Broly and goku meet

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broly and goku meet

This obviously can't be Broly because he's the same age as Goku and is still .. with the form since Paragus controlled him up until he finally did meet Goku. Broly (ブロリー, Burorī) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series. Two versions of the Broly recalls Goku from the same day as he was stabbed by Saiyan troops and left to die, thereby Dragon Ball Super: Broly (), in which he encountered Goku and Vegeta, and meet Frieza, Beerus and Whis for the first time. Tekka's Team meet Adult Goku in Area 4F and he asks them how their training is going. Super Saiyan 3 Broly shows up and they battle and defeat him, returning.

At least not to me, you believe Bardock went back in time and I don't, that idea is too farfetched for me to roll with. The only way anything outside the canon storyline is validated is if Akira says so himself, which is why Battle of Gods is canon because he said so.

Brolly is "a Legendary Super Saiyan. Not Bardock I agree with the guy who said about time travel and Bardock. I have been trying to tell people that.

Everyone forgets that time travel in DBZ creates seperate timelines.

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

If time travel was the way people are believing about Bardock being the orginal, then it would create a ton of plot holes and paradoxes.

Heck, the Cell saga, Majin Buu saga, GT If you accept it as part of the timeline would have probably never have taken place. If time travel did not create seperate time lines, then if Trucks travels back in time to give Goku the medicine and he lived, then Goku would still be alive and they could have possibly won against the andriods. If they were defeated, then Trucks would not have traveled back in time to give Goku the medicine in the first place. This is a huge paradox. I think we should say the true saiyan of legend is the one from the original saiyan home world who could only maintain his power in the transformed state, but we could give it to Broly also.

The orginal super saiyan from the original saiyan home world, Broly, or both. Seperate legends Bardock is the original super saiyan. Broly is a just a super saiyan with a rare condition that makes him stronger. But assuming episode of bardock isn't canon but I'm not sure, the canon original super saiyan is unknown.

I don't really care if canon wise bardock isn't really the original super saiyan though because the thought of bardock being the first super saiyan is so much cooler-- Ssj3gogeta96 talk Also, Freeza was very close to the Saiyans, so he probably heard the legend of the Super Saiyan from them, and he thought that the Saiyans are becoming too powerful, they might become Super Saiyans in the near future and could disturb his empire so he annihilated them all.

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The Super Saiyan of the legend is the Original Super Saiyan that appeared on the original Saiyan homeworld a thousand years prior. The Legendary Super Saiyan is Broly, that had a genetic mutation that made him too powerful.

They simply 'made up' this story so they could explain how Freeza knew about the Super Saiyan, but I still prefer my theory. It would blow his mind and the fact that it was Goku's father. Oh my god it would destroy him he would lose his mind. Ps It makes sense that Goku would be so strong he is the son of the original super saiyan and it helps Goku has had so many great fights and losses and gotten stronger and know in the new movie he will be a god.

The pieces are coming together it all makes sense. LOL, Bardock is not the original. So for those talking about Bardock's time travel saying that it would have created a pardox need to think well maybe Bardock's movies all happen before.

Bardock went back in time and that is the future we see Goku grow up in timelines Alright so if bardock really could time travel and he did create another time line.

Or even bardock himself might have found a way to control time travel. And perhaps the moretime he traveled it made his original power weaken but his SS power stayed constant. Making it where his power was only noticeable while he was transformed.

broly and goku meet

Therefore the legend could have sprung from bardock himself. But yes I think there are 3 legendary SS but I see a 4th. If he becomes a god then what's to stop him messing with the time lines The True Legendary Super Saiyan Ok, Episode of Bardock, love it or hate it, is part of the DB Universe, and the whole idea is to show where the "Legend" came from.

When Bardock got the powers from the alien, he could see the future, and that is the only explaination for him beng warped through time when Frieza was destroying them all.

He lands on Planet Plant, and what Now, after the proper motivation, Bardock ascends and the "Legend" of the Super Saiyan is created. Now, after that, Bardock agrees to leave the planet to ensure that the Plantians don't have to deal with Saiyans.

He finds a remote planet and reunites with the Saiyans. He couldn't stop the Saiyans, due to the time limit He tries as a SSJ, but there are to many and he ultimately is pushed to the next fom. He becomes the LSSJ and begins destroying everything. After seeing the moon, he transforms into a Golden Great Ape, and ends up destroying the planet.

The Saiyans migrate to Planet Plant, due to the fact that Bardock had told stories of the planet he saved.

broly and goku meet

The Plantians had already been conquered and exstinguished by the Tuffles. The Tuffles decide to use their brains against the Saiyans, and actually use them as "slaves".

The Saiyans revolt under the rule of King Vegeta, and start a war which ends with the Tuffle genocide and the renaming of Planet Plant to Planet Vegeta. He can do so, since he is the son of Bardock who had the abilities, due to the alien who gave him powers. He ascended further than his father, since he attained the SSJ4. Broly was born with a power level of 10, That was Bardocks power level when he faced Frieza.

Broly refers to the fact that they appear, LSSJ's, every 1, or 3, years. Broly never got to experiment with the form since Paragus controlled him up until he finally did meet Goku.

At that point, when the device breaks, he is unpredictable. Broly finally has his own time to experiment with the form. He would then have destroyed the Planet. However, Goku and the Z fighters stopped him, remember he had only been out of Paragus's control for a few minutes.

Proving the it is not just power, but brains are required to. That is how I believe the Legends of the Saiyans came about. Vegeta would also be another candidate, since he also attained the SSJ form.

broly and goku meet

Vegeta states that Broly is the Super Saiyan of Legend, well yes, that form is the uncontrollable power that brought about the planet's destruction, he transformed into the Golden Great Ape, which just sealed the deal. He couldn't regain control, so the Planet was destroyed.

The Saiyans remained evil, and eventually Frieza acted as the ultimate punishment. I will say, that this is just my opinion, and what I think would make sense. There is the possibility that: Making him the beginning of the Legend of the Super Saiyan.

There fore, the original Saiyan to ascend beyond a SSJ. Broly having the incredible power boost abilities. He is stronger than a SSJ2, that is impressive, by it's own. The constant energy increase, also makes it a "Legendary" transformation. Goku could also be the LSSJ. That means that All the legends, could just be legends until Goku made history.

I however, like my first interpration, but there is no way to actually confirm anything. All we have is an episoce with a statement, and just a picture in Vegeta's mind, a non-canon episode showing someone we all watched die become a SSJ, and a movie with an advanced SSJ form, that doesn't even chronologically fit into the series. With that, we can not say if each legend is different, or if it all refers to the same person. Appearances[ edit ] Dragon Ball Z[ edit ] The original iteration of Broly is born on the same day as Goku with a power level of 10, greater than most elite adult Saiyans, and is mentally unsettled as an adult due to Goku's crying in the incubator next to him, as well as traumatic events during his early childhood, since King Vegeta saw Broly's power as a potential threat to his rule and ordered him executed; his extreme power enabled him to survive the attempted murder and Frieza 's subsequent destruction of Planet Vegeta.

Broly recalls Goku from the same day as he was stabbed by Saiyan troops and left to die, thereby going into a rage, destroying the control device and becoming the unstoppable Legendary Super Saiyan. He is eventually defeated by Goku, who is provided with enough energy to punch Broly, delivering a critical injury that appears to destroy him, but Broly survives long enough to make his way into his escape pod before a comet strikes and destroys New Vegeta.

broly and goku meet

Still wounded and barely alive following his battle with Goku, Broly reverts to his normal form, loses consciousness and goes into a frozen state. Seven years later, after Cell 's defeat, he is awoken once again by the cries of Goku's second son, Goten. After mistaking Goten for Goku due to his deteriorated mental state, Broly once again becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan and fights Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, pummeling them all.

He is finally defeated by Gohan, Goten, and the presumed spirit of Goku when their combined Kamehameha attack strikes him and blasts him through the sun, obliterating him. At first, the group on New Planet Vegeta believes that Paragus has good intentions and honestly wants to create a new Planet Vegeta, besides Future Trunks, who does not trust Paragus and tries to stop Vegeta.

Forum:So who is the real super saiyan of legend? Broly or Bardock? Neither?

Later on, it is revealed that the planet is on a collision course with a large comet, Comet Camori. Gohan, Krillin, and Future Trunks stumble upon the fact that the city on New Planet Vegeta is in ruin, and thus obviously not usable.

Also, there is slave labor commencing on the planet. Gohan and the others interfere, but a punch to the air from Krillin is enough to drive away reinforcements. Krillin then begins to show off, until he accidentally punches Goku in the face when the latter warps in on New Planet Vegeta, presumably from following the Super Saiyan's trail. They find a slave colony strip mining the planet to send energy to the palace. Gohan, Future Trunks, and Krillin quickly break up the slave labor going on at the colony.

This is also when Goku arrives on the planet to be punched by Krillin. Paragus also first meets Goku during this scene, and immediately identifies him as Bardock 's son. After a few tense moments, Goku eagerly accepts Paragus's proposal to have a feast. During the feast, Goku deduces that Paragus's Ki energy does not match the signature he had followed to get to the planet, although he wasn't able to give it much more thought after Oolong threatened to eat the entire banquet before Goku had a chance to eat.

Broly being controlled by Paragus Presumably later on, Gohan, Krillin, and Future Trunks learn from the slaves that the Legendary Super Saiyan does indeed exist, as their home planet had been destroyed by it, and made clear that the Legendary Super Saiyan was not Paragus.

Future Trunks then guessed that Broly couldn't be him either due to him being a "toothpick", with Krillin deciding Paragus was possibly right. Shortly afterward, Vegeta and Broly return from Todokama.

Upon arrival, Vegeta expresses annoyance at Paragus for failing to tell him where The Legendary Super Saiyan is, as he can not find it without knowing its location. Vegeta notes that Goku is at the palace and expresses annoyance at his presence despite his "not being on the guest list".

He then tells Goku to stay out of his way as he tries to find and kill the Legendary Super Saiyan. The first time that Broly sees Goku, he immediately recognizes him and gets extremely angry. A fight almost breaks out between Goku and Broly until Paragus brings the latter back under control by using a mind-control device put on him when he was a teenager. Unfortunately for Paragus, Broly has found a way to bypass the mind-control which the device has over him. Goku and Broly meeting During this scene, portions of Broly's past are told by Paragus.

Broly apparently was disturbed and emotionally unstable as a kid and blew up at least one planet.

broly and goku meet

During his teen years, when Paragus tried to restrain Broly, Broly elbowed Paragus in the face, blinding him in his left eye and leaving a noticeable scar.

After this incident, Paragus was struck with the fear of Broly's unnatural Saiyan strength, so he was forced to have a scientist develop a ring to control his power, an incident that nearly resulted in Broly killing Paragus. However, after the ring worked, Paragus decided to use Broly to conquer the universe. Later on that night, Paragus walks into Broly's room and tries to figure out why Broly is resisting his control, until he realizes that Goku and Broly were born on the same day. Broly was born with a power level of 10, while Goku was born with a power level of 2, according to two scientists of Planet Vegeta on the day they were born.

Broly breaking through his control before battling the Z-Fighters It is said that Goku cried constantly, keeping Broly awake for days on end.