Bts meet baekhyun tumblr

EXO + BTS Smut Imagines – *NSFW* Private Meet and Greet

bts meet baekhyun tumblr

Yandere BTS Reaction: Meeting you VS A Guy Talking to You It's long and I don't know if I did Tell me what you think and if it is good enough I will do exo and. female addition to kpop groups (currently BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN and 'Those legs are too expensive for me to pay and I don't wanna meet SM in a court.'. Poly BTS (Part 1?) You awoke Baekhyun had caused us to meet by 'accident' leading to him asking me to run Parakiss in Korea while he was away in Paris.

bts meet baekhyun tumblr

You were my first bias when I saw you in the History music video. I wore so much eyeliner in that video. They all had to get back to the dorms because they have their own busy schedules tomorrow. He handed you a cup as the two boys started to discuss how their performances went during the award show. You listened to them and smiled brightly. It was so nice to hear the boys talking so sweetly and getting along together. It was the type of image all fans wished to see.

The two of them laughed and jokes around about all the things fans have said about their music videos, their random hair colors, and especially about all the shipping that fans were doing.

bts meet baekhyun tumblr

Your eyes widened at the question. Taehyung automatically began to laugh and nod his head. You could feel the alcohol starting to make your head feel light as well.

You pushed your hands in front of Taehyung face to try and shut him up. You covered your face in embarrassment. You heard both the boys laughing at you. Your cheeks were burning and you just wished that this was all really a dream. But you were brought back to reality when you felt a hand on your knee. You looked up and saw Baekhyun staring at you closely. He was only a few inches away from you. Me and your boyfriend in the same room with you, all alone.

You breathe caught in your throat.

Dream With The Oppa — EXO/BTS REACTION To you taking them to meet your

You stared into his eyes, your mouth opened slightly, and your heart raced in your chest. His sexy expression turned to a silly angelic one when he suddenly pulled away with a bright smile.

I can see why you tease her so much, she blushes very cutely. He placed his arm around your shoulder and leaned in close to you to place a kiss on your cheek. He moved his lips down from your cheek, to your chin, and down to your neck. You gasped when you felt his teeth graze against your soft spot, just below the ear.

Your eyes fluttered shut for a brief second, but when they opened again you saw Baekhyun only a few inches away from you. His once innocent eyes became deadly, like snakes. He glanced at Taehyung for permission, which you assume was given, before closing the space between the two of you.

He pressed his lips against yours.

bts meet baekhyun tumblr

His lips were as soft as they looked. They moved against yours gently, but quickly added more passion as he leaned closer to you. As he kissed you, Taehyung bit down on your soft spot; eliciting a moan from the back of your throat. You leaned forward, into Baekhyun as you squirmed from the bite. Unlike Baekhyun, his kiss was much more animalistic. His lips were fierce, and a bit sloppy against yours. As he kissed you, he placed his hand on your knee, slowly trailing it up towards the hem of your dress.

You gasped, feeling his long fingers approaching your core. Baekhyun bit down your collarbone, causing you to moan louder than you had meant to. Your legs opened slightly, letting Taehyung move his hand up under your dress.

He skimmed his fingertips over your clothes slit. You were already wet, wanting both the boys just as you had dreamed so many times. Baekhyun began to move his lips down to your shoulders, reaching up and pulling the strap of your dress down. You leaned forward, allowing for him to pull the dress down to your waist so he could lower his lips to your breasts.

He placed one hand on your left breast and his mouth on your right, sucking gently on your nipple. You gasped, leaning back against the back of the couch. His long, delicate fingers rolled your nipples between his fingers. Taehyung, at the same time, slipped a finger inside you, hooking upward.

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When the classmate brushed his hand against your wrist he almost let out a growl. She is too good for you. Taehyung was different from all the other boys. He was the baddest and most popular boy at school. He was usually with his group of friends, and every girl fell for him, but he turned them down. No one was good enough for him especially not you. One day you were running late for school; barely awake you ran into something hard and fell to the floor. You stood up wiping off your half buttoned jacket then started to grab your things.

One of the boys grabbed your notebook holding it high in the air. You let out a groan. You let out a sigh. Can I have it back now? You have to be a real lady and apologize. He gasped dropping the notebook that you quickly caught.

Before you could make a run for it the other boy grabbed you.

BTS and EXO Reactions!

The boy lifted his hand in the air until you saw a strong hand grabbing his wrist. The guys backed away from you, and you held your stuff close to you. Taehyung picked up a pen pulling the cap off with his teeth and wrote his number on your hand then handed you the pen with the cap.

He actually smiled at you. Then he turned to his friends in anger. Everyone left leaving you in the hallway dumbfounded. Taehyung seeing another guy talk to you: Wait, how did you get my number?

And I want you text me always. You felt butterflies in your stomach. The hottest guy at school wanted to talk to you. After that you texted everyday for a week; it was the best week of your life because you had fun with Taehyung. He was funny and a goofball at heart which you had no idea. One day a male friend asked you to the park in the evening. It was a particular nice day, so you agreed to go out. There Taehyung was hanging out with his friends drinking beer and laughing across the street from the park.

EXO/BTS REACTION To you taking them to meet your family in a foreign country.

It was their usual place to hang out, and they were blasting music from one of their phones attached to a small speaker. You were laughing and playing a slapping game. When your friend slapped your hand and you cried out in pain Taehyung threw his beer can on the ground in anger.

bts meet baekhyun tumblr

You are never hung up on a girl. She is a lot cooler than you bastards. He wanted to be yours. Whatever it took he wanted you. Taehyung only grabbed your wrist that was holding your friend and pulled you to him. He was the class clown, and you always laughed at his jokes. Even though, he was technically a bad boy for always interrupting class.

He was the only entertaining thing about class. He found your laugh particularly infectious, and he did anything to hear your beautiful laugh and see a beautiful smile on lips.

In class you were laughing so hard you almost fell out of your seat which Hoseok caught you just in time. You laughed looking away. It was just really funny.

Yes, he wanted to hold onto you forever. It felt so nice having you in his arms. He wanted more of you. More of your beautiful smile. Hoseok seeing another boy talk to you: He was talking with his friends when he heard it.

That laugh that made his heart flutter. His eyes turned to you talking with another guy who was making you laugh. She should be looking at me like that. Hoseok walked over to you and the boy with a fake smile on his face. The boy quickly spoke up saying he had to leave to talk to another friend. You nodded then smiled at Hoseok. Jimin was the prince of the school. Everyone loved him even his teachers. He got great grades, and had the perfect social life.

He walked with confidence; he was the complete opposite of you who was a normal girl with a small group of friends. He was surrounded by girls until he landed his eyes on you. He was watching you studying at the staircase where there was no one. He pushed past the girls sitting next to you. He pulled one out of your head phones putting it into his ear and nodded his head.

This is their new song. You were annoyed by how the girls acted around Jimin.

10 Beautiful Moments From The Blooming Friendship Between EXO And BTS

He was just a cute boy. There was a million of them in the world. You pulled out your phone about to put in your music when another guy sat next to you. Soon you were having a conversation with him.

Jimin looked past the girls to find you sitting in your usual isolated spot. He found it cute what a loner you were, and he liked it because it meant that no one would take you away from him. He usually hated the girls at the school, but you were different. You were beautiful and cool. He noticed the boy next to you and his face dropped in anger. Jimin grabbed your hand and lifted you up to your feet. Jimin turned his head at the boy behind you with a evil smile then kissed your cheek.

He was just him. He could fit in any group. That is what made you like him. Chemistry was your hardest class and you sucked at it. Overhearing you Namjoon moved over to sit next to you at the empty desk. If you want me to. You lifted your head and smiled.

I would be forever grateful. He loved watching your face contort in confusion then light up when you finally got the answer. It was cute to him.

He loved to see you succeed and learning more. He wanted to be your teacher and teach you more than just chemistry.