We meet again homestuck anime

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we meet again homestuck anime

This is my favourite thing thats happened in the homestuck anime im so glad they SO IT APPEARS WE MEET AGAIN, ACCURSED RED DOT. fhhhfhg paws i. ((Rose is just going, "Not this shit again, dammit John" in the second panel.)) . no, read the caption, I need to know, I have never met another Homestuck aside Like seriously guys the only anime we have is the bs anime screencaps we did. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. About pages. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Running up to her and following her pointed finger to what looked like a lake or something.

we meet again homestuck anime

Let's go take a look shell we? Hopes it really isn't poison! That would be terrible. Eridan gets down on his hands and knees and takes off his glasses, then dunks his head right in. Takes a deep breath!

He waits, taking a few more breaths, then pulls his head out. Let's get in there! Feferi popped her head out of the water and giggled. Eridan dives in next to her, trying to be as graceful as he can for a water deprived sea-dweller.

They dive further under and are pleasantly surprised when they realize the water is rather well lit by some glowing under water stalagmites. It's beautiful down there It has been SO long since they could finally bask in their watery home. Sollux looks into the water and tests it quickly.

He just wishes they could have waited until he did so. Can't stop it now. He waits for his laptop to assess it, but it takes a while. Sollux Captor is not a particularly patient troll, used to having his computer scan and read codes like a fucking boss on speed and crack all at once.

But he'll wait until it comes up with an answer. Just in case something could be harmful to Feferi. Tho2e weiird plant2 iin the tree up there? It seems that there is at least one strange adult troll here. The female was tall and had larger horns than any of us. She even looked a little familiar. She had large rambeast horns just like Aradia's only larger!

we meet again homestuck anime

He was a scary fuck. Gamzee only gave a small nod in agreement. All of a sudden Eridan was thrown out of the water fiercely and into the air for several feet and for several seconds. He tries to flop his arms and legs around to land in a less painful position, but that was hardly possible. He landed square on his back with a loud thud. But not for long. He sits up quickly panic in his eyes. I havve to get her! He's not worried for Eridan at all. Sollux was pretty surprised at how fast Eridan was underwater.

The scratch resets the Kids' universe so that the kids and their ectobiological parents are sent to Earth at different times. However, while they prepare to play the game, it is apparent that the odds are stacked against them. Earth is a corporate planet owned by Betty Crockerwho is really the Condescethe former Empress of Alternia now in the service of Lord English and the usurper of the Black Queen in the new Incipisphere.

we meet again homestuck anime

Roxy and Dirk live years in the future in a flooded planetconstantly under threat of the Imperial Dronesand the God Cat makes mischief for these new heroes. Caliborn plans to kill Calliope as part of the 'game'.

we meet again homestuck anime

Meanwhile, together with the surviving trolls, the original four kids embark on two separate three-year journeys to the B2 session. PM sends the wounded WV to the kids and trolls at the Green Sun, who then begin to travel through the Furthest Ring on a meteor, getting him medical attention soon after.

PM proceeds to pursue Jack Noir as he pursues the meteor through the Ring. Meanwhile, John, Jade and the remaining population of their Incipisphere - shrunken by Jade's god tier powers - have broken through the Fourth Wall and have begun to cross the Yellow Yard. As the three years progress, the meteor's crew passes through dream bubbles.

Through these dream bubble visits, they encounter the pre-scratch trolls, a group of troll players who are the ancestors of the more familiar trolls. They played Sburb and were forced to reset their null session with a scratch, resulting in the post-scratch troll session that the kids had interacted with.

One of the trolls, Meenah Peixeskilled all of them so that they could survive the scratch and continue to exist through dream bubbles. However, they soon discover that English has been destroying dream bubbles and killing players who are already dead, shattering reality in the process.

Swiftly realizing the vast threat he poses to reality itself, they begin to come up with plans to combat him. Meenah seeks out her fellow dead players to amass a ghost army, while the dead Vriska plans to use a map of the Furthest Ring and follow English's path of destruction to find a treasure that could defeat him. Aranea Serket wants to find Calliope, who is now dead, having had her body permanently been taken over by Caliborn, who is revealed to actually be L rd English as a child.

The B2 kids manage to enter their Medium without pre-entry prototypings. The planets are barren wastelands and all of the Underlings are skeletal. The new session is a void session where Skaia can never advance to its final state; the B1 kids must bring their Battlefield and their Genesis Frog so it can release the Vast Croak there.

we meet again homestuck anime

After months of waiting, it comes to the day before their arrival. Meanwhile, the Alpha kids are beset by relationship problems which threaten the unity of their group. When the kids receive Calliope and Caliborn's jujus - cherubs' prized magical objects - the ensuing chaos leads to the four winding up on their Quest Crypts in the center of Prospit and Derse's moons. The Alpha Jack Noir receives Lil Cala cursed juju that had previously appeared all throughout the story.

He becomes possessed and soon channels the powers of L rd English 'Lord Jack'using them to destroy Prospit's moon while the Condesce destroys Derse's moon. The Alpha kids ascend to god tier, and are rescued from an ambush by Jade, who has just arrived in the session. The Condesce uses her powers to mind control Jade, who in turn mind controls Jane; the two kidnap Roxy and Jake. Dirk and 'Lord Jack' are teleported to the edge of the session.

The group on the meteor, which has almost reached the alpha session, is beset by their own emotional problems, and seems unprepared for the struggle ahead. John, on the other hand, is asleep on arrival. As L rd English's destruction of reality forms a ring around the Green Sun, a sleeping John meets the ghosts in the afterlife, who have formed a pirate crew led by Vriska.

As they approach the treasure, Aranea explains cherub biology and the origin of Calliope and Caliborn, who were raised in their infancy by Gamzee on a planet that was in fact a B2 Earth displaced in space and time.

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She explains how Caliborn predominated over his sister and entered his own session, where he could communicate with the author, Andrew Hussie. He learned that his session was a dead sessionan extraordinarily difficult type of void session that would never be able to produce a new universe, even with outside intervention, and thus possessed its own unique victory conditions. Playing this session, he amassed leprechaun followers which would later become the Felt, and continued to gain power in his journey.

The pirate crew finds the treasurewhich turns out to be a transparent Sburb logo. John, sticking his arm through, discovers that it is a gateway to any point in time and paradox space, and becomes 'unstuck' from the Homestuck canon.

He winds up appearing in many events in the story before appearing in the Alpha session. However, Andrew Hussie is still able to tell the main story via the intermissions in this act. To retaliate, Caliborn puts some stardust into the cartridge hosting Homestuck, which puts glitches in the story.

The meteor crew finally arrives in the session, but Jade intercepts them all except Gamzee and leaves them divided into pairs on different planets.

With the heroes now in her possession, the Condesce forces them to help enact her secret plan: John uses his story warping abilities to visit his friends in the session. He and the imprisoned Roxy formulate a plan to use the Ring of Life - a legendary ring John found while in a dream bubble - to bring Calliope back to life and prevent L rd English from killing her.

However, he discovers the ring is missing before being warped away into Caliborn's parody. Meanwhile, the dead pre-scratch troll Aranea has taken it upon herself to take control of the situation in the way she sees fit, believing she can prevent L rd English from being born and use her Sylph of Light powers to make a new alpha timeline.

Aranea mind-controls Gamzee to steal the ring and bring her back to life with it. She activates Jake's Hope powers. Jane and Jade mobilize to stop her and many other characters arrive on the scene. A large melee ensues, but in the resulting conflict many of the characters end up dying. When John arrives, he meets up with Roxy on her planet.

MEET THE ANCESTORS Chapter 1: Meet the ancestors 1 WTF, a homestuck fanfic | FanFiction

A mortally wounded Terezi arrives and demands John use his story-warping powers to fix things, believing him to be able to alter history without dooming the timeline.

Visiting his Denizen TypheusJohn is offered a choice, and with his powers he removes the oil from his landscattering it throughout the story, and removing the glitches.

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