to bid the madam a final farewell.

Kayo's husband comes to offer incensebut Kayo wants him sent away as she is unable to forgive him for having a child with another woman. Oshin convinces Kayo to give Masao one more chance as Kagaya needs an heir. Plans are made for Masao to move back into the Kagaya household.

When Kayo learns of Oshin's situation, she persuades Oshin to stay in Sakata and open a shop. Oshin decides to open a simple eatery, with a loan from the Kagayas. Oshin's eatery has no customers on its first day. After advertising for 3 days, the eatery begins to do well. As Kayo's father and husband have now taken over the business, Kayo decides to help out at Oshin's eatery.

Kayo is surprised and touched when Masao agrees to let her do so. One evening a drunk customer comes to the eatery demanding sake. Oshin informs him that she does not serve sake and asks him to leave.

The customer becomes increasingly belligerent until Kayo finally brings him sake, telling Oshin that they will be able to make more profit this way. Oshin is reluctant as she did not want the eatery turning into a bar. Eventually the local yakuza turn up at the eatery to stop Oshin from selling sake as her low prices are hurting the business of other bars.

As they begin to destroy the shop, Kayo is terrified and tells the yakuza they will comply, but Oshin is utterly adamant that she will not give in to them. Insisting that they take the matter outside, the yakuza are surprised when Oshin gives the formal yakuza greeting of Ken's house in Tokyo. Soon, they are all enjoying warm sake in Oshin's eatery, where the local yakuza express their admiration for Oshin, calling her sister and promising their protection.

Oshin confesses to Kayo later that in fact she is not part of Ken's yakuza house, but had learnt the greeting from him. Oshin's eatery is now doing well enough to support Ryuzo, Oshin and Yu.

Oshin has been writing to Ryuzo regularly for a year but has never received a reply. Little does she know that Ryuzo's mother Kiyo has been intercepting Oshin's letters, so Ryuzo does not even know where Oshin lives. Oshin decides to write to Ryuzo one last time. If he does not reply, she will give up on him. One evening, Kota comes to Oshin's eatery, not realising that it is run by Oshin. Kayo, who has now gotten over her infatuation for him, tells Kota that Oshin and Yu have been abandoned by Ryuzo.

Kota tells Oshin that the labour movement is now legitimate and he no longer needs to hide from the police. He offers to become a father to Yu.

But all too soon, the government cracks down on the labour movement, making it once again difficult for Kota to have a family. Oshin tells Kota that just hearing his words of love have erased the years of bitterness from her heart. Kota tells Oshin that although they will not marry, he will always look after them.

Oshin says this is enough for her.

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Kota says he will write to Ryuzo to make his intentions known. Back in Saga, in a bid to persuade Ryuzo to give up on Oshin and remarryKiyo shows him Kota's letter, in which he mentions that Oshin sent Ryuzo many letters but did not receive a reply.

Kiyo says that Oshin must have been lying to Kota to make herself look good.

a short distance relationship movie japanese suicide

Unable to bear the deceit any longer, Ryuzo's sister-in-law finally shows Ryuzo a stack of Oshin's letters that Kiyo had intercepted but which she had saved. Ryuzo tells his mother to give up on the idea of his remarriage. Oshin is his wife and once he reclaims the land, he will ask Oshin to return. In the meantime it is better that she continues to work in Sakata rather than suffering in Saga.

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If they are faithful to each other, they will be together again one day. Ryuzo writes to Oshin and sends her some money. Oshin is overjoyed to finally receive a letter from Ryuzo.

However Kota is astonished that Ryuzo is staying in Saga instead of coming to Sakata. But Oshin understands that Ryuzo has his male pride — he wants to succeed at the land reclamation. Also, Oshin knows that Ryuzo would not like running an eatery. One evening, two drunken customers get into a knife fight in the eatery. Kota wants to intervene but Oshin says she will handle it as they are her customers.

Not only does she manage to persuade them to take the fight outside, she even gets them to pay their bills. Watching Oshin scrabble on the floor picking up money and crockeryand fending off the advances of drunken customers, Kota becomes increasingly worried.

He points out that if Ryuzo does not like running an eatery, things could be difficult if he were to come to Sakata. Kota advises Oshin to consider a different trade. Selling seafood in Ise[ edit ] Kota arranges for Oshin to stay with his aunt in Ise and sell fish instead. Oshin soon picks up the trade and gains customers with her low prices and resourcefulness.

a short distance relationship movie japanese suicide

She dreams that one day Ryuzo will join her and Yu in Ise. One evening, a typhoon hits Japan, washing away the land in Saga that Ryuzo had been painstakingly reclaiming for the past 4 years. With his dreams shattered once more, Ryuzo leaves Saga to forge a new life. As Oshin sets off to sell fish one morning, she sees a familiar figure some distance away — it is Ryuzo.

When she catches up to him, he reveals that he is on his way to Manchuriawhere he has friends, to start again. He had planned to come to Ise to divorce Oshin but when he saw her and Yu, he was unable to do so. He tells her to wait for him.

As he turns to leave once more, he sees Yu and they have a tearful reunion. On the morning that Ryuzo is due to leave for Manchuria, he helps her push her cart to town and Oshin bids him goodbye.

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However, struck by the heaviness of the cart which Oshin pushes for 7 miles a day, Ryuzo decides to follow her to see what her life selling fish is like. When he sees how hard she has to work, he decides that he has no choice but to stay to help her. Oshin is overjoyed to be together as a family once more. With help from Oshin's landlady, the couple start a fish shop in town. Ryuzo begins to learn about fish and how to prepare and cook it.

Oshin writes to Saga to update Ryuzo's parents on his whereabouts. Kiyo is furious and asks her husband to go to Ise to retrieve Ryuzo, but he tells Kiyo that she must never separate them again. Kiyo finally realises that Ryuzo's love for his wife is greater than his love for his mother. She sends Ryuzo his possessions, along with a letter encouraging to make a new life in Ise with Oshin.

Oshin is overjoyed that Kiyo has finally forgiven her, and is determined to make the shop a success so that Ryuzo's parents can visit one day. A new beginning, and an end[ edit ] Oshin's mother is getting older and weaker, and is unable to do much work in the fields.

Her son and daughter-in-law begin to resent having a useless mouth to feed.

a short distance relationship movie japanese suicide

When Oshin writes inviting her mother to visit them in Ise, Oshin's brother is keen for his mother to stay with Oshin permanently. Just as Oshin and Ryuzo are wondering how to persuade her mother to stay with them, Oshin discovers that she is pregnant for the third time. Oshin's mother is worried about being a burden as she is no longer strong enough to work.

But Ryuzo's and Oshin's heartfelt entreaties convince her to stay, at least until Oshin delivers the baby. Oshin is also delighted to learn that after 10 years of marriage, Kayo is finally pregnant with the Kagaya heir. Oshin gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Hitoshi "benevolence". However, minutes after the birth, Oshin's mother collapses. They discover that she has leukaemiawhich is incurable. To fulfil her mother's last wish, Oshin brings her home to Yamagata, carrying her on her back as Oshin's mother is too weak by now to walk.

Oshin's mother dies in Oshin's arms in her own home. The downfall of Kagaya[ edit ] Oshin learns that Kayo's husband Masao has committed suicide. Kota appears asking Oshin to bring yen to Kayo who is living in Tokyo. When Ryuzo sees the address, he tells Oshin that before the earthquake, this was a bad neighbourhood with many brothels. Oshin is adamant that Kayo would never turn to prostitution no matter how bad things became. But Ryuzo warns Oshin to prepare herself for the worst.

Oshin enlists Ken's help to find Kayo in Tokyo's red-light district. Now a prostitute, a broken and dissipated Kayo reveals that Masao had gambled Kagaya's entire fortune away on rice derivatives that went awry. She and her parents had come to Tokyo but her mother fell ill after her father died, so Kayo had sold herself into prostitution to pay for her mother's medical bills.