Hands meet

Analysis - Clock Hands Meet Puzzle and generalization to N hands

hands meet

I don't know of an English word for "when the clock hands meet". Some phrases in use, in increasing order of Google freqency, are "clock. Some analysis of the classic puzzle and arriving at a general result for N hands. turquoise jewelry, navajo jewelry, new mexico, vintage, vintage turquoise, navajo , collectibles, curated, artisan, art, jewlery, vintage jewelry, pottery.

Have slides A great All Hands meeting is structured. Slides help keep the flow organized, and are beneficial for those on the team that learn visually. Prior to the meeting, every functional leader should edit a slide template and input their key updates.

These might include charts of their metrics, screenshots of new product features or just a bulleted list of accomplishments and challenges.

hands meet

Let many people speak All Hands is an excellent opportunity to let team members speak to the group. This is great public speaking practice and makes everyone feel included. All Hands is a perfect opportunity to publicly recognize individual accomplishments and how they are impacting the entire company.

This makes people feel good and helps them perform better. Be transparent All Hands is about sharing information with the team.

hands meet

No low energy Always avoid low energy. All Hands should get everyone pumped up and excited. The last thing you want is someone that speaks quietly and monotone addressing the group.

hands meet

Avoid phone-in speakers As the team grows, some people may be remote or traveling during All Hands. If you need someone on the conference line to speak, invest in a real speaker phone so they come through loud and clear.

What if the speed of minute hand is 4 times the speed of hour hand?

hands meet

Here, again the points where they meet divide the perimeter and also angle subtended by these arcs into 3 equal parts. Also, an important observation that we made is that the hands meet so as to divide the perimeter into equal parts the central angle is also equally divided, but we will see later that it is the perimeter that matters, not the angles: So this settles the the matter of the conventional clock.

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We no longer have to run into infinite series again. The answer is simple. The points where they meet will divide the perimeter into 11 equal parts. All we need to do to answer the question is to convert these "ticks" into actual time. When the speed of the minute hand is greater than the hour hand, as a general rule, the minute hand has to make one complete rotation every time it has to meet the hr hand. There's something more we need to explore, however, let's jot down a few points that we need to investigate later.

This conclusion is by obervation and generalization. A proof is required to make the argument solid. Here we considered only integral multiples of speeds. Now coming to some conclusions: The points where the hands meet depend only on the relative speeds of the hands.

The size of the clock how big or small does not matter.

Analysis - Clock Hands Meet Puzzle & Generalization to N hands

Does the shape matter? We'll talk about this one in a few mins.

If the speed of the minute hand is n times the speed of hour hand, the points where they meet will divide the circumference into n-1 equal parts. As long as the speed of the minute hand is a rational multiple of the speed of hour hand, the hands NEVER meet at irrational numbers!

It's been a while since I read Group Theory, but considering that these points divide the circumference of the circle into equal parts, can we say that this gives rise to a symmetrical group? May be the behavior could be studied further using group theory concepts.

hands meet