Two testaments one bible the theological relationship between old and new

two testaments one bible the theological relationship between old and new

Two Testaments, one Bible: the theological relationship between the Old and New Testaments / David L. New Testament -- Relation to the Old Testament. Two Testaments, One Bible has 35 ratings and 7 reviews. Nathan said: David Baker offers an overview of the relationship between the Old and New Testament . Testament writings to be initiated as a single work by God himself, as relationship of two Testaments on the title “The Relationship Between. Old And . 12 Brevard S. Childs, Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments (London, Great.

Besides a more or less continuous history between the testaments, there are various continuities and discontinuities which paradoxically find their greatest expression in the person of Christ. This also raises the question of the continuity between national Israel and the modern church, and Baker does not skirt around heated debates in his examination of this relationship.

Finally, Baker examines the covenant motif in binding the testaments. Baker again challenges a long history of scholarship in not differentiating between the Abrahamic royal grant and Sinai suzerain-vassal treatyarguing instead for the essential unity of these covenants within a canonical framework.

In Part Four, Baker summarizes the evidence examined in previous chapters before arriving at his own conclusions. Six core concepts are put forward as fundamental to understanding the unity of the testaments: Christology, salvation history, typology, promise and fulfillment, continuity and discontinuity, and covenant.

The implications of this study to the church are also examined.

two testaments one bible the theological relationship between old and new

Reflections Baker provides an excellent survey of the major historical positions regarding the theological relationship between the testaments, and a good starting point for further research on the topic. However, the weakness of any broadly synthetic work Baker covers over two millennia of Christian history within the first quarter of the volume is that it will inevitably raise more questions than it answers.

Two Testaments, One Bible: The Theological Relationship Between the Old and New Testaments

Nonetheless, this volume represents a significant contribution to the church and the academic study of the testaments and is highly readable. Two Testaments, One Bible: For the New Testament view, Baker touches on: Chapter 2 overviews the history of biblical interpretation, beginning with the early church Apostolic Fathers, Marcion and reactions to Marcion, and Theodore and Augustine.

Baker goes onto discuss the Middle Ages and the Reformation Martin Luther, John Calvin, the Anabaptists, and the Council of Trentcontinuing with the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries Orthodoxy and the reaction to Orthodoxy, Schleiermacher, and historical criticism and the conservative reaction.

He also includes a survey of the twentieth century developmental approach Kirkpatrick, Ottley, and conservatismas well as Neo-Marcionism such as the Nazi Bible and a reaction in a defense of the Old Testament, swinging back to a discussion of implicit Marcionism.

Baker concludes with a historical overview of the four key decades that contributed to the discussion of the relationship between the testaments.

Chapter 3 examines the view of the New Testament as the essential Bible, beginning with a discussion of Bultmann. Bultmann does not affirm the Old Testament as a part of the Christian Bible.

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Concepts such as prediction, prophecy, fulfillment, the relationship with the Old Testament law with regard to the New Testament, covenant, and the people of God, are all covered. Comparisons with Hirsch, Baumgartel, Hesse, and Gunneweg are given. Chapter 4 offers an alternative view of the two testaments as equally Christian Scripture, beginning with an examination of Vischer. Vischer emphasizes that everywhere in Scripture is about Christ alone.

Vischer also stresses that both testaments together comprise the Christian Bible. The relationship of Christ and the Old Testament, allegory and typology, and the Old Testament and the church are covered.

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Chapter 6 examines von Rad and the view of the two testaments as salvation history. Von Rad takes a tradition-historical approach to the relationship between the testaments, culminating in the saving event of Jesus Christ.

two testaments one bible the theological relationship between old and new

A discussion of Old Testament law is also covered in this chapter.