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meet funny games

Here are some of our favorite icebreaker games and activities for meetings. “At our team meeting, we start off by going around the circle and calling The number of squares each person took is the number of fun facts they. Free instructions to icebreaker games and activities ideal for small groups (two to five Try them out and let us know which ones you think are the most fun!. Staff meetings are rarely popular activities, especially if the staff thinks they are a waste of time. Fun activities help to motivate staff and boost.

Meanwhile, the facilitator or leader should always be concise and clear when sharing details of these 17 get to know you games with easy to follow directions. Game 1 — Introduction Icebreakers This is one of the most common ways and means for people wanting to know one another. The game is often used by human resources when helping new employees get accumulated about the co-workers and supervisors. The game begins when people are gathered in a room or around a table.

A moderator kicks things off by introducing themselves and then asking others in the group to do likewise. Game 2 — Team Building There is a longstanding point of view in the US military that an organization is only as strong as the members in its team.

Thus, there is a lot of emphasis in military basic training for team building exercises that also serve as dandy icebreakers for new members of a team or group. A typical team building exercise first involves members of a group being divided up into teams. The teams are then given tasks to build trust, aid group dynamics and communication while also developing ways and means to work best together.

For example, a member of a group is asked a series of questions that focus on the who, what, when, where, how and why? The response to each question results in more personal data shared for greater group sharing and understanding, says counseling professionals commenting online.

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The idea is to create questions that get people to laugh and then converse freely. The party questions are always somewhat personal but not too personal. For instance, a party member is asked about their favorite or not so favorite blind date experience.

For example, you could questions like "Would you rather work from home or arrive later at work? Each person spins a yarn about some aspect of his life, such as a vacation, a college experience or a youthful indiscretion.

Part of the story will be true and part will be a lie. His coworkers will determine which part of the story is the lie. Employees get to know more about their colleagues and understand one another on a more personal level.

Funny Games to Play During a Staff Meeting

Making Human Words As a way to improve communication and cooperation, give each person a letter of the alphabet when he enters the meeting. Allow five minutes, or any time allotment you choose, for a group to come together to form a five to seven letter word. Each employee must go around the room and find other people with letters that can form a word when they stand together.

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Vote on the most humorous word formed and award simple prizes, such as candy bars or key chains. Mnemonic Activity This memory activity gives employees a way to remember key information. Create facts to remember and develop humorous ways to remember them, such as license plate numbers, the definitions of words or a specific company policy.

Set a timer and instruct everyone to move around the room asking different people yes or no questions until they guess correctly or time runs out. This gets people to move around the room and interact with people they may not have before. It also makes them more aware of stereotypes and categorizing others based on certain characteristics. Hole Tarp It may remind you of an activity you did in gym class, but it can be a lot of fun, even for adults.

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You can do Hole Tarp with a circular tarp or plastic sheet and a few tennis balls. Your team stands around holding a piece of the tarp, which should have a hole cut in the middle. Then they begin to shake the tarp so that it moves around like a wave. Once it is moving, throw in a ball. Much like a business, everyone on your team has to keep moving to keep the ball rolling. If someone stops, the ball will drop.

meet funny games

To do the activity all you need is to gather a group of random objects. You can use anything from a basketball or plastic bag to a hula hoop or scarf. In groups, each person is given an object and must demonstrate an alternative use for it.

Other group members must guess what function they are acting out.

meet funny games

It is a fun way to boost team creativity and innovation. Lava Flow, also called River Crossing, is a game in which a group must cross the river of lava by jumping and maneuvering on different objects.

Limit the number of objects to two or three, so that they have to be moved and shared each time someone crosses. If you touch the floor at any point, then you will get burnt and must start over. The first team to cross the river with all members intact are the winners.

meet funny games

Group Juggle For new groups, check out an icebreaker and memory game called Group Juggle. Participants form a large circle facing each other. If you have a large group, break the circles so there are no more than 20 people in each. Throw in a soft ball to one person. The ball goes around the group like that until a pattern starts. Once the group seems comfortable, throw in more balls to increase the difficulty.

You can create cards with photos and names of team members or with company information like products, logos, and values. Break into teams and time which groups find all the matches the fastest. Company concentration teaches employees more about your business while playing a fun game. All the News With this team-building exercise, you can boost creativity and get an inside look at how your employees see the future of your business.

To do All the Newsyou just need a few newspapers, whiteboards, markers, pens and paper. Each team is given a newspaper and asked to come up with different headlines that cover what the company will be doing in the future. They can create as many as they want and as far in the future as they want. Groups share their headline ideas with the rest of the team and get feedback. Grab Bag Skits Acting and improv exercises can be a humorous and energizing way to bring your team together.

Grab Bag Skits is a short activity in which teams of 3 to 8 select a paper bag.

meet funny games

Each team is given 10 minutes to put together a 2 to 3 minutes skit that uses each of the items. Every person in the group must take on a speaking role. Encourage groups to be as creative as possible. Although some individuals may be more introverted, Grab Bag Skits can encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and connect with colleagues. Tied Up In this activity, divide groups up into teams of 2 to 4. Form members into circles facing each other and use rope or shoe strings to tie their hands together.

Then, give them a task that they must complete together with their hands tied. A few examples of tasks that you can use are: Navigate through an obstacle course.