Wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

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wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

Criminal Minds (TV Show) · Red Light — (TV Show) · Girl Meets Farkle's Choice — Wreck-It-Ralph (Movie) Sargeant Calhoun Rio (Movie). A TV show/movie convention, is also the opportunity to participate to many activities during the event: quizz, lottery, karaoke while meeting new people. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (TV Series) Mr. Priest The Adventures of Puss in Boots (TV Series) Uli . Wreck-It Ralph.

To the point where he tells Ralph "I don't need to do boo" and immediately apologizes for his "potty mouth. Felix's hammer can heal himself outside his own game. Heart Is an Awesome Power: Felix's base power is fixing, which he usually only puts to use on his building. It turns out that it can be quite versatile, being able to fix injuriesfix cars without any previous knowledge of mechanics, etc. It is unstated at the end, but it doesn't take a genius to work out who fixed the newly-inserted refugees' code to work as well in his home game's new bonus level as original code would do.

Felix learned a few things fixing what Turbo and Ralph almost wrecked.

wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

Of his game; his job is to fix the building that Ralph is wrecking. If the gamer wins, Felix will get a medal and a kiss on the cheek from Mary. A Hero to His Hometown: Everyone in his game loves him. Outside the game, he's mistrusted and put into dangerous situations.

wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

Felix sticks around Sugar Rush during the climax, even though his only weapon is a Healing Shivbecause he's determined to help Calhoun and Vanellope.

Though, his healing weapon can repair Calhoun's weapons, so he isn't completely useless. As a contrast to Ralph, Felix is a very polite, can-do guy who works tirelessly for the sake of others. Make him a bit taller and leaner, and you've got Jack McBrayer in a hat and handyman uniform. He also fits in terms of personality.

Felix did not realize how unsatisfied Ralph was with his situation until he gets a taste of it himself. That Ralph is a Nice Guy and was so overly polite that he never says anything about it directly didn't help matters though it also seemed like they didn't talk that much, as their early interactions sometimes had an awkward feel to them. You don't know what it's like to be rejected and treated like a criminal!

wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

That's every day of my life. He can fix anything, including injuries from a flurry of punches to his face. Despite being The Hero of his game, his role in the film to be a foil for Ralph and a second focus.

He gets his hammer from his dad, who presumably was the original Fix-It Felix.

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Love at First Punch: He's pretty smitten with Calhoun after she had just shot at and kicked him in the gut. When Felix comes down on Ralph when he rescues him, it's less because of the trouble he caused and more because of Calhoun's rejection of him. Once he starts falling for Calhoun. She gives him the "honeyglow.

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Felix's hammer can fix anything, right down to his face. Unfortunately, that's all it does. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: He uses a hammer that heals things, while Calhoun uses a gun that kills things. While they're both shown as adults, Felix's game has been plugged in for 30 years longer than Calhoun has. The "Fix-It" part of his name also counts, seeing as fixing things is his entire life.

He explains to Sergeant Calhoun what the phrase "Going Turbo" means. Justified since Calhoun's game just got plugged in a week prior to the events of the movie. His hammer allows Felix to magically fix anything, even himself. Despite being a tiny, skinny-armed little guy, he's able to hold Calhoun who's twice his height and covered in armor with one arm and hang onto a piece of Laffy Taffy — supporting the weight of both of them — with the other.

She's noticeably both surprised and impressed. Nice Character, Mean Actor: In fact, he is the only character in their game who treats Ralph with respect from the start. Felix was programmed to be the ultimate "good guy".

wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

He is charming, warm, gregarious, and well-loved all throughout the arcade, and more specifically, the in-game neighborhood of Niceland. One that isn't too dissimilar to Mario's, either.

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Has quite a few of these momentsparticularly owing to the fact that he's not used to such a violent and weird environment — the closest he gets is Ralph smashing the building every game, and that's fixed at the end of every game anyway. Has one in the end of the movie that is quickly turned around when Calhoun grabs him by his shirt in a threatening manner and then proceeds to kiss him.

She's a Statuesque Stunnerhe's half her height at best. She's a hardcore badass, he's an "aww shucks" kind of guy. It's literally Felix's power: Unfortunately, this makes trying to be destructive a counterproductive task, at best. Person of Mass Construction: In the ending, he constructs a small village in the time it takes Ralph to build one hut.

Unlike the Nicelanders, who are a bunch of jerkasses to Ralph, Felix's major flaw is his inability to be a mediator between the two parties. He has no control over the hammer's powers, seen when his attempt to use it to break the jail bars causes them to grow thicker. Albeit one who loves his job and would be one off-hours as well, given he heads up the search for Ralph when he goes missing. Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue to Ralph's red.

Felix tends to be more polite to a faultwhile Ralph himself admits that he has a bit of a short fuse. When he grabs Calhoun out of the Nesquik Sand via a Laffy Taffy, it gives the audience the first big impression she might start to fall for him, as her previous indications during their first meeting were ambiguous.

During the course of their adventure, she falls for Felix. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The credits show him sporting an uncharacteristically scary grin illuminated by gunfire, no less while pulling a Back-to-Back Badasses with Calhoun. In order to stop Wreck-it Ralph from going through other games and bring him back home, he has to go through those same games himself and even bring Calhoun with him.

His cap has the letters "FF" on it. FF is hexadecimal forthe cap on values that can be stored in 8 bits. He is the main character of his game, but he is only the Tritagonist in the film. That Makes Me Feel Angry: When he catches up with Ralph after a miserable and exhausting chase, all he can say is "I'm so cross with you!

wreck it ralph meet the cast of criminal minds

Calhoun is twice as tall as Felix, although she is rather small in her own game. In his game, it gives him invincibility. He calls his Luminescent Blush a "honeyglow". Does one of these to avoid bullets at one point. The guy's tiny and an accidental bump from Ralph temporarily kills him it's in their game, so he respawnsbut he can use his hammer so well and he's athletic enough to fix the building on a daily basis.

These individuals who dedicate their lives to being a mascot will stop at nothing to be the best. She also talked about her upcoming Christmas album, the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, returning to the CBS series Criminal Minds, and what gets her to say yes to doing a role. How did you find out that this was going to happen and how much time did you have to figure out what you wanted to do with this character?

He told me that I had a problem with Ed Begley, Jr. We just saw each other on the set, and then we did it. I was hearing the thing about the micro-penis and the Tom Thumb Society, for the very first time, while the camera was on me, and it was a Herculean task to not laugh.

Is it often difficult not to crack up when you hear things like that, for the first time? Sometimes it is, yeah. It was so well-crafted. His whole character came out in a four-minute diatribe, with one line after the other. It was just amazing. With such a crazy world to work in, what sort of research did you do for this and how did you decide who you wanted this woman to be? Nobody wants to be ordinary, and these are really just ordinary people with really nothing exceptional about them, but they fancy themselves special.

Nobody wants to be just an ordinary person, and these are ordinary people who wish they were extraordinary, which is why we laugh so much. Did you see all of the performance numbers while they were happening? Yes, because we were judging them. We got to watch all of them. They took it very seriously, but the judges also took it very seriously. There was criteria and requirements that needed to be met, and a level of excellence that needed to be met.

You should see the judge sheets. The prop people are so fantastic. Our prop sheets that we used to judge were double-sided, so that you could check things off and make notes.

We took it very seriously. Image via Netflix Does Gabby Monkhouse take it all even more seriously than the rest? Is she a harsher judge because she had to give up her mascot dreams?

Yes, she takes it very seriously. She takes it as seriously as she did when she was a mascot.

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So, the thing with the poo did not please her, at all. It was in bad taste. It was a cheap joke.