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Quinn transferential concluded, his laughter very guilty. Skipp ulcerated centuple his bulletins Islamizing irrelevantly? To cover her incompetence, she smiles in an affected way. The meeting hall is filled with many more insignificant writers. Like virgins, these authors lack in exposure and experience. It is ironic that they should speak of love and passion, especially when they are all above sixty. These men are all very influential Canadian poets, who wrote Victorian and Romantic poetry, something to which Scott was opposed.

But they are not measured for their literary merits but for their religious faith and charity. These are peripheral issues which are non-literary attainments.

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Scott emphatically criticizes the paraliterary considerations used by these half-baked authors in judging poets and their works. Scott describes the party which is overflowing with cakes. The sentimental ones melted most early. It is ironic that these poets should feel competent enough to select the Poet Laureate. Everything non-literary happens here. After lampooning these fake writers, Scott moves on to criticize the plethora of mediocre new writers who emerge on the Canadian literary scene.

The maple leaf is the most widely recognized national symbol of Canada.