Why do you want to meet me

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why do you want to meet me

When a girl asks something like this.. Could you guys please give me a good response/answer? Edit: she's an ex plate. But here's why you still need face time. But the style and color were bold, “ spring-y” and made me smile. Want to meet me in person? I'll be. That sounds a little like 'in the case that you still want to meet me', it's a bit awkward. You can simply say 「まだ会いたかったら・・・」 which is 'If.

Tell all this again and again… in many ways… fast, slow, loudly, mildly, and laugh or reminisce. To let you know how disappointed and amazed I was later at not getting your email id right. I regretted for so long not writing down your email id when you told. I was so overconfident that I would remember it.

I was about to ask for your phone no. While we were having this conversation, I was already planning when and how I will talk to you next.

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Since we happened to be of the same caste. The whole plan that was coming up to mind was to ask you later. I thought if I meet her now and talk more, the best case scenario is we would date and kiss and then I might get bored or she might.

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Sounds kind of weird now …. Or show up there. Risk myself looking like a weirdo. To let you know how I was not bold enough back then. I was shy, nervous about expressing, not confident. Also kind of scared about being asked to get lost.

To let you know how your thought would come to mind every other day for years. To let you know how I observed you so closely and remember all the brief interactions minutely.


And cherish them so much. To let you know how much I hate you for being such an introvert. When I found you again on Linkedin and you gave your phone no.

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I bought a new handbag. I had worried it was perhaps not professional enough for business. How do you do that over Skype?

Read the body language.

why do you want to meet me

Facial expressions often communicate so much more than words. We host consultant coffees and invite a handful of independent consultants to our office in order to better understand the nuances of each professional in a relaxed setting.

In their eyes and in their body language, we can see confidence, empathy, fear, friendliness or sincerity.

why do you want to meet me

Learn where the action is. I find out so much when I visit one of my clients in their office. Is the lobby bright and inviting with recent accolades proudly displayed? Do employees seem happy? Is there free juice and healthy snacks in the cafeteria? Brand new Herman Miller chairs in the conference room?

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Is everyone moving in slow motion or is there a palpable buzz? The environment speaks volumes and may factor into your business proposal or plan. By understanding company dynamics, we can communicate more effectively to meet their needs.

I love new technologies that allow me communicate with others more freely and quickly.