Singapore swimming club midget meet 2012


singapore swimming club midget meet 2012

At the Club, we have expectations to meet as well. .. In the early years of Singapore Swimming Club we had a beach front and, .. 23 REVIEWS ~ SWIMMING Midget Fun Swim Camp June .. Trip to Kristiansund - Norway Sophia, Nico and Vincent from Germany Thursday, This is my story of the. to be held in Singapore on Saturday and Sunday, wants to find the remedy to the swimming team's poor performance in the 17th Asian Games as fast as possible. Puerto Princesa, Palawan (with Family) - April, Page 1. Freestyle CHINESE SWIMMING CLUB BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE / MAY - JUNE A bi-monthly publication by CHINESE SWIMMING CLUB 21 & 34 Amber Road, Singapore . Katnook Founder's Block Chardonnay Main. Roast Lamb SWIMMING MIDGET AGE GROUP SWIMMING MEET

Members who register their spouses within six months from the date of marriage i. Backdated subscriptions and surcharge of up to percent will apply if application is submitted after the 6-month grace period. For more information, please call our Membership Officer Ms Charimae at Guest Rules A person eligible for introduction as a guest to the Club may be introduced by a Member or a Nominee not more than once in any week, and may not be signed in by the same Member or Nominee in the same week one week shall be deemed to be from Monday to Sundayexcept with the written permission of the Management Committee.

Absent Members Members who plan to reside overseas for a period of more than six months may wish to apply for Absent Membership privileges. This form may be sent to the Club at your convenience via mail or fax; you will not have to be physically present to sign in the guests of your Junior Members. Encountered any problems while navigating through its pages? We are constantly looking for ways to improve the website. So to and tell us by 31 August and we will try to incorporate some of your ideas in our next round of upgrading.

Puff Pastry back on the menu Members have been eagerly waiting for their curry puffs and chicken pies ever since the dough sheeter broke down. We are pleased to announce that Puff Pastry is finally back on the menu! Thank you for your patience and understanding! The durians were moving like hot cakes the first time we introduced them at the Club in May. We have therefore decided to bring them in again.

The durian stall at the Cabanas will open from 6pm to 9. This is subject to availability of stock. Have you been down to the Club on a weekend lately? We have reinvented the Cabanas for you. Come and enjoy a hearty family BBQ. Or let the children romp in the playground as you sit with a drink and listen to live music from 7pm to Revision in Guest Parking Fees Please be informed that w. The new rates are as follows: Because it means we get to stay up late the night before and get up anytime we like.

We work hard and we deserve a break every now and then. We have all kinds of holidays. Some are religious feasts and cultural festivals.


Others celebrate workers, heroes and significant events in history. National Day stands out among all the holidays if only because it is a holiday for all Singaporeans without exception. Every year on 9 August, we look back to that date in That s when Singapore secured its independence from Malaysia and became a sovereign nation.

That was when we attained the rights to our freedom and selfdetermination. When we see the many countries being controlled by outside powers, or are not politically or economically strong enough to stand on their own, we realize that freedom and self-determination are not things we can take for granted. During its post-independence periods, Singapore has had to struggle for its survival. There were threats, both internal and external.

Swimming School: Swimming School Singapore

But in the end, our people always pulled together and closed ranks. It took a lot of time and effort to build bonds and foster trust among our people from the various ethnic and religious groups. But over time we realized that our diversity was actually our strength.

Our mix of people is what made us colourful and given us our unique identity as Singaporeans. We sometimes take things for granted our jobs, our families, public amenities, social and religious harmony, living in secure neighbourhoods and so on. Before we rock the boat, it is worthwhile for us to consider how different will Singapore would be today if not for our Independence.

In our Club, we have our own way to celebrate our country s birthday. The National Day Carnival has become a tradition of the Club for as long as most of us can remember.

This year we are using the Many Stories One Singapore in line with the nation-wide theme. Do come and enjoy the food, the games and the fine company.

singapore swimming club midget meet 2012

Alex Rivera on the guitar. But it may take something like the Jam Session Night to draw them out of the woodwork. Their musical talents were amply demonstrated at the series of jam sessions held at D Tanjong.

Participants got up to sing, play the drums, the guitar and even the ukulele! On the first night, keyboardist John Chew, guitarist Alex Rivera and friends provided supporting music for our performers.

singapore swimming club midget meet 2012

The second night saw band Night Hawk and John Chew playing the support role. Now with Jam Sessions happening every Sunday from 6. Not surprisingly, members and guests came in droves for our first social dance event of the year. Each attendee was given a complimentary Mocktail upon arrival. DJ Jason warmed up the crowd with his brand of music before Locomotion took over the stage. Later, some of the students of Instructor Sunny Low did the progressive waltz and cha-cha to the delight of the audience.

The concluding performance was a graceful and sophisticated routine by our very own instructor Mr Benedict Lau and his student. The night ended as always with a Lucky Draw. Congratulations to the winners! Look out for more dancefloor action at our next social dance practice night scheduled for 18 July this year! Members and guests came pouring in to party, dressed in their fashion-forward outfits. They re all the rage at the most fashionable clubs in town.

Soon, everyone were losing themselves in the music. It was truly an awesome night! The next Shuffle to the Beatz will be held on Friday, 27 September. We waited 37 years to get our first Swimming Pool!

That s not the case. In the early years of Singapore Swimming Club we had a beach front and, in fact, our members used to swim in the open sea. Inwe built a diving stage right in the sea near the Club. It was a simple wooden structure with thatched roof. It added to the fun of swimming, but swimming in open waters in those days was risky business.

singapore swimming club midget meet 2012

One fateful day, one Miss Boyer Smythe made a dive before she spotted a shark in the water. There was a sharp scream, a puddle of blood appeared in the waters, and she disappeared never to be seen again.

To solve the problem with sharks, a temporary pagar a rectangular shaped wooden fencing was constructed around the diving platform, and swimming was henceforth restricted within the confines of the pagar. Later a more permanent pagar was built with concrete bed. The pagar seemed to solve the problem with sharks and sustaining cuts from sharp objects in the muddy seabed.

Then one day, member Edward Ted Morgan made a full-blooded dive from the platform and ended up with a broken neck. There was insufficient depth of water in the pagar area! It was then that members started talking about having a swimming pool of their own where they could bathe any time of the day rather than having to wait for high tide which occurred eight to nine times a month in the afternoons. The idea was mooted at the annual general meeting in But it was only in that we finally had our first swimming pool!

That came 37 years after the Club was officially inaugurated in The pool s diving platform at that time was a structure with a triangular frame. Every time a picture of the Club appeared in the newspapers or a news clip, the triangular diving platform would be the most prominent object. It remained an icon of Singapore Swimming Club right until The children s pool was at the opposite end from the diving platform, and remains in the same position today. The objective of this annual event was to bring our soccer ethusiasts together whilst providing a platform for young emerging soccer talents to shine.

The competition saw four teams namely Commandos, Rangers, Snipers and Warriors taking part. For a start, the teams went head to head in a round robin challenge to establish which two teams would face off for the Champions title. The scoring was based on the two with the most points.

As it turned out, the Commandos emerged as the top team followed by Rangers, Warriors and Snipers in that order. And so we had Commandos and Rangers facing off in L-R: Dharvin Mirpuri, Rahul, Jivan and Ricky the finals. Commandos eventually overcame Rangers to win at and claim the Champions title.

In the succeeding match Warriors beat Snipers to claim the third spot. In the Freestyle Destruction round, participants had to break planks using their bare fists and feet. They were assessed for style as well as execution. The sparring rounds also proved exciting as opponents tried to outpunch and outwit each other.

Our Martial Arts and Fitness convenor, Dr William Choo, presented the medals and souvenirs to all the winners, and tokens of appreciation to all the referees and coaches. Adon See and Dr.

The system of play adopted was the double knock out. One of the earlier matches saw Dhivesh Dadlani and Lee Simian slug it out blow for blow to be first to win five frames.

The game was eventually taken by Simian with a score of Dhivesh went on to lose his second matchthis time at the hands of Jasper Koh.

The final round was fought between Jasper and Simian. It was a race to win seven frames. Both players were on top of their games playing 12 frames all in all. In the end, both were deadlocked at In a spectacular finish, Jasper Koh pulled off a golden L-R: Lee Simian was the first runner-up while Dhivesh Dadlani was second runner-up.

singapore swimming club midget meet 2012

The prizes were given away by Sports Chairman, Krishan Kashyap. Table Tennis Friendly with Japanese Association: E ven with the haze hanging in the air, our friends from the Japanese Association made the effect to come over to the Club for the event held at the Table Tennis Hall.

We had lots of fun. Everyone played hard and had a good time. The games strengthened the bonds of friendship established between the two clubs over the years. Unfortunately, those tennis luminaries were not there to play. But still we were in good company! The objective of the tournament was to allow our tennis players to come together to play good tennis and enjoy each other s company.

So each team had both adults and juniors and players with mixed experience.


Going with tradition, the players were grouped and ranked into four teams to play five doubles ties in round-robin format. The four teams were named after the four tennis greats to remind them that they are all champs in their own way!

For the records, Team Djokovic ended up as tournament champions. But everyone had a prize, or at least a souvenir, from Tennis Convenor, Gerad Loo.

Runners Up Team Murray! The Boys under 12 years were drawn and placed in two group to play in round-robin format in the preliminary rounds. The top two from both groups went on to compete in the semi-finals and finals on the second day. After the end of the final matches, the juniors and their parents were treated to a buffet lunch and Tennis Convenor, Simon Ong, presented the trophies to the winners.

Lisa Tan Junior Badminton Championship: Both categories were further divided into two groups and made to compete in League format, with the top two players from each group progressing to the semi-finals. This was a re-match between the two players; in the initial stage of the league competition, Andrew had lost to Ivan.

So the, score was sweet revenge for Andrew. Boys Under 11 Singles: The format of play for the day was System 36 Stableford and despite the haze, our golfers teed-off with not much problem.

After all had been said and done, the Dinner and Prize Presentation Ceremony was held at a private function room in Keppel Club. After a sumptuous buffet, the winners from all three divisions were awarded their medals. Men s A Division Winner: Men s B Division Winner: Tanglin Club played host for the event, with over golfers from seven different clubs taking part. The scoring format was altered in an effort to foster greater camaraderie among the players. The scores of the top two players were tallied based on System 36 Stableford.

The results determined the winners of each division. The Overall Champion Team was determined by the top two scores for the three divisions. After the event, the golfers had lunch at Ria Restaurant. For this leg of the tournament, SSC Golfers were placed within the top three positions in all three divisions! Kudos to all our golfers for a job well done! Lim Zhong, on the other hand, had to fend off several challenges before emerging as champion of the Men s Open Masters.

A big thanks to the following sponsors for their support and for making this event a success: Gerald De Vries Mr. Senior Coach, Zhang Chanyan accompanied the Singapore team.


SSC Swimmer, Chloe Wang had the honor of claiming the first gold medal for Singapore in the Girls years m Meter Freestyle, and in the process smashed her personal best time.

That was just a prelude to a slew of medals and great performances by SSC Swimmers. Our team of experienced and friendly wedding specialists will work closely with the couple every step of the way to meticulously create their desired themes and food menus. For those who prefer to share these precious moments with just family and a small group of close friends, the Emerald Court is the perfect choice with its cosy ambience.

Cater a scrumptious meal from our kitchen and cut the birthday cake all in one place! Try something different and exciting for corporate team building sessions at our Bowling Centre, which is equipped with cosmic features for a glow-in-the-dark bowling experience in a clubbing ambience with thumping dance music and flashing disco lights.

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In total, 48 matches were played by the 46 participants using the round robin format. Each player accumulated points for every round and the winners were determined by the total points they scored. Haralalka Neeraj Joint 2 nd Positions: Simon Ong Joint 4 th Positions: The hole games were played using the System 36 Stableford format.

Raymond Tan 1 st Runner-up: Sandy Lek 2 nd Runner-up: Kee Kim Bong 1 st Runner-up: Chuah Teong Soon 2 nd Runner-up: Michael Ho 1 st Runner-up: Chuah Teong Soon 1 st Runner-up: Sim Kwang Meng 2 nd Runner-up: June Tan 1 st Runner-up: Men s Doubles Group A Champion: The kids also had tremendous fun playing games like treasure hunt and watching Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda during an overnight stay.

The Straits Settlements Games was started in to promote and foster friendship and camaraderie among the three clubs, which take turns to organise the Games each year. Penang Sports Club 1 st Runner-up: Singapore Swimming Club 2 nd Runner-up: The Malacca Club L-R: