Over the top hospital scene from meet

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over the top hospital scene from meet

The Way We Were is a American romantic drama film starring Barbra Streisand and The soundtrack album became a gold record and hit the Top 20 on the Katie and Hubbell meet by chance some years after their divorce, in front of the . in the plot; of the scene in the hospital shortly after Katie gives birth and they. We have identified the country's top consultants — as judged by their . A study at the NHS Lister Hospital in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, where. Not all scenes that take place in hospitals are tearjerkers, you know. Paulie's face when he realized she wasn't in the bleachers at his track meet, Their famous hatred for each other represents so much more than the rift.

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Suddenly, a light, we can discern an approaching spaceship in the distance. Here's my theory, Coop's story ends here and the end credits could've rolled out at this moment. But no, Nolan added another 10 minutes. I'll come back to this choice in my conclusion, but let's focus on my theory for now. According to me and othersthese 10 last minutes are actually all in Cooper's head, as he drifts off near Saturn after his encounter with the black hole. In this instant he's experiencing a NDE, a near-death experience.

The phenomenon is defined as " a personal experience associated with impending death, encompassing multiple possible sensations including detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of a light"; as well as a "tunnel experience or entering a darkness. A sense of moving up, or through, a passageway or staircase.

And many clues in the film point to it. Death in soul To start with, regarding his state of imminent death in the shot of him floating in space, two things point to it. The first being that Cooper was thrown out of a black hole.

As astrophysicists and NASA explains, the gravitational pressure of a black hole is so strong that a human being couldn't survive in it without suffocating. When you know Nolan worked on Interstellar's screenplay with Kip Thorne, the world's black hole reference, it seems unlikely they would've left such an incoherence in the script.

In the film, it might even be possible that Cooper was already dead when he entered Gargantua, or close to dying. In that case, either the 5D sequence was only hallucinations, or maybe he acted unconsciously, guided by the "bulk beings" and TARS.

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Two minutes earlier in the film, Cooper is in his ship, heading straight for the black hole. He sees light projections coming from ahead and begins to scream, suddenly we shift back to his son Tom on Earth, in front of the burning farm.

over the top hospital scene from meet

The scene cuts, and we're back in the cockpit, where Cooper regains consciousness after we guess he was out for a couple of minutes. Pictures Is this when the film goes into NDE? The fact that the bright lights disappeared as he woke up, and the fact he lost consciousness before entering the black hole, a geometric shape, makes it all very possible. Now it's up to you to decide. Personally, I chose to believe that this phase is real, and that his imminent death doesn't happen until the moment he comes out of the Tesseract.

The second clue is in the music playing during the space drifting scene. Just before it cuts, Hanz Zimmer who delivers a masterful partition concludes his song 'What Happens Now' with a high organ note, that remains constant and lingers in time. Just like an hospital's electrocardiogram and its continuous sound when a heart stops beating.

Let's be honest, when you think of the ending this way, it's sound way too good to be true. And that's exactly why I prefer to believe it isn't true, it's all a result of the NDE. I have the proof! Nolan is known for writing lines that always have a deeper meaning that makes sense further in the story. The lines are never just said for the sake of it. Rachel is dead, Bruce has shed hid armour and is now just as helpless as he was after his parents died.

Having offered Bruce advice on how best to deal with the forces of chaos besetting him, Bruce finally asks Alfred how he and his friends dealt with the anarchic thief in Belgium. The forest is already burning, the extreme measures already undertaken, and no one will escape unscathed in the battle against evil.

Both stories are lies. Rachel squirms and resists as he continues to grasp at her, pressing the knife against her face. His quirky mannerisms and sudden mood swings create an unpredictable villain with enormous screen presence.

It achieves this not with big explosions, dangerous stunts though that zip line is pretty specatularelaborate gun play, or carefully choreographed fist fights. It is simply one of the most tightly would sequences of tension and peril constructed.

Everything from the establishing shot of the city to the school bus effortlessly disappearing into traffic bespeaks this films commitment to real imagery, an authentic but terrifying world and theatrics that are very much grounded in the believable. The camera glides smoothly, tracking the dynamic action of the characters. The final reveal of The Joker is nothing short of iconic.

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There is surely no better showcase for the extravagance of IMAX format than this sequence. Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes have gone missing.

Joker uses the opportunity to explain his worldview to Batman before Batman loses his patience and starts punching him. The harsh lighting and claustrophobic echoing of their voices in the tiny room build a sense of hopelessness. A game he is destined to lose. He fights for the law, outside of the law. He wants to inspire people, but his actions are criminal. The only thing that separates him from his imitators is his resources and training, the only thing that separates him from the criminals he pursues is his one rule, not to kill.

This sequence perfectly encapsulates this dilemma and the fascinating dynamic between Batman and his greatest villain. He is a decent man who is stripped of everything he loves; his beliefs, his girl and his face. He becomes an agent of chaos, and ultimately is killed and transformed into a false hero whose flawed legacy is explored in The Dark Knight Rises.

As his two former friends attempt to reason with him, he proves beyond reach and in the ensuing struggle he dies. The death of Harvey Dent is the ultimate failure for Bruce, who must now flee the society he just saved from anarchy.

Return here in four years so we can once again go over why The Dark Knight Rises is also brilliant. Unbeknownst to her, the man is struck by multiple cars in a possibly fatal accident. Death arrives at Bill's home in the uninjured body of the young man, explaining that Bill's impassioned speech has piqued his interest. Given Bill's "competence, experience, and wisdom", Death says that for as long as Bill will be his guide on Earth, Bill will not have to die.

Making up a name on the spot, Death is introduced to the family as "Joe Black".

over the top hospital scene from meet

Bill's best efforts to navigate the next few days, knowing them now to be his last, fail to keep events from going rapidly out of his control. Drew is secretly conspiring with a man bidding for Parrish Communications. He capitalizes on Bill's strange behavior and unexplained reliance on Joe to convince the board of directors to vote Bill out as Chairman, using information given to him inadvertently by Bill's son-in-law, Quince, to push through approval for the merger which William had decided to oppose.

Susan is confused by the appearance of Joe, believing him to be the young man from the coffee shop, but eventually falls deeply in love with him. Joe is now under the influence of human desires and becomes attracted to her as well. After they make love, Joe asks Susan, "What do we do now?