Relationship between business and economic growth

relationship between business and economic growth

In line with earlier studies, our paper takes a close look at how robust is the relationship between business regulations and economic growth, but with some. The question 'What is Economics and Business Economics? girls not going to school for the position of women in society, democracy and economic growth?. Journal of International Business and Economics. December is key to economic growth, this paper assesses the relationship between savings and total and.

relationship between business and economic growth

Indeed, an increase in the money supply will have a stimulatory effect, at least at first, but eventually it ends because people start anticipating inflation that results when the money supply is continually increasing. However, the contraction of the money supply will certainly cause a contraction of the economy, because businesses cannot make a profit without being able to sell their wares.

When money supply declines, deflation sets in, which causes many people to hold onto their money since it becomes more valuable in time.

relationship between business and economic growth

However, the main cause of business cycles is a fluctuation in consumer spending. As the economy recovers from recession, people's confidence increases, so their spending increases, which gives rise to a multiplier effectraising the income of both individuals and businesses, which in turn, stimulates more spending. However, at some point, the business cycle peaks because people have no more money to spend, and indeed, many people have borrowed money, so their debt load forces them to stop spending at some point, since they have to repay their debt, with the result that consumer spending declines.

How Capital Goods and Consumer Durables Are Affected by the Business Cycle When the economy starts to decline, the first companies that suffer are the ones that produce capital goods and durable consumer items, such as automobiles, computers, and appliances.

relationship between business and economic growth

Businesses generally do not have a need to increase their purchase of capital stock in a declining economy, because the equipment that they have can produce enough output to satisfy declining needs. Likewise, consumers lose confidence in the economy, so they cut back on major purchases, such as cars and trucks, computers, and appliances, since most people replace these items when they want a newer or better version. However, in an uncertain economy, people will hold onto what they have for longer periods of time.

Through the multiplier effect, the economy slows even more until it reaches a trough. However, most services and nondurable consumer goods are relatively unaffected by recession, because it is difficult for consumers to put off such purchases, such as for food, clothing, and medical services. Indeed, some firms actually receive increased business during a recession, such as auto repair shops and law firms specializing in bankruptcy, since the need for these services usually increases as a result of the recession.

At some point however, the economy bottoms out because people can only put off purchases for so long.

Economic Growth and Business Cycles

Indeed, because they have put off purchases, there is actually an acceleration of purchases as the economy recovers. For instance, people can keep their cars and trucks for a few more years, but at some point, repairs will start to get more expensive than buying a new vehicle. Likewise, many people who were contemplating elective medical procedures can delay the procedures until a later time, but at some point, they usually have to get it done.

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Another factor that helps the economy to recover is that people pay down their debt, since they have reduced their spending, so they have more money when they decide to start buying again. Search This Site Privacy Policy for thismatter. Curiously, the first conclusion that William Seyfried reached is that employment reacts quickly to changes in output, because the job market reacts to an increase in output in the same quarter.

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  • Economic Growth and Business Cycles

The findings seem to support the hypothesis that economic growth provides an impetus to employment, but employment may take on a momentum of its own, either positive or negative. In other words, weak employment generates weak employment, and vice versa.

The relationship between economic growth and employment

For example, at the beginning of an economic recovery, output starts to grow, providing an impetus to employment. However, employment growth may lag, especially at the end of a recession, because weak employment leads to more of the same.

relationship between business and economic growth

Similarly, economic growth must be sustainable to have an impact on employment: What can we learn from all of this? That economic growth has a definite impact on employment, but that it can take time for the impact to be felt. It depends on how deep and long the recession was.

relationship between business and economic growth

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