The relationship of radiocontrast iodine and seafood allergies

Relationship of Radiocontrast, Iodine, and Seafood Allergies - REBEL EM - Emergency Medicine Blog

the relationship of radiocontrast iodine and seafood allergies

However, the medical professionals who perpetuate the iodine-shellfish- radiocontrast allergy drive me batty because they either don't. Patients are frequently asked about iodine or seafood allergy before IV contrast . Witting M. The relationship of radiocontrast, iodine, and seafood allergies: a. J Emerg Med. Nov;39(5) doi: /animesost.infoed Epub Jan 4. The relationship of radiocontrast, iodine, and seafood allergies : a.

I have a severe shellfish allergy. I had an anaphylactic reaction to the gadolinium or whatever it was and they had to pull me out of the MRI and dose me with antihistamines. The antihistamines knocked me out in mid-sentence with the doctor.

When it came time for my angiogram, they went back to the iodine-containing dye and loaded me up with steroids and antihistamines beforehand. Granted, I have a well-documented history of reacting badly to, well, everything, but still, I did make it through the angiogram.

Is there some kind of test to say whether I would react to the regular, iodine-containing contrast dye? I would think it would be a pretty basic thing to want to test for, considering how much doctors like imagining things. Posted by Angelique October 11, In some cases, like an ACE inhibitor causing coughing, it is not an allergy but is at least a side effect that may keep the patient from taking the drug. To me, a worse problem is when a patient is forever prevented from taking a drug that might actually help them because they had a side effect caused by being given too high a dose e.

Radiocontrast, Iodine and Seafood Allergies

October 14,7: Many years ago I had a blood test done where they wiped my arm with betadine before inserting the needle and again afterwards. It caused my arm to swell up. About a week later I needed a CT scan with contrast. They asked about an iodine allergy and I mentioned the reaction to the betadine.

the relationship of radiocontrast iodine and seafood allergies

As a precaution they used the alternate one for people allergic to iodine. Shortly afterwards as I was getting dressed I noticed my eye was itching but thought it was a piece of hair irritating it.

The relationship of radiocontrast, iodine, and seafood allergies: a medical myth exposed.

I then went to the Dr to get the results and he noticed my whole eye was jelly like and my throat was bothering me. This reaction was very quickly.

the relationship of radiocontrast iodine and seafood allergies

Several years before this I tried eating shrimp but felt really weird so did not finish eating it. At this point no one will give me any contrast for tests. I am told they do not want to take a chance giving it to me. Posted by Jeanette Bossaller January 31, I will be hospitalized. Every form effects me. Posted by Celeste January 21, Everyone has iodine in their body. You cannot be allergic to it. You have it in you right now as you are reading this.

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However, you can be allergic to the additives in the skin prep or topical iodine. It is well proven that reaction to shellfish is tropomyosin, not iodine.

the relationship of radiocontrast iodine and seafood allergies

You can be allergic to tropomyosin and it can be very dangerous. Jen Gunter January 28, Since then, however, have experienced hives a number of times including this evening after having sushi and seafood. Might the MRI dye have triggered a sensitivity, or something along those lines?

A week ago I had a bad case around my abdomen that lasted several days. I attributed it to a probiotic I had started taking, and they did subside when I stopped the probiotic. Thanks so much for your help! Posted by Bettina Pearl November 6,7: Thank you so much, I am reading all about me on this page.

I have this, and all these years I and everyone else thought I was crazy- I have severe anaphylactoid reaction to injected dyes, just had one today. Tried to convince doctor that I probably would have a problem, he brushed it off said no one in his entire experience ever had a problem, I had a severe reaction, scared the you know what out of him, I was a first.

I also often got mad at myself and doctors for not knowing what was going on with me. Posted by Julie Wall November 9,6: I am getting older and would LOVE to dye my hair, but the last time was so bad. These newer radiocontrast agents are termed low-osmolarity contrast media LOCM.

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  • The relationship of radiocontrast, iodine, and seafood allergies: a medical myth exposed.
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Is iodine allergy fact or fiction? The cause of anaphylactoid reactions from radiocontrast is not from the iodine, but thought to be from the hyperosmolarity compared to blood What is the difference between anaphylaxis versus anaphylactoid reactions? After exposure to an allergen, the immune system becomes sensitized by creating IgE specific to that allergen. When re-exposed, the allergen-IgE complex causes mast cells and basophils to degranulate, releasing histamines.

Exposure to an allergen causes mast cells and basophils to degranulate from direct stimulation and there is no IgE-mediated immune system triggering, so pre-exposure to an allergen is not needed to trigger these reactions. Radiocontrast can cause this type of reaction. Both types of reactions can cause a similar clinical picture: Patients with ANY allergies not just seafood allergieshaving a previous reaction to a contrast agent, or evidence of atopy i. Steroid premedication has not been shown to decrease rate of severe reactions i.

Seafood allergy confers the same risk of radiocontrast reaction as: ANY allergies not just seafood allergies Having a previous reaction to a contrast agent Evidence of atopy i. Low-Osmolar Contrast Media LOCM has significantly reduced the number of severe reactions to radiocontrast Premedication with steroids has not been shown to decrease the number of severe allergic reactions to radiocontrast References: Beaty AD et al.

Seafood Allergy and Radiocontrast Media: Are Physicians Propagating a Myth?