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meet cute origin

You may have heard the term 'meet-cute' in movies, TV shows, or with your friends. But what exactly is it? Discover the meaning behind the. In film and television, a meet cute is a scene in which the two people who will form a future Etymology[edit]. The origin of the term is unknown but it appears to have been familiarly associated with Hollywood screenwriting by at least Meet-cute definition is - a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners (as in a , in the meaning defined above.

Played with in 50 First Dateswhere a woman and a guy meet in standard fashion, in a bar. Except she got a brain injury that kept her from converting her daily short-term memory to long term. The rest of the movie is him making her fall in love with him. They even marry and have kids. Rakesh and Vimmi in Bunty aur Babli meet in a train station after they both fail to get the jobs they really wanted. Vimmi lies to Rakesh, saying she's going to be a model.

Rakesh congratulates her and then she starts bawling in a really loud and annoying way. Lampshaded and subverted, given what follows in Disney's Enchanted after Giselle falls into her Prince's arms.

In Test PilotAnn lives on a farm in Kansas. Jim the test pilot crashes his plane on her farm. Pretty impressive, as far as meet cutes go. Non-romantic example in Star Trek Kirk and Spock's first meeting involves Spock getting Kirk court-martialed for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test. The writers have actually stated that the heart of the film is them falling in love with each other - but in a platonic sense.

meet cute origin

Kirk and Uhura meet cute in the bar, then reacquaint cute in her room later. For that matter, Kirk and Pike also meet cute in the bar.

And then Kirk and McCoy more or less meet cute on the shuttle. The events of The Adjustment Bureau are kicked off with a meet cute, when David Harris is in the men's room nervously preparing his "defeat speech" after losing the senate vote - and dancer Elise pops out of a stall, having hidden there to avoid security.

This meeting was pre-approved by the eponymous bureau. Their next meeting, however, was not. In Closer one of the couples if you can call them that meets when Larry chats to Dan in an online sex chat room. Dan is pretending to be Anna, and sends Larry to where she's likely to be. He meets her there, and despite some initial confusion she very quickly figures out that Dan must have been pretending to be her. She and Larry then hit it off really well.

Cited in the commentary of the Dirty Harry movie Sudden Impact when Harry and Sondra Locke 's character Jennifer Spencer meet for the first time Hardball had Keanu Reeves' character Conor meet his eventual love interest after she unintentionally smacked him with a door. They bump into each other when Van is on his way to work and Judy is on her way to look for a job.

He knocks her hat off, accidentally puts a bird on her head, and then her skirt gets caught in his bike wheel as he drives off leaving her in her bloomies. Judy then gets a job at the same store as Van.

meet cute origin

You've Got Mail does Meet Cute as well, just updates it to In ScroogedFrank Cross meets the love of his life when she walks out of a store and whacks him "right between the eyes" with the door. She nicknames him "Lumpy" after the incident. Do you shop here often? Because if you do, I can walk on the other side of the street. Frank and The Ghost of Christmas Past: Badum bum bum In Notting Hillthe characters played by Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts meet when he smacks into her as they both round a corner from opposite directions and he spills juice all over her blouse — setting up both the need for him to invite her to his house across the street to clean up and his charming clumsiness.

meet cute origin

The best part is that as we track them both heading for this collision, Hugh Grant's character seems to be avoiding looking straight ahead, for no particular reason. Dylan and Lila have a Meet Cute. She runs into him and knocks him flat, with her landing on top, which is about the cheapest Meet Cute you can buy at the Movie Cliche Store.

In Desert HeatRhonda and Eddie Meet Cute in a diner complete with name mix-ups and being unable to take their eyes off each other. In The Number 23the hero and his wife first meet when he bumps into her in the street and she drops her cake box. Discussion Forums | Meet cute

Played with in Godzilla to make a Kaiju version. They trade it from mouth to mouth like a kiss before the female takes it to feather the nest. The resultant product is called a "meat Q-tip" sandwich, shortened to Meet Cute. Town prostitute Callie Travers tries to engineer this by 'accidentally' bumping into the Stranger and starting an argument with him.

The Stranger is not amused, dragging her into a nearby barn and raping her. Zabriskie Point features an elaborate and jokey version where the boy is an outlaw flying an aeroplane on the lam across the LA desert and the girl is driving a car cross-country on an empty road below.

The boy catches the girl's attention by flying really low in a series of stunt flights to get a closer look. In ArielTaisto meets Irmeli when she gives him a parking ticket. Lenormant and he's trying to fix his cardboard boots after they got wet.

meet cute origin

In Irreconcilable DifferencesAlbert meets Lucy while he's hitchhiking across the country. She drives through a puddle and splatters him with mud. In April ShowersApril and Sean first meet during the theater group's initiation ceremony. Harper and Charlie first meet when arguing over buying food from a delivery man. Rocky first meeting aside, they prove to get along well later on. They later try to invoke this when trying to set up their bosses. They decide on locking them in an elevator.

In Margarita With A StrawLaila first meets Khanum after pulling her to safety when a protest turns violent and Khanum is left disoriented from tear gas. Literature In A Brother's PriceJerin meets Ren when he sneaks to the kitchen to get something to eat he hasn't eaten all day because he didn't want to show his face with so many strange women in the houseRen startles him, and he nearly falls into the fireplace, so she has to catch him. Subverted in American Gods.

Mister Town meets Laura by the side of the road and offers her a lift. Within the span of less than an hour, they make playful banter and run through the rain with newspapers held over their heads, laughing. The character is convinced that he's found true love for the first time in his life. Then Laura kills him just like she killed his friends. Of course, if you've read the novel faithfully up to that point, you already know that Laura is Shadow's undead wife who's willing to murder others to help him, so you know from the start that it isn't going to end well for the hapless guy.

Pye met their mother the soon-to-be Mrs. Pye when, for kicks and giggleshe decided to run "up" the "down" escalator in what he thought was an abandoned subway station.

meet cute origin

Naturally, he ended up running down their mother-to-be, who was riding "down" it. Piper to Jason in The Heroes of Olympus. The Wheel of Time has several. Rand meets Elayne after climbing the wall of her palace garden to use as a vantage point and falling down the wrong side of it, Mat meets Tuon properly when he encounters her while trying to escape a city occupied by her troops, Bayle Domon meets Egeanin when she boarded his ship to inspect his cargo, etc. Jack and Ellen's first meeting in The Warrior Heir is relatively normal, but their introduction to the other's secret identities comes when they are thrown into a ring and forced into a duel to the death to determine which of the two wizard houses would gain supremacy for the next few decades.

Meet Cute - TV Tropes

Ellen ends up saving his life in the duel instead of killing him, due to developing a crush on him during their normal time together.

Seph and Madison in the next book meet when Seph tries to use magic to get information out of Madison and she drains his energy through the spell.

Lampshaded and referenced in Gravity's Rainbow: It was what Hollywood likes to call a "cute meet," out in the neat 18th-century heart of downtown Tunbridge Wells, Roger motoring in the vintage Jaguar up to London, Jessica at the roadside struggling prettily with a busted bicycle, murky wool ATS skirt hiked up on a handle bar In Masks of Aygrima: Mara meets her Love Interest Keltan when she's sneaking around Tamita at night and hides in the coal cellar he was hiding in, forcing him to threaten her with a knife in order to stay hidden.

When they meet later, they quickly become friends due to the previous incident being Nothing Personal. A Song of Ice and Fire: A dwarf boy and his athletic older brother run into a girl pursued by bandits. The older brother fights off the thugs and the younger brother comforts the girl. Boy and girl like each other and get married. This is how Tysha and Tyrion Lannister with the brother being Jaime meet And then it doesn't go well. Averted later on when it was revealed by Jamie that it in fact wasn't a date prank, and that Tysha in fact did love Tyrion In the novel Variable Star by Robert A.

Heinlein and Spider Robinsonthe protagonist refers to this trope by name when describing his initial encounters with various women. A Novel" where the narrator meets friend he ends up falling for when she persistently IMs him out of the blue with different screen names. He's never met her, except possibly in passing, and he has no idea who the names belong to. Justified in that the author met a female friend albeit, one he never dated that way, and the book is assembled from fictionalized versions of real events.

Subverted in that he met her that way years before the events of the novel, they never got together in that time in fact, he was sort-of seeing someone for part of it and the plot of the book is partially about him trying to tell her his feelings and that the book ends intentionally ambiguously with regards to whether they ever get together.

Annie on My Mind has a very peaceful meeting They then proceed to act out swordfighting in the Arms and Armor hall. It's a Meet Very Cute.

In The Phantom of the Opera Christine and Raoul meet as children when he rushes into the sea to save her scarf. Raptor Red has a series of these with a male raptor, where a series of unusual circumstances prevent him from carrying out the normal courtship ritual.

When they first meet, for example, they happen to be hunting the same dinosaur.

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In The Crocodile on the Sandbank, Amelia Peabody and Emerson first meet in a museum, where they promptly have a blazing row over antiquities.

By the end of the book they're happily married and expecting their first child. Discworld Verence and Magrat's first meeting in Wyrd Sisters probably counts, at least on the embarrassment front; she's soaking wet after spending the morning gathering herbs and he's, well, The Jester in full uniform, which is embarrassing enough for anyone.

And when he realises he's disturbed a witch, he runs away. She then starts criticising the co-star she hasn't met yet, which is him. Possibly Holy Wood magic insisted on the movie trope. They exchange cute, easy conversation introducing themselves to each other, thus starting their romance.

Meet-cutes are synonymous with romantic comedies. Boy and girl meet in a funny and romantic way, romance ensues. Simply put, it's when two characters meet, in a cute way The meet cute doesn't necessarily have to be positive, many characters meet when they're annoyed or uninterested with the other. You've likely seen a meet-cute in many, many films.

When Harry Met Sally: From the genius mind of Nora Ephron comes a classic film that is praised to this day. The two main characters meet through a mutual friend and embark on a cross-country road trip, based purely out of convenience—Sally has a car and they both need to make it to New York City. The two are so dissimilar, they seem to annoy one another. It isn't until years later that they meet again, but their first rather tumultuous interaction marks their meet-cute. After heckling him on stage, comedian Kumail approaches Emily after his set.