Win tickets to meet justin bieber 2014

Contest - Win A Trip To Meet And Greet Justin Bieber

win tickets to meet justin bieber 2014

Fill Justin Bieber Meet And Greet Rules, download blank or editable online. Sign OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. 1. Meet & greet tickets for Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour are two thousand dollars. Donate to win a chance to meet Justin Bieber for two to Los Angeles in early to join Justin Bieber in the studio to watch and listen to him. Donate to win a chance to meet Justin Bieber for two to Los Angeles in early to join Justin Bieber in the studio to watch and listen to him.

Down the hall, another room has been cordoned off with black curtains.

win tickets to meet justin bieber 2014

Outside the door, several dozen more tweens and teens who have won tickets to the "meet and greet" are impatiently waiting. Bieber and his bodyguard arrive from backstage on a pair of Segway scooters. The year-old takes his place and the first fans are ushered in. Hi, hug, smile, click, bye, repeat. Everyone gets what they're looking for, a trophy picture with the boy of their dreams - except for maybe the two heavily pancaked young ladies of indeterminate age, sporting push-up bras and the kind of form-clinging outfits their fathers surely never saw them leave the house in.

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They thrust a white teddy bear into Justin's hands, with a message and their cellphone numbers scribbled on the back of a heart-shaped tag.

The dreamy smile never leaves his face, but still suffering from altitude sickness, it's not clear whether he even noticed. The majority are between about 8 and 15, wearing a standard uniform of homemade Justin T-shirts with "Bieber Babes" and "Love You Forever" written in Day-Glo or glitter. The lineups at the souvenir stands are 30 feet wide and 10 people deep. Nearby, the few fathers in attendance are taking advantage of the shortest beer line ever.

Bieber may have only been in the music business for a year, but one area he and his management have dead on is marketing. In an age where record sales have plummeted, he can still move product. Some of it is good old-fashioned blandishments; fans in Canada who purchased physical copies of My World got a chance to win a private Justin Bieber concert.

He's also been flogged directly at moms' deeper pockets - My World 2. Corporate alliances are key - his current tour is sponsored by Xbox.

Bieber's greatest industrial strength, however, is his interaction with his fan base.

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Along with the YouTube videos, he and the people around him have harnessed the power of Twitter more effectively than any artist before. He posts one- or two-line messages to his 3. It's the kind of real-time relationship the record companies had never thought much about. The singer tweeted he was in London and heading to the label offices.

By the time he arrived, a crowd of was waiting outside. Bieber's name is mentionedtimes a day on Twitter.

win tickets to meet justin bieber 2014

The singer isn't shy about going to the well. A day rarely goes by where he doesn't exhort his Bieber Babes to watch a video, tune in to a TV appearance, or call the local radio station and request one of his songs. And it works both ways. Backstage in Denver, Duane Chapman, a.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, is walking around in his evening attire: His fifth wife, Beth, has a Justin shirt stretched perilously across a bosomy frame. They are in the house because their youngest daughter enlisted 3, of their own Twitter followers to help her score free tickets.

It's the kind of give-and-take that makes Scooter Braun smile.

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Lounging on the venue's rooftop terrace with the mountains at his back, the year-old in the black T-shirt and green John Deere hat doesn't exactly project the image of a music mogul.

And like everything about Bieber, that's by design. Bieber was signed and in Atlanta being groomed for stardom, but online, his fans kept seeing the same homemade videos - the only difference being that Scooter was now shooting them.

A Billboard magazine story this past spring identified 14 "key players" on Team Bieber, including nine senior record execs.

MTV EMAs Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga win as Bruno Mars and Green Day shine

When it's brought up, Braun snorts. They claim him as their own discovery, a difference Braun believes will be crucial in making Bieber a "sustainable" brand, pushing into TV, movies - beyond the confines of bubblegum pop. There's no agenda beyond what's good for him and the fans," he says. It's the ear-splitting shrieks of his fans. Imagine a rusty fleet of turning streetcars, or thousands of mice being simultaneously crushed underfoot.

In the 8,seat Denver venue, their screams frequently shatter the pain threshold. God help parents with tickets for bigger shows. A lot of effort and money has been put into the music. But there's no mistaking what the true product is. During the concert's scene changes, photo and video montages of Justin's "early" Stratford years play on massive screens.


When the crowd responds with the most deafening howls of the night, Pattie bounces up and down and high-fives the sound engineer. Bieber grew up in modest circumstances. His parents weren't that much older than he is now when he was born, and split soon after.

Jeremy, his dad, lives in Manitoba, where he and his new spouse were recently crowned "Winnipeg's coolest couple" by a local FM station. The singer says he enjoys being able to order whatever he wants in restaurants, although that's almost invariably spaghetti bolognese.

For his 16th birthday he bought himself his first car, a black Range Rover. The many adults who surround him seem to take their duty to help him grow up, avoiding the pitfalls of early fame, seriously. It's essentially an extra hour or two of performance on a show day, when they're probably already feeling tired.

That extra responsibility must take it's toll on an artist if they're expected do that every day when on tour. Obviously not all artists are like this. Many do enjoy them, and it's likely to be the best 15 minutes of your life if that's the case. But Justin says something very revealing in his Instagram post, which exposes the hypocrisy in the meet-and-greet experience packages. You, the fan, pays lots and lots of money for them, the artist, to be who you expect them to be.

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That is, the persona they've carefully crafted in their videos. The camera-ready, chipper, chatty personality that you see in all radio and tv appearances.

But who can really be like that all the time? It's an impossible ask. But we, as fans, are paying to see a side to him which he obviously doesn't want to be in his down time. It's the fake Justin you're paying to meet. And that, obviously, sucks for everyone, mostly for him.