Relationship between kelly and aaliyah

R. Kelly Secretly Marries Year-Old Aaliyah 22 Years Ago Today | The Source

relationship between kelly and aaliyah

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, the couple met when she was just 12 years-old! Aaliyah was the niece of his manager Barry Hankerson. However the. R. Kelly's Scandals and Alleged Sex Crimes: From Aaliyah Marriage to story about illegal sexual relationships between Kelly and underage. Aaliyah was introduced to Kelly in the early '90s and quickly She described the relationship between her and Kelly as being “rather close.”.

She ran all of her decisions by Rashad. In OctoberRashad stated: The circumstances surrounding this last video were really strange because my mother had eye surgery and couldn't fly.

That really bothered her because she always traveled. My dad had to take care of my mom at that time. And I went to Australia to visit some friends.

We really couldn't understand why we weren't there. You ask yourself maybe we could have stopped it. But you can't really answer the question.

The story of R Kelly and Aaliyah from secret marriage to pregnancy rumours | Metro News

There's always gonna be that question of why. One of their last conversations concerned Aaliyah having difficulty with "another young artist" that she was trying to work with.

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Knight felt the argument was "petty" and insisted that she remain being who she was in spite of the conflict. As she recalled to Vibe magazine inshe and Kelly would "go watch a movie" and "go eat" when she got tired and would then "come back and work". She described the relationship between her and Kelly as being "rather close. Kelly told me that he and Aaliyah got together and it was just magic.

relationship between kelly and aaliyah

Or that she was coming and going in and out of his house. People would see her walking his dog, 12 Play, with her basketball cap and sunglasses on.

R. Kelly Secretly Marries 15-Year-Old Aaliyah 22 Years Ago Today

Every time I asked the label, they said it was platonic. But I kept hearing complaints from people about her being in the studio with all those men. In Mayshe filed suit in Cook County seeking to have all records of the marriage expunged because she was not old enough under state law to get married without her parents' consent. It was reported that she cut off all professional and personal ties with Kelly after the marriage was annulled and ceased having contact with him.

What How We Remember R. Kelly and Aaliyah's "Relationship" Says About Us

During an interview with Christopher John Farley, she was asked if she was still in contact with him and if she would ever work with him again. Farley said Aaliyah responded with a "firm, frosty 'no'" to both of the questions.

Kelly comes up, she doesn't even speak his name, and nobody's allowed to ask about it at all". Kelly would have other allegations made about him regarding underage girls in the years following her death and his marriage to Aaliyah was used to evidence his involvement with them.

relationship between kelly and aaliyah

He has refused to discuss his relationship with her, citing her death. That was a whole other situation, a whole other time, it was a whole other thing, and I'm sure that people also know that.

Meeting someone that is trying to do the same thing you are doing in the urban market, in the same urban market place but not really being so urban.


It was just; her mind was where my mind was. She understood me and she got my jokes.

  • The story of R Kelly and Aaliyah – from their secret teenage marriage to those pregnancy rumours
  • Aaliyah married R Kelly when she was just 15-years-old.

She thought my jokes were funny. In Mayshe hosted a party for Dash's 30th birthday at a New York City club, where they were spotted together and Dash was seen escorting her to a bathroom. Addressing this, Aaliyah stated that she and Dash were just "very good friends" and chose to "keep it at that" for the time being.

relationship between kelly and aaliyah

Although, this is something those of us who grew up on the south side of Chicago in the s have been hearing about since before Public Announcement. With that being said, one must ask the question: Why did Lifetime choose to romanticize this clearly, inappropriate and illegal relationship between a grown man and a child? Once they announced it would be, I wondered if it would be handled with the honesty and sensitivity that it deserved.

From the first time they showed the actors portraying the two on screen together, I immediately knew that it was not going to be handled tastefully or with a proper lens at all. From the moment the fictitious Robert Kelly and Aaliyah Haughton begin to interact on screen, you can see that Kelly is grooming her, just like any other sexual predator grooms their child prey.

Showing her his own vulnerability and showering her with compliments, he is able to seem non-threatening and unintimidating, while also showing her just how much he cares about her. Kelly was not a typical high school boyfriend; he was her year-old spouse.

Just when you think that this romanticized tale of a now-known pedophile preying on a year-old girl has gotten as egregious as possible, Lifetime decided to live tweet during the film on their official Twitter account. I watch Lifetime enough to know this is not behavior they typically condone.

Because of this, I cannot help but ask myself: Would this relationship have been portrayed in this way if we were talking about a year-old white girl? In the yearI find it hard to believe that we, as black girls and women, still find ourselves trapped in the Jezebel stereotype--juxtaposed with the untouchable virtue of white womanhood. Shame on Lifetime for reinforcing this harmful and problematic stereotype!