Iit kanpur alumni meet bangalore india

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iit kanpur alumni meet bangalore india

In , among the engineering colleges in India, IITK was ranked light on some of IIT Kanpur's notable alumni and their achievements. Today, Infosys is a global software consulting giant with its headquarters in Bangalore. The Service Excellence award from the All India Management Association. This is a Facebook page for IIT Kanpur Alumni Association in Bangalore. This page is used to The Grand Magrath Hotel · Bangalore, India. Networking. On 9th August, around noon, my friend from IIT Kanpur sent me a text His motto : “bring the technology to the doorsteps of common man in India.” He donated $ to the Alumni Association and suggested every alumnus visited GE's research facility in Bengaluru, he found “none of the top team of.

The remaining female ex-students said that they were a group of 10 girls during their IIT days here. They used to enjoy a lot in the girls' hostel in those days. They got themselves clicked and had a fun time. Though he was of batch but he mixed up well with the ex-students of batch. Prawal Gupta of the same batch and a passout from electrical engineering department after working in Tata Consultancy Services TCS started a software company in Pune.

Prawal said that he had come to the institute for the first time after passing out inand it was a great feeling to be back to the alma mater.

He also recalled the days spent as a student in hostel number II and I. Since then he has worked as SP in different districts in Jharkhand. He came with his son to the institute and enjoyed meeting old friends. Sankalp Shrivastava, also of the same batch, had come there with his wife who too was very happy to meet his old friends. I worked at Caterpillar for 33 years in a number of roles including CIO.

Traveled to over 50 countries and lived in China for a few years. I visited Angshu every time I passed through Delhi. Inwhen Pawan and his wife Mamta were flipping through the weekly newspaper India Abroad in Detroit, US, Pawan 77 chanced upon a full-page advertisement by an Indian company that invited auto professionals settled abroad to come back home.

Having lived abroad for 18 years, Mamta was longing to come back. Pawan wasn't too willing initially, but gave in. He wrote to several companies and got a few responses.

One of them was from Mahindra and Mahindra -- and the rest, as they say, is history. Among the pioneering design work that he did at General Motors was developing methods for analysis of engine bearings and engine friction, which are still in use after 20 years.

iit kanpur alumni meet bangalore india

Post launch of Scorpio he was given the charge of the entire auto operations. When not thinking about automobiles, Pawan can be found watching Bollywood movies or playing Bridge or Scrabble.

He lives in Mumbai with his wife Mamta, who volunteers her time to counsel cancer patients and help them receive proper treatment and postoperative care. They have two children. Daughter Pooja is married and lives in Mumbai. Coming to IIT was one for me where I was honored to be amongst the best minds. I was very happy at IIT; however, by the third year my family had started prompting Pawan me to go to the US to complete my studies.

Naturally, I denied all such requests saying that it didn't get better than IIT and frankly I had never had any desire to go abroad. But the pressure continued. My brother had gone to US few months earlier and my parents were worried about him.

iit kanpur alumni meet bangalore india

They felt that if I went and joined him, they wouldn't be worried etc. Well, once more, I learned that parents can be quite persuasive. Then I joined a startup company where my role morphed into Product Planning and Marketing, and later into Business Development.

Since then I have worked at Microsoft, Toshiba, and four startup companies. Along the way I managed to get an MBA. Gautam, Navin, Nisha For the past seven years, I have been an independent consultant helping companies with their business and product strategy.

About four-plus years ago, I started teaching a two-day workshop on presentation skills which I love doing. The reception has been so great that I am just finishing up a book on it that I hope to publish this year. The journey is never complete without the family: I married Nisha in She works at Silicon Valley Bank that caters to startup businesses.

My son Navin worked for Proctor and Gamble for several years and started a company, PeerWell, this year. I have wonderful and cherished memories of my IIT days and am very proud to be a part of this great Institution!

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Inputs by Hemant Gokhale: He was my neighbour in Hall II. Here too he was brilliant, and whimsical, but he helped me a lot in the initial years when I was struggling with Computers. I have since been leading various projects in software and services, working for IBM for the last 25 years, in the Software and Services divisions. Besides work, I have been heavily involved with Amnesty International and with Pratham, India, and serve on the board of directors of the Austin Chapter.

For my leisure, my family and I have enjoyed hiking and travelling the world extensively and have visited several countries and enjoyed their culture. The talk next day at the breakfast table was who was the bxxxxxd who had developed a new cracker which gave out a lovely smell that permeated in the room, and then there was loud bang!

I admire Baldev's ability to constantly persuade for the write-ups. Three cheers for him. It is now nearly a sixty-three-years-old physique which 79 four years back Mohan Shetye could recognize in one go in a shop outside Niagara Falls.

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What a joyful evening me along with my wife had with a surprised item of home-made Shreekhand during the dinner in his home in Buffalo along with mouth-watering Indian items cooked by Diane, his charming better half. If I recollect well there was a minimum age limit of 16 years when I passed I. I was falling short of 2 years to appear for JEE and was thus compelled to do B. Alas, inbetween the lower limit was withdrawn but I thought to complete B.

It was my mother, a primary school teacher, and father, an LDC in Defense laboratory, who wished that I become an Engineer from IIT and did their best to sustain all through the years.

I could partly cover by working in our Library and also in Civil Lab Projects. The m a j o r expenditure I remember was mess bills, in particular after Bangladesh Wa r.

Memories of Hall 2 for first three years and Hall 1 for next two years are still fresh. Shukla's house, our protest hunger strike in front of Library for the removal of Dir.

Because of financial reasons I had to opt for joining job immediately after completion of B. There was compelling reason to take up work in Kolkata as during summer vacation-training in Kolkata after fourth year I came across a very charming girl named Dipti amongst our relatives, in particular for her dance.

I was told my mother few years back had also expressed her liking for her. Decided for no more further looking around and straightaway started dating with her culminating in our wedding on 27th July, Dipti had continued to perform in many public and private programs even after our marriage for many years.

I started my family life in Bhubaneswar. And then was a great surprise waiting for me when I saw our D. Karopadi opening the lock of the room adjacent to mine in the hotel where I was staying before my marriage. These were in Funny thing happened when I went to join their open coal mines at place called West Bokaro near Hazaribag, no connection with Bokaro.

I was told our Veeresh Mathur had left few days back. He is settled now in Pune and works in software linage. Google says he is a Software Enthusiast, Free Software contributor.

He got married to a charming doll in named Mousumi from Kharagpur. Again as a joining gift I was blessed with a charming daughter Paromita on 30th December of the same year, As per the advise of our Joe she pursued in Microbiology and did M. She is married to Abhijit Apte and a home-builder now. They are blessed with a daughter, Aarohi.

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They are also now settled in Pune after a six years stay in US. Abhijit is also into software. I superannuated from EIL on 30th June All through my service career I had been in Construction Management field and for last 20 year of my service life had been staying alone on project needs and my wife was taking care of my parents and our children staying in Panvel, New Mumbai.

So on superannuation did not take up any full-time assignment except some freelance ventures and spending the valuable balance life full-time with my better half, Dipti. Wish to spend at least next 20 year in this way and then retire from During my field life handled the operations of scheduling and budget oversight, efficiency at project management, planning the construction process of designated projects to accomplish the targets in accordance with outlined priorities, time limitations, and funding conditions.

Skilled at negotiating and firming up the resources with ensured quality, meeting organizational norms.

Evaluated the rationale for setback in the process of project construction and resolve curative actions as such to achieve progress of the project taken up within the period that has been fixed. I was lucky to be involved with many landmark projects in India.

iitkanpur alumni association bangalore chapter

Few of them are as follows: As head of construction sites in the role of Resident Construction Manager I had following achievements which I feel to share with my pals. The project had a workforce of about 40 thousand during peak construction period. I feel honored to be batchmate of globally famed stalwarts viz. Wife's name was Rajashree before marriage but changed to Priya after marriage.

Because of these two names and her two birth dates, actual and as per school leaving certificate, lot of discrepancies in different documents. Luckily this keeps me occupied for considerable amount of time. Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada Festschrift book "Horizons of the Mind" published by SpringerVerlag Born Pune, Maharashtra 11th March Attended Calcutta Boys' School, Calcutta Post-doctoral researcher in physics, University of Utah Associate Professor in Prakash Panangaden is known for his contributions to the expressive power of dataflow networks, the semantics of concurrent constraint programming, the early use of co-induction to define infinite objects in type theory, and mainly for a number of investigations into the theory of Markov processes.

He has also published papers on physics, pure mathematics, quantum computation and the mathematical theory of relativity. He is married with one child. His wife is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Hiking trip one summer into a remote village accessible only by foot and to Chakrata on top of a truck through unpaved, steep hilly roadway with Yogesh and Surinder remain permanently etched.

At IITK, I was fortunate to room with Angshu Das whose music with Vishwanath simply carried us away, to partner with Rakesh Gangwal, through whose genius we built a coin operated automated coke dispenser which could work even with a slight push, to play cricket with the likes of Ashok Dandekar, Rahul Mukerjee, …, on couple of occasions at Green Park and in Delhi University; and of course, tennis ball cricket with Anil Deorukhkar.