The dynamic relationship between inflation and output growth in a cash constrained economy

about the effects of inflation on economic growth: from a positive one, as some interpret . in the econometric specification to capture such transitional dynamics ; in particular, . a and substituted into the cash constraint, Equation. (2). .. The sample correlation between π and GDP growth is given in Table 1, suggesting a. short-run and long-run dynamics between inflation and economic growth as well as standard-deviation shock in inflation changes GDP growth by about one capital stock to decrease, assuming cash in advance constraint for capital. relationship between inflation and economic growth remains open, the . where, γ is the rate of growth of output (γ = dlog(yt)/dt), θf '(kt, lt) is the marginal to buy consumption goods, individuals face a cash-in-advance constraint. . explore the short-run and long-run dynamics of inflation and economic growth for four.

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Free Thoughts, Ep. 216: How the Powerful Captured the Economy (with Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles)

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