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turbo meet the crew team

Meet The Crew Tommi Mäkinen – Toyota Gazoo Racing World Rally Team We had an issue with the turbo with Mads this morning. Meet the members of the 'Turbo' crew here: Chet. TURBO BROTHERS. Chet voiced by Paul Giamatti. Chet, also known as "Mr. Safety," is. Turbo FAST. The Greatest Snail Bobsledding Team Ever. Turbo FAST. Wild Pete. Turbo FAST. Cat-apult Deuce Meets Edvard Daniella Monet on Turbo.

In the game, a crew of characters has to perform stunts to build up their skills and win challenges. Played as a snail, the game allows players to race against time and collect tomatoes to earn upgrades.

turbo meet the crew team

The website's consensus reads, "It's nowhere near as inventive as its off-the-wall premise might suggest, but Turbo boasts just enough colorful visual thrills and sharp voice acting to recommend as undemanding family-friendly fare. Mercifully, the characters and the comedy are just sophisticated enough to keep their minders from drifting off.

Scott of The New York Times gave the film three out of five stars, saying "Even in the absence of originality, there is fun to be had, thanks to some loopy, clever jokes and a lively celebrity voice cast. Kids aren't a very demanding audience. If there's color, movement, and a high quotient of silliness, they're happy. A sort-of escargot-meets-"Cars" adventure, it has some sharp vocal turns and remains fun even when its inventiveness runs out of gas. Jackson and Snoop Dogg the easiest paychecks they'll ever make, and its corporate overlords the chance to sell a few toys.

But the film picks up when the racing snails come back onscreen, thanks to the adorable character design, with expressive use of those googly eyes, and especially to the voice talent. Dowd of The A. Club gave the film a B—, saying "For all its chronic familiarity, the movie has its minor pleasures, many of them visual.

turbo meet the crew team

I think we need to get tomorrow out of the way first if you see what has happened on the first two days. But, there is no question that if Ott wins it will be very difficult.

For sure, we will not give up and will keep on fighting right until it is possible or not. Elfyn has been a real team player out there today.

turbo meet the crew team

Definitely the team person of the day? He has been working on cars all his life and has been with this car since we started the testing. He knows the car probably as good as any of the engineers. He knows what to do. Pierre, a difficult day for the team. You lost two cars out there today.

Meet The Crew

There was smoke in the car and then he started to work on the car after the stage finished and it caught alight and was completely destroyed.

I am learning a lot this year. I did not think that so many events could happen. The problem is it is difficult to do any analysis. So I will not say anything on this because we do not know really. They managed to have no smoke in the car and the temperature was going down and then, suddenly, they had a fire.

Mads left us this morning. What can you tell us about this?

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We had an issue with the turbo with Mads this morning. This was quite similar to the one we had yesterday with Khalid Al-Qassimi. We are in the same situation for both.

Turbo's crew: Fastest snails in town

Mads will be back tomorrow. Ott, what a day. You lead by 13 seconds after another challenging day. Did you believe that you could be in the lead at the end of the day? We have seen what the conditions have been like. Its been so tricky and very demanding. Today was less rough than yesterday but the roads were demanding with a slippery surface.

We knew from the beginning that this is not the event where the fastest guy is winning. I am not the fastest guy but we are here and we are happy. The target was to make it through with no stops in the stages.

There are still some jobs to do. How do you feel as a driver when you see so much drama around you? Does it make you want to ease off a little bit? I have not been looking too much.

Turbo Fast

We have had our own issues and I have been focusing on that. I tried to keep it going. I know that if it goes like this tomorrow a lot of things might change. Our approach for the moment will be the same for tomorrow to bring the car home. Jari-Matti, we asked about team orders.

What are your thoughts? I must say it is a long time since I had a chance of winning. In Sweden last year, so the passion is there to go for the win.

Now we are in a different situation.

turbo meet the crew team

I have not had a good season and am quite far behind in the points. From a personal side I cannot gain anything.

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Ott is in a very good position for the championship on a personal level because Seb and Thierry are out. If he can score maximum points he will be fighting for the title. We also need these points to get closer to Hyundai.

As you are staying with Toyota next year, you want to be a bit of a team player dont you? That is the game you know.