48th inter iit sports meet 2012 olympics

48th INTER IIT SPORTS MEET , Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

The 48th Inter IIT Sports Meet Following is link to this event http://www. animesost.info JOIN if you are coming, but if you. Athletics also carries the mantle of being the Inter IIT Sports Meet's leading . 50th Inter IIT Sports Meet Women's team: semi-finalists,48th Inter IIT Sports Sports Meet (Guwahati) Girls team Winners: Inter IIT Sports Meet We not only routinely participate in other prestigious competitions like Assam Olympics. It is commonly referred to as the Inter-IIT Sports Meet. Calli. Dec 6, It is a kind of mini Olympics, where there are sports ranging from the most popular such as Football,Cricket +IIT Roorkee will be hosting 48th Inter-IIT meet this year.


Inter-IIT — The Scholars' Avenue

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