The ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

Quote by William Shakespeare: “The ides of March are come. Soothsayer: Ay, Cae”

the ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

Torn between his loyalty to Caesar and his allegiance to the state, Brutus She warns Caesar against going to the Senate on the Ides of March, since she has. EXISTIMATIO, FAMA, AND THE IDES OF MARCH. ZvI YAVETZ . Loyalty toward their superiors a duties were, of . Loyalty of (influential) friends is important but the feelings of (com- desk,62 and quotations from Homer and from the Greek tragedians . to Alexandria might win credibility owing to his relationship with. See how the different characters in Julius Caesar are linked together and how their relationships change over the course of the play. See them in family groups .

He dislikes the fact that Caesar has become like a king in the eyes of the Roman citizens and leads his friend Brutus to believe that Caesar must die. He is impulsive and deceptive, sending Brutus forged letters to convince him to murder Caesar. He is shrewd and understands how the political world works but his friendship with Brutus means a lot to him. Despite never believing in omens, he starts to see signs of failure and loses confidence. When he senses defeat in battle, he knows it is time to die and kills himself with the blade that stabbed Caesar.

Facts we learn about Cassius at the start of the play: He does not think Caesar deserves the power he has got. He once saved Caesar from drowning and considers him physically weak. His dislike of Caesar appears to be more personal than that of Brutus.

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He wants Brutus to believe these things too. Such men are dangerous. The last of all the Romans, fare thee well. He begins the play as a victorious leader returning from battle. The people of Rome even offer to make him king and he seems to enjoy his power, even though he refuses the crown. Seen as too ambitious by the conspirators, he is eventually murdered by them to protect Rome and its ideals as a republic.

Facts we learn about Caesar at the start of the play: He has led an army to victory over Pompey. He is the last of the three men who formed the triumvirate. He is married to Calphurnia and they have no children.

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But I just get the feeling that they are great at playing every part the same way. It's entertaining, but hardly surprising or astonishing. That's why it's only a 7. Gosling and Clooney are both fantastic, as usual.

I could not name the last sub-par film either actor has done recently. Well written, well directed, well acted. One of the best of This gives the film a constant and steadily increasing sense of tension and as the plot progresses it feels like this house of cards may be about to topple whichThe plot of the film revolves around the race for Idaho in democratic primaries.

This gives the film a constant and steadily increasing sense of tension and as the plot progresses it feels like this house of cards may be about to topple which makes for a good story line.

the ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

Add to this campaign manager Gosling having to juggle his morals when asked to leave the governor he loves for the side hat will surely win the race. It would be difficult to chose a stand out as everyone is amazing; Gosling does his typical acting with few words when necessary, Clooney is charismatic and yet feels at times volatile, and Paul Giamatii just feels greasy and sleazy.

Credit should also go to the writers as the managed to make a subject i find difficult and slightly boring easy to understand and gripping. If there were a problem I had with this film it was the fact that the film implies there is no good to be found in politics and that in the end it all seems to repeat which felt forced.

Rating 8 out of 10 A great political film if slightly pessimistic. Still I'd vote for Clooney… Expand 1 of 1 users found this helpful10 7 The3AcademySins Nov 18, This review contains spoilers, click expand to view.

George Clooney: a Julius Caesar for our times

Clooney also directed the film, and his direction is immaculate. For being a 7 year old drama, it looks very good! In today's political climate, the story feels almost quaint.

the ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

Trump has cast such a shadow over the American political system that it is almost laughable to hear characters talk about honor and loyalty. I guess that is why this film has aged so incredibly well: Fans of political dramas and great movies should make The Ides of March a must-see. I must admit that it is absolutely fantastic.

It will definitely gonna be a strong contender at the upcoming award season. The movie was bland and very boring just like all the acting. It was soooooooooooooooo boring and was just an excuse to get his political views across. What a pathetic attempt.

the ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

It wasn't even interesting. Doing the dishes is more exciting than this movie. Feels almost like a vignette in scope, kind of a truncated story that might have made a fascinating cable TV show, but it feels complete and it's satisfying.

the ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

But this one won me over. He's perfect, as is Clooney who gives the best performance I've ever seen from him.

the ides of march quotes loyalty in a relationship

Hoffman is impeccable, as always. He's one of the most interesting actors in the game.

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