The relationship diremption imdb downton

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the relationship diremption imdb downton

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Armed conflict breaks out every other day in the second largest city in the country. Lebanese citizens and residents are fighting in each other in Syria, using weapons furnished by rival regional powers.

the relationship diremption imdb downton

Still, changing or ending the wars in Syria and Iraq and Lebanon is beyond the reach of citizens and residents and refugees. Despite, or perhaps because of the fact that it seems as if there is no way out of this vortex, it may be a good time to imagine what we want.

the relationship diremption imdb downton

This might be a time to think without the restraints of what is "possible" and instead dwell in the realm of the "impossible. If you could change anything you wanted in Lebanon, what would it be? If you had to imagine a state one could at least live with and underwhat would it look like?

the relationship diremption imdb downton

If you believed that public funds including the riches projected off of offshore oil and gas drilling would actually be used to fund the public, what would you want to improve or revamp? This week a Facebook campaign was started asking people to send in a picture of themselves with the hashtag I am not a martyr and with a note asking for one thing they would like to change in Lebanon.

Mark Cendrowski

There are many things I would like to change in Lebanon, but below are a list of changes that I think have the capacity to be revolutionary and structurally innovative for large numbers of people.

Some of them are not obvious. There are so many of much needed structural changes and reforms that are needed desperately in Lebanon. This is only a small selection of my personal suggestions, and I encourage all readers to add theirs in the comments section.

the relationship diremption imdb downton

Readers will also notice the absence of a demand for the removal of political sectarianism or the passage of a unified and obligatory personal status law. This is because my thoughts on both of these issues are somewhat uncomplicated and obvious: While it has become common to critique the ways that the census bureaucratically promotes and protects sectarianism, we hear less about how it promotes and protects sexism.

Instead, each citizen would have an id card with a randomly generated census number.

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Such a change would end many practices that occur at the knot of sexism and sectarianism. It is shameful and more importantly, unconstitutional that the majority of Lebanese citizens cannot pass on their citizenship. Similarly, a commuter rail system should be built that connects Nabatieh to Sidon to Beirut to Jounieh to Tripoli—the major coastal cities of the country.

Once these are firmly in place and functioning well, encourage people to carpool through both incentives and penalizations for driving alone in a car, particularly in cities. This should apply to Lebanese citizens, residents, and migrants working and laboring including domestically in Lebanon.

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No one should be paid slave wages. Demolish structures that violate it and reopen them to the public. Urban planning should be in the service of communities, not gentrification or profit. It is criminal that Lebanese pay more for their water, electricity, internet and telephones than most others in the world—particularly when they have no access to reliable running water, electricity, phone lines or internet.

After all, how is it that the mufti is still the mufti despite the fact that his corruption is well known? Natasha Lyonne a surprise nomination is good in her episode but the buzz is not about her and while I could see her potentially upsetting of the three women fort the show she has the least chance.

Tina Fey has won for hosting and while she is great she does not need to win again.

the relationship diremption imdb downton

It really comes down to the top 3 for me. Joan Cusack was never able to win in the drama category as she is a comedic character and in her episode she was the only funny part of the episode and if there are some vote splitting I could see her pulling off an upset. Then it comes down to the two Orange ladies who of course submitted the same episode.

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In favour of Cox is if she is rewarded it would be quite a historic win and she is so good in the episode I really think she is close to the win. Aduba in her favour was really the breakout star of the series and off the nominees she made me laugh the most and usually pure comedy performances are rewarded in this category.

In the end I'm picking Uzo Aduba to win because she gives the funniest performance and seems to have the buzz but Cox and Aduba could split votes allowing Cusack to win or Cox could win for the history element.

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I think she has an interesting arc this season, but I can't really recall a standout episode where she might have the scenes she would need to factor in the race Rage Colored Glasses Any GOT actor has the disadvantage of rarely having more than a couple of scenes per episode- in what I think is Headey's best tape " The Children"she has two scenes, but they are quite strong- the one where she calls out Tywin, and then the " I choose you" scene with Jamie.

She has great scenes especially with Margarey, Twyin and Oberyn. Each scene she seems to speechafy but I could also see The Lion and the Rose working as well because she rules the wedding especially the end which could connect to the mom vote.

This list of six women are quite good performances with some that of course rise to the top.