Coronation street kirsty and tyrone meet

coronation street kirsty and tyrone meet

Coronation Street's Natalie Gumede has revealed her abusive character Kirsty Soames will stop at nothing to ensure Tyrone Dobbs can't live a. Coronation Street viewers saw Fiz Brown and partner Tyrone Dobbs look on in horror as their kids' trampoline was set on fire during Monday's. Tommy Duckworth met Kirsty in a bar on a night out with Tyrone and Kirk but surprised when Kirsty arrived on the doorstep of 9 Coronation Street for the date .

One of the examples of father's abuse occurred when Kirsty returned home from a party and was violently punched in the stomach by an angry and disappointed Edwin. With her father's contacts in the police force, Kirsty had secured herself a job as a police officer, but the abuse at the hands of her dad stayed with her into her adult life, and she, unfortunately, ended up inheriting his bad temper and nasty abusive streak.

Tommy Duckworth met Kirsty in a bar on a night out with Tyrone and Kirk Sutherland in September and paid her to flirt with Tyrone to boost his self-esteem. When she hit on him, she enjoyed his company. Tommy wondered whether to come clean with friend when Tyrone planned a date with her, unaware of her genuine feelings for him. Tyrone was gutted when Tommy confessed, but surprised when Kirsty arrived on the doorstep of 9 Coronation Street for the date and made it clear that she was not dating him for money.

Their date went well and ended with a kiss. When Kirsty was visiting Tyrone, his lodger Tina McIntyrewho had recently passed her driving test and was using her friend Rita Sullivan 's car, accidentally boxed in Kirsty's car, igniting a feud between the two women. Kirsty responded by boxing in Rita's car, and Tina left a derogatory note on Kirsty's car - not realising that the woman she was feuding with was Tyrone's new girlfriend.

When Kirsty found the note, she berated Tina and left. When Rita's car later appeared to have been scratched, Tina immediately blamed Kirsty.

Having denied the allegation, Tina kicked Kirsty's car and later when Kirsty asked Tina about some damage done to her car, she revealed that she was a police officer. Kirsty in her police uniform As Tyrone and Kirsty's relationship developed, she and Tina continued to be bitter towards each other. Tina blamed Kirsty when Rita's car was clamped for what she saw as no reason.

Tyrone later asked Kirsty to move in with him. Shown to have been a victim of domestic violence herself, as a child, at the hands of her father, Kirsty has also headed down the same path. After having moved in with Tyrone at No.

Her continual rages quickly led to her physically attacking Tyrone in more and more violent ways. These included Kirsty beating Tyrone with a wooden spoon and throwing plates at him. Tyrone planned to leave home several times but always returned when Kirsty assured him of her love for him and reassured him with promises that she wouldn't hurt him again and would seek counselling.

Tyrone proposed to Kirsty in order to get custody of daughter Ruby because she had left his name off the birth certificate.

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She took his phone away from him and banned him from going to the Super Tykes playgroup with Ruby because she thought that he was having an affair with one of the other mums from the group. Tyrone fell out of love with Kirsty and embarked on a clandestine affair with Fiz Stape.

She bought him a secret mobile phone which he hid in a paint tin inside the former outside toilet stall, but after accidentally leaving it inside thd house; Julie Carp produced his phone from the side of the sofa whilst there on Kirsty's hen night celebrations.

After reading the messages from Fiz, a distressed Kirsty ordered everyone to get out of her house.

coronation street kirsty and tyrone meet

After everyone had left she went to see Fiz and invited her to the wedding. On her wedding day, she revealed to everyone that Tyrone has been seeing Fiz behind her back and left the church with Julie and Brian Packham.

Later at their home, Tyrone attempted to get Ruby but when Kirsty tried to hit and push him down, she slipped as he moved out the way causing Kirsty to fall down the stairs. Kirsty, however, is horrified and lashes out at Tyrone with a ladle. She apologises and Tyrone tells his friends that his injuries were accidental. Despite Kirsty insisting that she doesn't want any fuss for her birthday, Tyrone organises a surprise party and invites her parents.

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When her father learns she is pregnant and was sacked from the police force, he verbally attacks her and leaves, causing another argument between her and Tyrone. When he tries to walk away, she forces him up against a door.

coronation street kirsty and tyrone meet

Tyrone walks out and when he returns, he finds Kirsty has packed a bag but Tyrone demands an explanation so Kirsty reveals that her father domestically abused her and her mother until she left home.

Tyrone forgives Kirsty and she stays. She uses her police connections to get Rick arrested and Tina thanks her. Kirsty later suffers Braxton Hicks contractions in the cafe and panics when she can't get hold of Tyrone. When she learns that he was fixing Fiz Stape 's Jennie McAlpine boiler, she gets jealous and they argue again. She destroys plates and a picture of Tyrone and Jack Duckworth Bill Tarmey but apologises, blaming her pregnancy hormones.

When Tyrone and Fiz organise a baby shower and Tyrone tells Kirsty that Fiz helped him pick out items for the baby, she gets jealous again and insists that Tyrone has no further contact with Fiz. Her anger is sparked again when she learns that he has given Tommy a payment holiday so he and Tina can visit his grandmother in Blackpool. This causes another argument and she hits him again, using an accessory from a vacuum cleaner, leaving him badly bruised.

This time, Tyrone asks Kirsty to see a doctor about her anger issues but she leaves just before the appointment but Deirdre Barlow Anne Kirkbride tells Tyrone this so they argue in the garden and angry, Tyrone pushes Kirsty away from him and she falls, cutting her head. Deirdre, having overheard the argument, asks Kirsty if she is okay and calls Dr.

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When Tyrone returns, he finds Kirsty has packed her bags and she leaves, despite Tyrone asking her to stay. Tommy finds Kirsty at the hospital and asks her to come back, as Tyrone is suffering without her.

coronation street kirsty and tyrone meet

Despite initially refusing, she returns a couple of days later and finds Tyrone talking to another woman while Dev chats to her friend. He asks her to stay and she agrees, angering Tina so she tells Tommy that Kirsty was abusing Tyrone and insists Tommy and Tina increase their repayments.

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Kirsty goes past her due date, but when Tina pushes her into a table during a fight in The Rovers, they realize she is in labour. After bringing Ruby home, Kirsty struggles and when Ruby won't stop crying, she trashes the house.

Tyrone tells her that he does not trust her with Ruby so he is pleased when Kirsty's mother, Alison Dawn Hopevisits, telling them that she has left Edwin David Lonsdale. Kirsty reluctantly allows Alison to stay and appreciates her help but Edwin arrives and snatches Ruby briefly to make Alison go home.

Kirsty blames Tyrone for her father's reappearance and throws a candlestick at him so Tyrone ends the relationship is over and tells her to leave but insists that Ruby will stay with him. However, Kirsty tells him that he has no legal right to keep Ruby as his name is not on her birth certificate, forcing him to change his mind.

Instead, they agree that he will stay at home to look after Ruby, while Kirsty goes back to work. However, Fiz knows about Kirsty's abuse and she notices the change in Fiz's attitude to her. Wanting Tyrone and Ruby to get out and meet people, she asks Katy Armstrong Georgia May Foote to take him to a mother and baby group, making Kirsty jealous again so she asks him not to go. When Fiz questions her about this, Kirsty is angered and in revenge, switches Fiz's sewing machine back on while she is trying to repair it, so she needs to go to hospital.

Kirsty then takes charge of the first aid and takes Fiz to hospital so no one believes her when she insists Kirsty caused her injury. Realising she cannot trust Tyrone because of numerous texts from Fiz, Kirsty locks Tyrone in the house and takes his phone and keys with her.

When Tyrone complains, she attacks him again but this time, shows no remorse and demands he apologize. Tyrone couldn't take any more, planning to run away with Ruby but Fiz and Tommy stop him and suggest he marry Kirsty so he will have parental responsibility. Tyrone and Kirsty make up and they begin planning the wedding. On Tyrone's birthday, Kirsty sees a card from Fiz and punishes him by slamming a door on his arm, injuring him. She apologizes again and they continue with the wedding plans but Kirsty becomes paranoid about Fiz and causes a fight by insulting her and her daughter, Hope.

Shortly before the wedding, Kirsty finds Tyrone's secret phone that proves he and Fiz are now having an affair so she invites her to the wedding and during the ceremony, exposes the affair. Kirsty realises that Tyrone was only marrying her for custody of Ruby.

coronation street kirsty and tyrone meet

At home, they argue on the stairs and when Kirsty tries to hit Tyrone, she loses her balance and falls. At the hospital, Kirsty tells the police that Tyrone has been hitting her for months so the police arrest Tyrone and Ruby goes into temporary foster care. However, he is released on bail.

She suggests Tyrone come home and make a fresh start but he refuses, saying that he'll never forgive Kirsty for what she did so she tells Tyrone he can't see Ruby, leading him and Fiz to snatch her and run away. Kirsty is worried about her baby and reports her missing but Fiz knows they can't live on the run and calls the police so Tyrone is arrested.

He is charged with assaulting Kirsty, much to her delight. Fiz tells Kirsty that the truth will come out.