Victor and nikki first meet

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victor and nikki first meet

With multi-millionaire Victor Newman footing the bill for his nuptials, the affair was surely destined to be remembered. No -- what struck The first thing Victor saw as he opened his eyes was Nikki. . Victor meeting Cora again after 30 years. Nikki and Victor Newman their first wedding pic Eric Braeden, Soap Opera Stars, . The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki's Love Story – How They Met. If Bob is going to be the gunman, why would he meet with Wheeler in Victor opens the door to Billy, who is early for the wedding and has a.

Back at the Newman Ranch, Victor tries to rebuild his relationship with Nikki, but she felt that Meggie was in the way. Victor claimed that he was trying to protect her and she became Nikki's personal assistant. In reality, she put together a scheme to get Nikki drinking again, therefore opening up the way for her to marry Victor.

Once she marries him, she would kill him and get his money. Meggie eventually recruits Deacon Sharpe to help spike Nikki's drinks. Once Victor caught them, he sent Nikki to rehab, where Deacon soon ends up to continue scheming with Meggie.

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In rehab, he tried to actually help Nikki, and their relationship did turn romantic, especially when Meggie was able to elope with Victor. Meggie posted their wedding photo online and Nikki saw it, giving into romance with Deacon. Meggie fully revealed herself as a manipulative gold-digger targeting the Newman fortune as a widow after she mortally eliminates him.

After apparently many spiked drinks, Victor appeared to suffer a heart attack, but stunningly unveiled his sobriety and caught her in a sting operation set up by him, Patrick Murphyand the cops though Nikki didn't know. Meggie was arrested and Victor went to fill in Nikki, but before he did found her in bed with Deacon, blemishing the chances of another marriage. Victor explained that Meggie caused her alcoholic craving by spiking all her drinks to rid her from the ranch and get to him and his money.

Nikki broke up with Deacon after his role in Meggie's scheme came to light. Eventually, Victor sent Nikki back to rehab as her alcoholism issues had resurfaced. After a quick annulment from Victor, Diane posted pictures of him and Nikki in bed online. She was murdered months later. After Nikki returned—having escaped from rehab—memories of Diane's murder caught up with her. She then confessed to being the killer to Victor; who admitted to killing his ex-wife to protect Nikki.

Victor was jailed, and later married Sharon to keep Nikki away from him, though the marriage ended days later. Deacon blackmailed Nikki into marrying him; using fake information about Diane's murder.

Nikki agreed, however this marriage was short lived. When Victor was released from jail, the two reunited again. When Nikki learned of this, she left him. Victor then pursued a genuine relationship with Sharon, much to everyone's dismay.

Nikki moved on from Victor when she reunited with Jack after eighteen years apart, and ended up marrying him. Hours for this marriage, Victor eloped with Sharon, despite showing up at the wedding and unsuccessfully telling Nikki not to go through with it.

Yet soon after Victor disappeared and ended up in Los Angeles in amnesia. Sharon set out to get revenge by taking over Newman, while Nikki left Jack to try to find Victor. As a result of an explosion, it was believed that Victor died and the family was shocked. Here is the bigger shocker for you Paul; Nikki is pregnant. Paul just stands there not knowing what to say; as Nina states, "Well congratulations.

Paul come on let's go have breakfast. Victoria arrives and says good morning to her parents and the four of them leave the club. As they arrive at the doctor's Nikki looks at Victor and tells him that she's nervous to go have an ultrasound done.

victor and nikki first meet

Victor asks her why and she states, "I don't want anything wrong with the baby. As they are preparing Nikki for the ultrasound she looks at Victor and he states, "I love you. Victor and Nikki are watching the screen and the technician tells them that everything looks good. They end the ultrasound and the technician brings them to a room for an examination and tells them that the doctor will be in shortly.

Ogamara enters the room; he looks at Victor and Nikki and tells them good morning. He says, "Nikki after reviewing your ultrasound I noticed something peculiar about it. I want to inform you that you and Victor are going to be having twins. Newman that is what I'm saying. He goes up to her and holds her hands and states, "My sweet love, we are going to be having two babies. I love you so much. Do I need to take more precautions because of my age? Newman you've already had two children, I know they were a long time ago, but those pregnancies you had no problems with.

All I'll say is make sure you are taking care of yourself and no stress at all. I'll want to see you again every month until they are born. So far, they are healthy and I see no problems with this pregnancy. As the doctor leaves, Victor notices Nikki is crying; he walks up to her and holds her.

victor and nikki first meet

He states, "What's wrong my sweet love? I'm so ecstatic that's why I'm crying. I wanted to have a bigger family with you and now we are.

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You know it's funny, I kept feeling like I needed to eat for 3 and now I know why. Let's go and tell Victoria and Nicholas the good news. They walk up to them and Victoria states, "So how did it go? Victoria and JT let's go back to the club and get a hold of Nicholas to have a family meeting for lunch. Victor pulls out the chair for Nikki as she sits down and he sits right next to her.

Victoria and JT and Reed also sit down.

Y&R is driving me crazy!: Victor & Nikki get married. Ashley comes back to town.

Nicholas looks at his parents and says, "Ok out with it. Why are we having a meeting for lunch? Andy was still searching for the truth, and he found a story by Rory Davis called Death in Paradise in which a jealous man killed his wife in a swimming accident.

Andy found out that Rory and Rick were the same person. He alerted Paul who told Victor, and the three of them headed toward the Caribbean. When Rick and Nikki arrived in St.

Rick threw a tantrum because a local flirted with Nikki According to the book "Memorable Moments" Rick got upset because Nikki took too long to choose cuff links for Victor - which version is true I don't know - both of them can be true Nikki was humiliated and wanted to go back home.

Victor and Nikki Newman

Rick said he was sorry and that he wouldn't do it again, and he talked her into going Scuba diving with him. In the meantime Victor, Andy and Paul frantically tried to locate her.

A man remembered the big scene Rick caused and directed them to the place where Rick and Nikki were staying - but they couldn't reach her, the roads were washed out - they had to find someone to guide them through the storm. Victor did manage to get through to Nikki on the phone, but Rick disconnected the line. He tied Nikki up and began to call her Melissa - his dead wife's name, and he revealed the truth to her - that Victor was Victoria's real father.

Nikki managed to calm him down and got him to untie her, and then hit him on the head with a skillet and ran outside, into the storm. Rick ran after her and dragged her back and promised her that she would die the next day. The morning after, Rick ordered Nikki at gunpoint to get the Scuba gear on - and he let the air out of the tank.

As he was dragging the hysterical Nikki toward the water, the rescue mission arrived. Andy and Paul got Nikki out of the water as she raced to Victor's side. Victor telling Nikki that he's alive, after being shot with the harpoon Victor was rushed to the hospital where Nikki prayed for the recovery of the love of her life. Victor did survive, but the doctor told Nikki that he might be impotent. Nikki didn't care - Victor was alive!