How did maxwell caulfield and juliet mills meet

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how did maxwell caulfield and juliet mills meet

Actor, Maxwell Caulfield shot to fame with the film, “Grease “2 and has sustained MC: It did, but I managed to work my way back into the game, and talented Juliet Mills, sister of Hayley Mills, daughter of Sir John Mills, who “The Elephant Man” because of the great bonus of meeting the woman of. Husband and wife acting stars Maxwell Caulfield and Juliet Mills are starring in Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce at Wolverhampton's Grand. Maxwell Caulfield (né Newby; born 23 November ) is a British-American film , stage, and Beginning 28 May , he toured Australia with his wife, Juliet Mills, and sister-in-law, Hayley Mills, in the comedy and took a role in The Elephant Man () the same year, which was when he met future wife Juliet Mills.

What was it like for you, coming from humble beginnings to suddenly find yourself in the midst of British theater and film royalty? And did your father-in-law give you any career advice? My father-in-law, the late, great Sir John Mills, chose to let me make my errors. He did counsel me on occasion but I really should have towed the line a bit more. I was very enamored of the antics of James Dean and similar rebel heroes of the mid to late fifties who kind of got away with murder on the basis of their talent and their indispensability.

Since then the business has become more corporate as it transitioned into the eighties and nineties.

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There was no room for antics or acting out. You were barely out of your teens yourself. We did a prestigious winter tour of Florida in I was playing the title role and she was playing the Victorian actress, Mrs.

Maxwell Caulfield Bares His Body on Stage but Keeps His Soul for Mate Juliet Mills |

Kendal, and frankly, it really, truly was love at first sight. Kind of a beauty and the beast story. Were you aware of her work? I was a fan of hers back in England.

how did maxwell caulfield and juliet mills meet

We quickly blew through that, by the way—but she was a spectacular woman, and she has made big sacrifices in her own career in support of mine. So what have been some of your favorite on stage experiences? A gift for an actor.

how did maxwell caulfield and juliet mills meet

You spend the show sliding around in a tuxedo with six-foot tall beauties in black lingerie cooing over you, so that was a fantastic role. I got to do it in London and then a very brief run on Broadway. Did that for 6 months.

Maxwell Caulfield

It was definitely a smaller industry then. You saw the tail end of the star system. Yeah, I really did. He was from that school of producers who believed that you cultivate an actor. That must do something to your ego. So for a younger actor, you not only have to have tremendous faith in your abilities but you also have to hone your craft. Maybe bring it to New York. A guy called Laurence Mark who I had a very funny early encounter with at Paramount. There are so many.

how did maxwell caulfield and juliet mills meet

The couple met when they were both starring in The Elephant Man back in He was 21, she was the year-old daughter of Sir John Mills and part of British acting.

Many reckoned it would never last. She has sacrificed a lot to allow me to have my career. He also did a spell on Emmerdale, playing Mark Wylde, the bigamist owner of Home Farm who was unceremoniously shot dead by his first wife.

You know, I go where the work is and things have worked out pretty well. Wind back 30 years and Caulfield seemed destined for the A list.

how did maxwell caulfield and juliet mills meet

Caulfield was big news, right up until the film flopped. You have to put the ball in the back of the net. Right afterwards she did Scarface with Al Pacino.

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That showed that she had range, that she was versatile. Well, I was stuck for a while with a reputation as a bubblegum actor. There was one point where I was considering working for a Jaguar dealership out in the US. They said they wanted an ambassador, but really all they wanted was a salesman with a British accent.