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meet me conference limit

Both Ad Hoc and MeetMe conferences have a configurable setting that limits the number of participants (Software Conference Bridge);. Accessing Meet Me Conferencing in Element Manager 9 .. Conference Continuation Time sets the limit to the amount of time that system. Configure the conference bridge(s) that will be used to facilitate the meet-me Adjust the Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast service parameter if necessary.

Meet-Me Conference

With MMC, users can dial in to join the conference on their own accord. Besides how the conference is formed, MMC behaves much like a standard conference, with similar Conditions and Feature Interactions. A noteworthy distinction between the two types of conferences is the number of parties it takes to create them: An MMC is created once the first party joins.

Similarly, a MMC is not terminated until the last member leaves. A standard conference ends when there are fewer than three parties remaining. Creating or joining a MMC requires credentials consisting of up to three pieces of information: MMC is not considered an impromptu or unplanned conferencing facility.

It is expected that the organizer of the conference will provide conference participants with the MMC credentials prior to the conference, either by e-mail or some other means. MMC Access Number - For internal users, this is like dialing a feature access code to activate a particular feature.

Cisco Callmanager Maximum Number Of Meetme Connections

For external users, the access number can be mapped to a DID number to provide easy access to the conference. They are usually the conference organizer's own DN but any number can be used if it resolves to a dialable DN within the network. Care must be taken when using in the bridge number; see End of Dial. You can use it to add an extra level of security and differentiation from other Meet-Me Conferences. The users call the directory number to join the conference.

Meet Me & Placing a Conference Call

Anyone who calls the directory number while the conference is active joins the conference. This situation applies only when the maximum number of participants that is specified for that conference type is not exceeded and when sufficient streams are available on the conference device. When you press Meet-Me on the phone in order to initiate a meet-me conference, Cisco Unified Communications Manager considers you the conference controller.

The conference controller provides the directory number for the conference to all attendees, who can then dial that directory number to join the conference. If other participants in a meet-me conference press Meet-Me and the same directory number for the conference bridge, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager ignores the signals.

Meet-Me Conference

The conference bridge for a meet-me conference is allocated on the basis of the configured Media Resource Group List MRGL for the endpoint that initiates the conference.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager does not take into account whether the conference initiator is video-capable to allocate a conference bridge for meet-me conference calls.

It is also important to consider that any conference resources that are not added to a media resource group becomes a part of the default MRGL and therefore, available for everyone's use.

Increasing Number of Meet-Me Participants or Sessions Complete these steps in order to increase the number of participants or sessions for a meet-me conference on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Choose the publisher server from the Server drop-down list.

meet me conference limit

Choose Cisco call manager service from the Service drop-down list. You can increase or decrease the meet-me sessions for the conference. For example, a software conference bridge conferences up to participants.

meet me conference limit

When a conference is created, the system automatically reserves a minimum of three streams. If you specify a value less than three, it allows a maximum of three.