Ability meet deadlines selection criteria examples

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ability meet deadlines selection criteria examples

Here's information on time management skills, why employer value them, well are more productive, more efficient, and more likely to meet deadlines. Analyzing processes and selecting the simplest way to accomplish a. How to demonstrate your ability against popular government selection criteria. If a criterion asks about your ability to do something, give an example of and use support systems to alleviate stress; Demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines . The selection criteria are your chance to prove that you can meet all these requirements better For example, if you can demonstrate good “planning” skills in your current or past positions, .. Balances quality of work with meeting deadlines.

These included white board for big picture, Gantt chart for milestones, log of all important emails to recall task details and needs quickly, and hardcopy notebook with reminder dates and milestones keyed out of context with the task.

In my previous role, I frequently encountered competing client priorities and managed them accordingly. Many clients had deadlines for the procurement of items and required advice regarding procurement options and legislative requirements within a certain timeframe in order to complete their procurement. I made well-informed decisions as to the priority of clients based on their deadlines and the importance of the procurement. For example, if a client required advice regarding the procurement of an item for an overseas operation, I allocated this task a higher priority than a client requiring advice on the procurement of a new photocopier.

Once I have made a determination regarding client priority, I informed them of turnaround time, explained any delays or higher priority issues and then make an appointment with them at a later date to discuss the issues and viable strategies to counter them. Annie Cerone My business slogan is: It's all about marketing YOU.

ability meet deadlines selection criteria examples

My job is to market you in the best possible manner so that you make an instant impact and a positive first impression in a matter of seconds; with the primary objective of helping you to advance in a very competitive job market! I am passionate about the work that I do and the proven quality of written products I develop such as resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and so forth; and other services provided such as career guidance very often this service is provided free-of-chargejob interview coaching sessions, job market skills presentations, and so forth.

My services have been instrumental in facilitating progression and advancement for the majority of my clients. As a result, I am rewarded with both repeat and referral business, and have a reputation in the industry as a consummate professional. Ability to prioritise work and meet expected deadlines Administration Assistant Application I am a highly organised individual with the ability to maintain accuracy and work to strict deadlines.

An example of this occurred recently at Betta Letters when one of the supervisors needed a number of letters to be inserted into envelopes and ready to be mailed out on the same day. This was an urgent job and the short notice made it difficult for the task to be completed on time.

To resolve this issue, I negotiated with my supervisor for me to stay back and work late in order to ensure that the machine had inserted the correspondence into the envelopes in time for this deadline. I also renegotiated some other work with a less than urgent deadline in order to leave room for this task to be completed.

ability meet deadlines selection criteria examples

The supervisor was very impressed with my ability to resolve his problem of getting these letters completed on time and I received positive feedback for my organisational ability as a result. When faced with a time sensitive task, I convert the goal into an achievable task and set a work schedule.

This forward planning approach ensures I meet all the deadlines and job responsibilities of my role as per Key Performance Indicators. Below is an example of how you might answer this criterion. Use your brainstorm from earlier to help you come up with some of your own examples.

These have been developed at school where I frequently work in teams and communicate verbally in giving presentations in class.

My written communication skills have been developed in completing school assignments. I received an excellent result of an A in my Grade 11 English subject which identifies that I have an exceptional ability in this area.

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An example of my verbal communication and interpersonal skills is illustrated in my recent involvement in the organising committee for an old scholars reunion.

On the day I assisted the teaching staff to show the old scholars around the school, I used verbal communication skills to advise the old scholars of the changes made to the school and in introducing them to other students and teachers. My interpersonal skills were developed whilst working on the committee for this reunion. We had to make many decisions and work as a team in making those decisions. I found this an extremely rewarding experience. An example of my written communication skills is demonstrated in my recent work experience.

I developed a letter to be sent out to clients and then mailed these letters out. My work experience supervisor was extremely pleased with the quality of the letter I produced and commended me in my final report, saying that I had done an exceptional job in developing and distributing the letter.

I believe I have the ability to communicate with many different people and have the interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills that are required to be successful in this role. Demonstrated ability to achieve results at the individual level and as a member of a dynamic team.

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This criterion is looking for your ability to work in a team as well as working independently. As most team environments are dynamic and subject to constant change you should also try to highlight your adaptability in new and different situations and environments. School work requires the ability to work independently, for example in study for exams and in individual assignment and the ability to work as a team, for example in sport and in team assignments or when studying as a group. I decided to get input from other players so interviewed them and used excerpts from these conversations in my final written piece.

I also sought feedback from the team captain and from my English teacher as I was writing the report to make sure I was on the right track. The report was extremely successful and I received positive feedback from the team, our coach and my English teacher who all said it was an extremely entertaining piece of writing.

An example of my team work skills occurred recently when I worked in a group of 6 people on a school science project.

ability meet deadlines selection criteria examples

We firstly had to decide on a project topic as we were allowed to select this as a group and then assigned tasks for each person in the team. We then worked individually on these tasks and collaborated with the group once they were completed. We then compiled the project report and presented it to our class. This team worked well because we communicated clearly and effectively and kept each other up to date on how we were each progressing. This was an extremely positive experience and I believe gave me excellent exposure to how a team can operate when all team members work together.

I believe my ability to work individually and as a member of a team is exceptional. The skills I have developed would be directly transferable to this role. You might, at the end of your address of the selection criteria, like to write a closing statement, summing up what has been said in your address and your enthusiasm for the role. For You might, at the end of your address of the selection criteria, like to write a closing statement, summing up what has been said in your address and your enthusiasm for the role.

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In conclusion I would like to add that I believe I possess all the required skills for this role, I also possess an exceptional attitude and have the ability to learn new processes and procedures quickly and easily. I am extremely keen to develop my administrative skills and believe this role will allow me the opportunity to do this, providing me with a good basis to commence my career.

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