Tornado ecr tiger meet photos

Panavia Tornado ECR, in Tiger Meet markings, operated by the German Stock Photo: - Alamy

tornado ecr tiger meet photos

9th July - Panavia Tornado ECR 46+33 of Jagdbombergeschwader 32 German Airforce marked up in the special scheme for the previous years 50th. Buy Tornado ECR Tigermeet 1/72 Revell Germany: Airplane & Jet Kits - Amazon. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Aviation Photography. Tornado IDS. , German Air Force, Tigermeet 09, Kleine Brogel Panavia Tornado IDS & SaBCA FAM Fighting Falcon.

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Likewise, the air intakes fit exceptionally well. Revell Germany carefully points out the need to remove and fair over the gun ports on the lower fuselage — common to the standard ground-attack version but not present on the ECR — and the removal of some hard points on the fuselage racks to mount rails for the HARM missiles. Thanks to very good fits and few parts, in little more than five hours everything was assembled, seams were cleaned, and the kit was ready for paint including the weapons.

tornado ecr tiger meet photos

I also left off the rest of the underwing stores, the landing gear, gear doors, and nose probe to aid painting. Another four hours and painting was complete; I used Testors RAF medium gray as a close match for the blue-tinted gray apparent in online photos. The drop tanks required four colors in a tiny area: The dot patterns of the painting diagram are hard to interpret, but the instructions also correctly call for gray.

Now for the real fun: Wow … so many decals … Revell Germany has included every stripe, warning, or tiger this jet carries.

But if you study pictures and look at the decals, all becomes apparent.

tornado ecr tiger meet photos

Luckily, I realized that the decals included the canopy frames before I attempted to paint them — they would have been far too delicate for me to mask. These were some of the nicest decals I have used — they fit well and, with a bit of setting solution, they settled right down. The only troublesome area was around the refueling probe.

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  • Revell Germany 1/144 scale Tornado ECR TigerMeet 2011

I had to touch up with Testors deep yellow — a near-identical match. Germany, in particular, encouraged this design aspect.

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A link 16 JTIDS integration on the F3 variant enabled the exchange of radar and other sensory information with nearby friendly aircraft. Amongst the new armaments that the Tornado has been adapted to deploy are the enhanced Paveway and Joint Direct Attack Munition bombs, and modern cruise missiles such as the Taurus and Storm Shadow missiles; these upgrades have increased the Tornado's capabilities and combat accuracy.

InBritain considered replacing its Polaris submarines with either the Trident submarines or alternatively the Tornado as the main bearer of its nuclear deterrent. Turbo-Union RB Britain considered the selection of Rolls-Royce to develop the advanced engine for the MRCA to be essential, and was strongly opposed to adopting an engine from an American manufacturer, to the point where the UK might have withdrawn over the issue.

tornado ecr tiger meet photos

One advantage over the US competition was that a technology transfer between the partner nations had been agreed; the engine was to be developed and manufactured by a joint company, Turbo-Union. To operate efficiently across a wide range of conditions and speeds up to Mach 2, the RB.

tornado ecr tiger meet photos

The upgrade eased the integration of new weapons and sensors which were purchased in parallel, including the Storm Shadow cruise missilethe Brimstone anti-tank missile, Paveway III laser-guided bombs and the RAPTOR reconnaissance pod was integrated. The parts included a protective cover for the radio, a landing-gear guard and air-intake door support struts.

tornado ecr tiger meet photos

The test demonstrated the feasibility of making replacement parts quickly and cheaply at the air base hosting the Tornado. It is envisioned as a networked system of systems, working with UAVs, complementing the Eurofighter and could be optionally manned. This led to a reduction in its Tornado strength to four wings by September A major part of this announcement is the plan to cut the German fighter fleet from in early to by These equipped two wings, each with a nominal strength of 48 aircraft.

The principal anti-ship weapon was the AS.