Bendigo swap meet 2015

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bendigo swap meet 2015

Calendar of Swap Meets, Antique & Collectables Fairs, Markets & Rallies, if you can Jan 27 , Centre State Swap Meet, Bendigo Race Course, Heinze St. Nov 11, Tweet. Facebook. of. Bendigo Swap Meet flashbacks | Photos. ​What bargains have you found over the years at the swap meet?. The next Bendigo Swap is Saturday and Sunday November Prince of.

Eventually the stall holders would be ready for him, saying: While there have been subtle changes over the years, plenty of people still wander around wearing that ultimate fashion accessory — the cardboard sign. Like body armour — held together with string front and back asking anyone who has Whippet or Marmon parts to stop them and chat away.

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In the entire global history of swap meets, has anyone ever found anything by wearing a sign? Endlessly optimistic Renault Fregate and Simca vendors advertise their hopeless causes alongside hapless trustees of other orphans like Morris Marinas and even the appalling Datsun Y.

bendigo swap meet 2015

Does it occur to them that the effort and cost involved in fixing these duds is no less than is required for something worth preserving? Something you could enjoy driving when the job is done? Yes, for sure, there are stall holders who wheel out the same trailer of rust flakes each year expecting someone to shout "Eureka" as they scratch through. There are sellers who pile rubbish into nondescript lumps of greasy gears, worn tie rods and broken chrome from mysterious vehicles of unknown provenance.

If you recognised anything, you win the prize. If the stub axle poking out yells " Chrysler" and you happen to have that car missing that stub axle then hooray — you have found a real nugget.

bendigo swap meet 2015

But that is not what typically happens. It is a social outing for most of us, a chance to observe others sharing our little niche and suffering the symptoms of the same mild disorder.

Most of all, I love the oddities that turn up.

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The hand built scale steam train from a deceased estate. I never go home empty-handed.

bendigo swap meet 2015

George Lansell is credited with introducing the diamond drill to quartz mining in Australia. With his two brothers, Wootten and William, George first settled in Adelaide and worked at his butchers, soap and candle manufacturers trade.

The next Bendigo Swap is this coming Saturday and Sunday 17-18 November 2018

In the three brothers walked to Bendigo and set up their trade again. The business grew so much they had to move the boiling-down works to a less offensive position away from the developing town. George began investing in small quartz-mining companies, learning as he went but generally losing on his investments.

George realised that the methods of quartz-mining were inefficient but he persisted in the industry.

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The tide turned ina disastrous year for Bendigo. His persistence paid off with new-found reefs. In the early s he made a fortune from the Garden Gully mine, where he pushed his mine shafts down to over feet m and found lode after rich lode and became a millionaire.

Sir John Quick was a lawyer, Arbitration Commission judge and politician who saw the importance of the Australian colonies uniting to form a single nation. His great contribution was to cut through the tangled webs of politics and self-interest, and to point the way to an appropriate conclusion.

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He was a key figure in getting Australian Federation underway, a self-made man and a very active freemason. InVahland was one of the founding members of the Bendigo Land and Building Society, the institution that was eventually to grow into the Bendigo Bank.

bendigo swap meet 2015