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the mechanic 2011 ending relationship

Now the ending of this version of 'The Mechanic' didn't completely ruin the movie but it is had sex with prostitutes as a substitute for a real relationship with a real person. We can't even compare the action, this being , that being "The Mechanic" tells a story as old as “Hamlet” in a style as new as unbaked bread. What's the point? An intriguing plot is established, a new. Brian Salisbury | January 28, It also had an ending I did not at all expect; I loved it. When I heard the upcoming Jason Statham film was a remake, I had to see it. The Mechanic is one Arthur Bishop (Statham), the world's most effective hit man. off one another while also selling the mentor/mentoree relationship.

But when cooler, more objective rationale prevailed, it became apparent that The Mechanic is not only a solid actioner in its own right, but a commendable remake of the original film. I just needed to quell each individual gripe. Where the remake makes changes in the narrative are indicative of the cliches of modern action films. In fact, the cliches in The Mechanic are so apparent that they allow for exact identification where it may have been harder to pinpoint in other films.

The Mechanic – Chronicles of Illusions

The insane acrobatics, the hypersexualization, the incessant all-purposing of technology, and moody montages serving as character development with a barrage of soundtrack fodder whored ad nauseum. But mostly these are superficial touch-ups designed to attract modern audiences to the material.

More than that, despite how hackneyed they seem, these cliches work for this film. They are woven in on the exact beats to produce an incredibly well-paced, slickly entertaining film. This is not a film that borders on PG to attract an even wider audience, on the contrary it fully embraces its R-rating. The fight scenes are incredibly brutal and every punch lands with gut-wrenching force. The last movie to feature cringe-inducing violence like this was Taken.

‘The Mechanic’ Review: Cringe-Inducing Brutality Worthy of Charles Bronson

As I absolutely loved Taken, this definitely intended as as compliment. There was a part of me that despised the fact that the remake let the audience in on the surprise ending earlier than the original.

But as much as that part of me wanted to spit on the ground and call this one a loss, it does actually lend a nice bit of tension to the film that I thoroughly enjoyed. The fact that Foster still ends up getting his comeuppance allows for the song to remain the same even if a few of the preceding notes have been changed.

The story is decent and the fight scenes are incredible. But it would be slander to call The Mechanic a mindless action film.

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Dean says that only he and Harry knew the details of the mission, and that Harry had been paid for the contract details. Reluctantly, Bishop kills Harry with the latter's own gun and makes it look like a carjacking. At the funeral, Bishop meets Harry's reckless son Steve. Bishop stops Steve from trying to kill a would-be carjacker in a misguided attempt at cathartic vengeance.

Steve convinces Bishop to train him as a mechanic.

the mechanic 2011 ending relationship

Adopting a chihuahuahe instructs Steve to take the dog with him to a coffee shop each day at the same time. As Steve settles into a routine, Bishop escalates training, taking him to observe a contract killing.

The Mechanic

The target is Burke, a mechanic for another agency who frequents the same coffee shop. Burke's only weaknesses are his interests in young men and small dogs. Burke makes a move on Steve and invites him out for drinks. Bishop instructs Steve to slip a large dose of Rohypnol into Burke's drink to cause an overdose.

the mechanic 2011 ending relationship

Steve ignores the instructions and goes with Burke to his apartment. When Burke begins to undress, Steve attempts to strangle him with a belt as he had seen Bishop do on a former assignment.

The Mechanic, review

Burke fights back, using his size advantage and experience, but Steve manages to kill Burke after much effort and a lengthy fight. Dean expresses his disapproval of Bishop's having involved Steve, which violated the rules of the contract arrangement, but Bishop says that Harry and his arrangement were for price only, and Harry had left the details up to Bishop. Bishop's next contract is to kill cult leader Andrew Vaughn. They plan to inject their victim with adrenaline to simulate a heart attackfor which the paramedics would administer a fatal dose of epinephrine.

While Bishop and Steve are preparing for the hit, Vaughn's doctor arrives, and he sets Vaughn up with an IV of ketaminewhich will inhibit the adrenaline's effects.

the mechanic 2011 ending relationship

The hit men decide to suffocate him instead, but are discovered after killing Vaughn and are forced into a shootout with the guards, after which the hit men slip away and fly home separately.

At the airport, Bishop sees a supposed victim of the mission that Harry allegedly sold out. He confronts the other mechanic, who tells Bishop that he was paid by Dean to kill the other mechanics in South Africa and fake his death, so that Dean could engineer the failed mission to cover up his own shady dealings.