How to meet vampires on sims 2

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how to meet vampires on sims 2

If a knowledge sim has become a vampire they'll have specific wants to see other sims, most likely with high relationships as vampires, along with the usual "Bite. Being a vampire in Sims 2 does get a little bit trickier. in your memory bank and you'll have a better chance at it next time you meet them. Do this by pressing shift+ ctrl+ c at the same time don't type in the the then type in BoolProp Testingcheatsenabled true, The Sims 2 PC.

In truth, the command has been there the whole time, but unlike previous versions of The Sims and most fiction, a Vampire bite in The Sims 3 is a positive action.

AI-controlled vampires won't do it unless they're at a decent relationship level with the one who's asking for it. Over the next couple days, the bite starts to get itchy, and that moodlet changes. Nikita lives life as normal as she can, though there is no initial way to reverse the bite, and it starts to bother her. She sticks with it though, and after two full days, the turn is complete!

how to meet vampires on sims 2

Being a Vampire[ edit ] Vampires can The most extreme way to get blood is to drink it from another Sim, and there are two ways you can do this. First, Nikita could simply use a "Drink" social command against any other non-vampire adult, which is a positive social interaction.

However, despite it being a positive one, the target will decline if they're not at least somewhat friends with her. After all, any Sim who donates their blood in that way receives a "Weakened" buff for 24 hours. Yes, strangely, it's a buff, not a debuff. While a Sim is under effects of Weakened, he can't donate blood again. This means that Nikita could sip blood from Saint, but only once per day, which wouldn't be enough to sustain her.

If she gets really thirsty, she can go to any community lot and choose the Hunt self-interaction. This has her automatically look around and assault a random non-vampire adult, though this is a negative social interaction for obvious reasons. Also, because she actually has to hunt around a bit, the command may take a while to actually work. You definitely don't want to Hunt if the Thirst meter is extremely low. Finally, the grocery store sells Plasma Fruit, which can be consumed for on-the-go meals when a willing human isn't available.

Plasma Fruits can be planted with a high enough Gardening skill, which Nikita plans on doing once they manage to move out. Of course, planting and caring for Plasma Fruits requires some sunshine, so she may need to get Saint to do it.


The Sims 2 Nightlife Game Guide [ Generally in story telling, Vampires come in two categories; those that you can actually respect that possess style, dignity, and enough power to compete with the Energizer Bunny in a marching band, and then those you don't want to be seen in public with due to their irritating cartoon like personality, although Count Chocula is okay in my book.

How could anyone with so much chocolaty goodness not be awesome? This part of the guide is dedicated to making the ultimate evil vampire that you can be proud of. Although all of the NPC Counts and Countessas in the game are of pleasure seeker aspiration, the ultimate vampire is a knowledge aspiring sim. Well, it's simple - knowledge aspiring sims are evil.

Sure, Maxis will tell you otherwise, but we know better than that with their constant want to see dead people and bring back zombies n' stuff.

If a knowledge sim has become a vampire they'll have specific wants to see other sims, most likely with high relationships as vampires, along with the usual "Bite Neck" want. Along with that, they'll actually have fears of being cured of vampirism, if that doesn't say that they are dead and loving it, nothing will!

They will also gain the want to become a vampire again should they have been cured, "accidentally". Of course, you can still be very successful with vampires of other aspirations, a grilled cheese sandwich vampire in particular would be hilarious, but since you want your sim to be a vampire in the first place, you might as well take advantage of their dark nature, otherwise you're better off forging a perfect "ordinary" sim like what my other FAQ recommends.

How to meet a Vampire without going to Crypotonite club cheat for The Sims 2

The type of vampire this part of the FAQ is aiming for is one who can easily soak in the occult and turn the majority of the neighborhood to the undead underside of things.

Unfortunately, it seems that knowledge aspiring sims have wants from all over the board, especially if they have already witnessed aliens and zombies, as they probably have the biggest palette of possible wants of all the aspirations, so it can be a bit difficult to bring up the ones you want related to vampirism up on demand.

how to meet vampires on sims 2

Since this is the case, it's good to rely on other ones based on the occult, such as seeing ghosts or bringing back zombies, along with more normal ones like going on dates. An additional great help to the limited want palette is to have the university graduation boost that adds two want slots and an extra lock.

Become a Vampire with Sims 2! •

One of the greatest forms of aspiration income that knowledge sims can thrive on is seeing ghosts. You might have seen your sim get scared here or then, and thought that getting scared by a ghost is a relatively rare thing, well it's not if you know how to manufacture a cesspool of death and damnation!

Normally, you might be used to your casual family ghost, or the neutral paper boy that you accidentally lit on fire ghost, but nothing compares in sheer scaring ratio to that of an extremely pissed off ghost with utter contempt for the sim who's lot their grave dwells in.

Ghosts that have a particular hatred towards a living sim on the lot they are on will be far more likely to scare them, resulting in big points for satisfying the "See a ghost" want multiple times with surprising frequency.

It's a very lucrative way for your knowledge sim vampire to get aspiration points, granted they don't die in the process from fright that results if a sim is scared with low motives. If you have a dozen or do dead sims who were mortal enemies of your vampire sim buried on your lot, it's not uncommon that they'll at least try to scare you several times a night, sometimes your sim might get scared three times in a roll by different ghosts who all hate him or her, satisfying the same "To see ghost" want all three times before the want slots can even fully turn over!

Of course, being ridiculously mean to these people before they meet their untimely demise them is also a part of the vampire lifestyle, and the way the gameplays around with knowledge sims, it's actually one of the rare cases where being mean can ultimately benefit a player!

how to meet vampires on sims 2

The ability with Nightlife to incite fury also makes this process easier than it was in the past, since apparently, even death doesn't cure fury. This rate will be increased if they go outside. If all their needs hit the bottom, then they will die.

To counter this, purchase a vampire coffin. The coffin will freeze all their needs when slept in. Unlike normal sims that wake up when their energy need reaches maximum, they only get out at sunset. If a sim peeks in the coffin, they might just get a scary surprise Vampires also have other features: They don't reflect in mirrors They have two special interactions for moving around: