Why is meet the spartans rated pg 13

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why is meet the spartans rated pg 13

Meet the Spartans. MPAA Rating: PGRating (MPAA) for crude and sexual content throughout, language and some comic violence. Reviewed by: Jene Allen. Why is Meet the Spartans rated PG? The PG rating is for crude and sexual content throughout, language and some comic violenceLatest news about. Ken Davitian in Meet the Spartans () Kevin Sorbo in Meet the Spartans . Rated PG for crude and sexual content throughout, language and some comic .

An overweight man with many rolls of fat is shown nearly nude in many scenes we see his bare chest, abdomen and legs, and chains and rings dangle around his body.

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Several men pull down their pants to reveal bare buttocks they appear to be covered with hair or dirt, although it is not clear. A woman wears a short top and short skirt that reveal cleavage, bare abdomen and bare thighs.

Many men wear small leather loincloth-type shorts throughout the movie they are bare-chested. We see bare baby buttocks as they are stamped after inspection.

why is meet the spartans rated pg 13

A man holds a leaf blower between his legs and a woman blows him a kiss. A woman caresses a spear seductively.

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Men hold hands, skip and sing. Two male dead bodies lie on top of each other, one with its face in the other's crotch and vice versa.

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A man looks at another man carrying a box, he says, "he has a huge package" and asks yet another man for an introduction. A husband tells his wife that she should move on if he dies, he says he'd "play the field" if she died and that he has always wanted to have sex with a heavy set woman he uses crude terms.

A man says of another man: A man pulls on a chain attached to a nipple ring, the ring pulls off along with his nipple, and he then staples the nipple back with a staple gun. An elderly woman strikes a boy, the boy falls down, the boy punches the woman in the face and we see her dentures fly out of her mouth.

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A man punches a boy in the face he falls to the ground. A woman punches a man in the face we hear a crunch. A woman is given a very rough massage, we hear crunching and we see the masseuse jumping on top of her. A man is stabbed in the forehead with a hypodermic needle labeled Botox and falls back onto the ground. Many people are forced to jump off a high cliff and into water below. Two armies charge toward each other, crash together and fall to the ground. A woman is struck in the head with a large shield she falls to the ground.

A man holds a sword to a man's throat. A woman is struck in the head by a laptop thrown by a man she falls to the ground unconscious. A blind man punches a man standing near him and then walks into a rock wall. A man with a fire extinguisher puts out a flaming skeleton. She does some sexy dancing for Leonidas this is when they first meetincluding suggestively bending over.

why is meet the spartans rated pg 13

She then tells him to sign her "rack" chest, and he does, with her saying they're real. She then writes some numbers on his bare chest, adding that they're the combination for her chastity belt that she then reveals, in close-up, on top of her panty-style bottom.

Leonidas French kisses a male messenger, stating that's how they greet men in Sparta while just "high-fiving" women. As Leonidas describes this, we see two stereotypically gay-looking young men standing together. Queen Margo then says that she digs "big black dudes" the messenger is blackand the messenger delivers Xerxes' message that the Spartan women will become Xerxes' sex slaves. Leonidas later catches the messenger and Queen Margo making out, clothed and standing, with the messenger telling Leonidas, "Your wife's a ho.

As Leonidas describes his military plan regarding the Persians to some old prophets, they laugh when he says he's going to "take them in the rear" and then "reach around and take them from the front" prompting one prophet to state that it sounds like back-stage at an Elton John concert.

We see a full nude rear view of Leonidas standing in a doorway, with several women laughing at him. One states that he looks like a Ken doll, and he says it's cold as we see a close-up view of his genital-free crotch made to look like that on such a doll. Leonidas looks at writing on Queen Margo's skin that says "Leonidas was here. Leonidas asks Queen Margo if she wants to "do it," she says like they've never "done it" before, and we then see close-up views of what initially appears to be an intimate and sensual sexual encounter heavy breathing, bare skin, some movement, etc.

But we then see that it's really just Leonidas bench-pressing Queen Margo who's wearing the equivalent of a tube top and a sarongand he tosses her aside when he's done. Leonidas then goes over to the somewhat overweight Dilio, comments on his nice "man boobs" and then proceeds to grope them.

Leonidas passionately kisses Captain as a greeting, has his hand on his shoulder, looks at his crotch, and plays with his hair, all of which makes Captain uncomfortable. Spotting Sonio approaching, Leonidas says, "He's got a huge package," but we then see that the young man is carrying a large box in front of him.

A woman turns around, lifts her bottom and states, "You can kiss my fat ass.

why is meet the spartans rated pg 13

We see a poster of Sonio, slightly reclined back and holding his sword, with the pose making that appear phallic. Leonidas tells Queen Margo that if she died, he'd play the field, adding that he's always wanted to "do" a "fat chick.

A Paris Hilton look-alike says she wants to be a Spartan warrior, and asks the men if they've seen her video referring to a real-life Internet sex tapeand suggestively runs her hand up and down on a spear shaft.

Meet the Spartans

Following a battle, the Spartans drink beer in a mock beer commercial, with the announcer commenting on their war mongering and latent homosexual behavior, all as Leonidas downs some erectile dysfunction pills.

We see several views aerial and side of Queen Margo lying fully nude on a massage table. She has tomato slices cover her nipples prompting one man to state, "Nice tomatoes" and a slice of pizza covering her crotch. As she turns over, we see her bare back, as well as brief and partial views of the side of her bare breast.