Borderlands 2 meet scooter helmets

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borderlands 2 meet scooter helmets

I discovered a lot more about Borderlands 2, so let's jump right in. . Shoot the bucket/helmet off of a Goliath and he becomes Raging Goliath, NPC was Scooter—to pick one of the many charming individuals you meet on. Borderlands 2 is a Black Comedy that is absolutely hilarious. You should focus on that, to avoid the horror and trauma of the game. For the original, click . BorderLands 2 cosplay (Pretty sure I could pep a better helmet). Borderlands SeriesCosplay . BORDERLANDS 2 - Check out This Epically Badass Replica of Zero's Sword. Borderlands "I would if I knew Scooter irl". " Catch a .. So, back in April some friends I met playing Halo convinced me to go to D*Con with them.

She is a horrible person through and through, a massive sadist and kills puppies, but she's endearing due to the fact that, unlike Jack, who doesn't show up to fight you until you find Lilith in the Vault, she decides to fight you head on, with, of course, several marshals and Deputy Winger. But that's not what makes it funny-it's her entire attitude in the quests. She doesn't become mad when you rob her bank and blow up her train or fight the bandits in her town, and when she sounds angry, it turns out that she's faking it.

When she hears Brick's plan to blow up the bank, her response is "Explosions? This should be fun. Intimidating, but slightly arousing! Claptrap's hilariously bad cold-related puns and attempts to explain the nature of humor during "The Iceman Cometh". When the Crimson Raiders asked why I wanted the detonator, I told them, "be cool! Crazy Earl says a lot of funny things when you shop from him: Someone actually paid for that!

He doesn't know it's dead. When you buy at Crazy Earl's shop, one of the lines he can say is "It's dangerous to go alone, jerkwad! Just with, like, a fork. The above montage leaves out one of the best exchanges in the entire mission: My big brudder's come to teach you some manners!

The whole point of hiring Tiny Tina yes, there's a point is to hijack a train: Missiles prematurely launch and take out the train. And more likely Scottish.

borderlands 2 meet scooter helmets

I wrote you a poem and it goes a little somethin' like this break it down! A poem by Tiny Tina. If you tip Moxxi enough money at her bar, she'll eventually pull a gun from her cleavage and give it to you as a reward. She says it's her favorite gun. It's called Miss Moxxi's Good Touch, and when you're holding it, it vibrates.

This crosses over to Real Life if you are playing the game with a controller Some are pretty dark such as Zed calling about how Blake showed him some "obviously faked" pictures of New Haven burning, which can't possibly be real because the Vault Hunters were protecting the placebut there's humor in there too.

Roland, I've made my decision. Thanks for the offer, but I'm not moving to Sanctuary. I'm staying right here, in Fyrestone. I was born here, and if I'm going to die, it's going to be right here, in Fyresto— Hyperion Bot: Attention, citizen of Fyrestone. Moxxi still has some hilarious lines. Hell, I'm all wet.

borderlands 2 meet scooter helmets

I spilled a drink. Before you came in. Not because you tipped me. Good god, I'm not that easy. If you tip her, you may hear her slip into a redneck accent like her two kids before reacting in horror at the realisation.

It is strange and at the same time hilarious. When Angel is asked questions about his background, all she can say is " Normally Angel is very articulate and clear, even when startled or worried. But when she says "I dunno. She even comments on what it tasted like. Lilith, it was noted, did not approve.

Please to excuse the manner of speaking of which is coming out of my face mouth to say you. Do you know where is Moxxi underboob palacio?

Main Quest When you get your first gun: When you're fighting a skyscraper-sized enemy with a gun that shoots lightning, you're going to think back to this moment and be like "heh. When fighting Knuckle Dragger, some of his minions emerge: They're coming out of the wall-sphincters! He then proceeds to stand next to the gate and shout at you not to fire until he's clear of the gate and he gives you the signal. For quite a while, even "testing" you a few times.

He never actually moves away from the gate, so your only option is to blow open the gate while Claptrap's standing next to it. When you reach the Soaring Dragon, Claptrap gives this gem: I might have tried to stage a mutiny before the flash-freeze.

Which would explain why his men are currently beating the crap out of me, right guys? When you get closer he tries to stop them by asking to talk things over. Only to give them an adequate reason to keep doing so. So beating you doesn't make you feel pain and makes us feel better! Meeting up with Lilith early in the storyline has this knee-slapper, in which the character attempts to send you over to a bandit hide out I only sent you, like, 10 feet, didn't I?

Still getting used to this. When defending the beacon in Overlook and it gets destroyed a certain number of times, someone chimes in on it: Wow, you're really bad at defending that beacon. After you survive an initiation put up by the Slab King, AKA Brick, a bandit named Sarcastic Slab appears and makes sarcastic comments while clapping for you. If you kill him, the Slab King will commend you for it.

We are soooo proud you're managed to kill our brothers and friends. You're just sooo cool. This is totally not sarcasm. In the final stage of the initiation, you can have the Slab King yell about how the Vault Hunter is slaughtering his underlings Roland gives you a note to deliver to the Slab King.

It actually has a message on it: Until you do the next quest, your character will sound like Jack for all their one-liners. Salvador even keeps his accent, and may sometimes even say a one-liner that goes something like " So that's what Jack would sound like if he had my accent. Salvador will sometimes scream out "Hey, everybody! Maya doesn't consider herself an angry person, but "if I have to speak with this fascist voice much longer, I will rip out my own voice box and stomp on it.

Commando, don't kill me! When you start the mission "Where Angels Fear To Tread," you go to find Claptrap because you need his help for the mission.

Let's go to Thousand Cuts! Very close to the end of the game, you meet up with Claptrap to finally kill Handsome Jack. This is it, minion! Our vengeance is at hand! Minion, I'm gonna get that door open so I can take care of that handsome bastard myself.

You hear me, Jack?! You killed my friends! You destroyed my product line!

borderlands 2 meet scooter helmets

Hyperion bots show up AAH! Minion, draw their fire with your face while I cloak my way over to the door controls! Claptrap attempts to open a door. The following exchange takes place: I got an idea! I'm hacking the turrets so they fight for us! Come on baby, don't be like that The turrets are fighting for us now! I actually did something! When Claptrap finally opens the door which in any other game would, judging by its size and ominous nature would conceal a giant boss that needs to be fought to proceed he discovers Jack's most devious defensive measure ever:.

And then his Long List of weaknesses: How did you know that stairs were my only weakness! Next to electrocution, and explosions, and gunfire, rust, corrosion, being kicked a lot, viruses, being called bad names, falling from great heights, drowning, adult onset diabetes, being looked at funny, heart attacks, exposure to oxygen, being turned down by women, and pet allergins!

Your brilliance is matched only by your malevolence! What sells it is the animation. Usually the dialogue would be independent of what they're actually doing and characters would cycle through a series of generic idle animations while they talked. Claptrap will actually fall limp as he sees the stairs, making it even more hilarious. Eventually, Claptrap decides to cloak so that the Vault hunters won't hear him crying.

Upon cloaking, his crying is both heard in the open and broadcast across the ECHOnet.

Meet all the characters of Borderlands 2

Inelegant Blubbering I'm so alone! Side Quest The mission briefing for 'Symbiosis': Would you care to do battle with a midget riding piggyback on a Bullymong? If your answer is yes, please go to the Southern Shelf and defeat Midge-Mong for me. If your answer is no, you are sad and I have no desire to speak with you further.

While actually doing 'Symbiosis' and fighting Midge-Mong: Ah — what an unlikely symbiotic relationship — two deadly creatures cooperating to survive this harsh environment! The mission "Do No Harm", in which the player has to assist Dr.

You will enter this area automatically during a story mission. He looks like one of the common Bedrock Bullymogs, but throws explosive barrels at you.

Donkey Mong has only one single spawn point, however, he spawns very rarely. He can also spawn at any time of day. Take note that you do not have to do any special requirements to make him spawn.

Borderlands 2 Intro: Scooter - Coub - GIFs with sound

High-Flying Hurler High-Flying Hurler Killed a flying enemy with a thrown Tediore weapon Tediore weapons have a special ability that each time you reload, your character will automatically throw the weapon don't worry it'll come back to you wherever you're currently aiming. Doing so and hitting any enemy with it, will cause a small amount of damage. The best enemy to try this on is a Rakk as they take one hit from the thrown weapon.

Plus you're in luck as they're right at the start of the game in Southern Shelf. So either do some of the side mission and hope you get a Tediore gun as loot, or buy one from the town.

Once you've got one, head open area just outside of the town and you'll see some Rakk flying about. Simply take a shot at them and they'll start to fly towards you. As one gets close, tap R to reload and hopefully you'll hit one of them. If not, just rinse and repeat until you do. How Do I Look? There are tons to collect for each Vault Hunter, so you're not limited to just 10 pieces.