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meet the robinsons wilbur and lewis fanfiction archive

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You have to make them know. He watched him walk around for two hours unaware of his own grace. It was almost sickening that someone so beautiful could think of themselves as so worthless. Therefore, it was not just for the benefit of the time stream that Lewis's confidence be renewed, but for the benefit of Wilbur's sanity, if he had any left.

In the first twenty minutes Lewis was at the Robinson household, Wilbur had the nagging desire to show Lewis his room and see what would happen. He wanted to see if Lewis would get the hint. It was a solid plan, until he remembered that the boy in the garage was his father and anything he did with him Cornelius would have sudden memories of.

He couldn't risk the awkward looks he would share with his father every night after that, and in that moment he wished he had thought before resting his eyes on Lewis. He didn't think; that was the problem. If he had, he wouldn't be in this situation, and he wouldn't be fighting back feelings for his father.

That was just something he would have to live with now; feelings that would never be fulfilled or returned, and once he got the blueprints from Carl, he would never see Lewis again, but would have to live with Cornelius. Without knowing, a tear rolled down his cheek and fell on the back of the blueprints he had been given just seconds ago, but he had turned around and Carl did not see.

Meet the robinsons book lewis and wilbur fanfic

How could you get over someone you would have to see every day for the next thirty or so years, unless he chose not to live on the Robinson Estate as an adult. He went down the travel tubes in pure anguish, battling his conscience every inch of the way. He knew what was moral and good, but he also knew what he wanted.

It was such a hard choice to make, although he knew what the right thing to do was. If he didn't go after Lewis though, he might end up regretting it for the rest of his life, and at thirteen that meant a long time to regret something. He could always use a memory eraser on Lewis, but that was kept upstairs and he didn't have the key to the room which housed all of Cornelius's inventions, but maybe if he got Lewis to do something Wilbur would not be blamed because it wasn't his idea.

Yes, that would work in Wilbur's favor. Wilbur reached the garage and triumphantly announced his return, but Lewis was gone.

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If discovered by the rest of the family, Lewis would be crowded by them, monitored while he fixed the time machine, and Wilbur wouldn't get a second alone with him. He couldn't let that happen, and thinking of just himself for a second, he realized that Lewis being discovered would mean he would be grounded for an awfully long time.

He went up the travel tube again, not caring what room he landed in. He wanted to imagine that Lewis was in some isolated corner of the house, but such a place was rare and he was most likely with someone.

meet the robinsons wilbur and lewis fanfiction archive

He imagined everything ending in the worst way possible. Lewis would be discovered, the family would help fix the time machine, Lewis would be taken home, and Wilbur would have to live in misery. The thought clawed at him viciously. It wasn't pleasant to think about at all, even though restraining from doing anything with Lewis meant he was still a relatively good person. It would mean he still had basic morals. In a frenzy, he ran down the main hallway, hoping to bump into Lewis, and he did just that.

He was ready to scowl Lewis for going outside of the garage, but when Lewis blurted out that he had met the family, Wilbur grabbed his arm and dragged him into a nearby closet. Turning the light on, he demanded a "pop quiz. He watched his body language the whole time, which just kept getting more inviting, and Lewis didn't even know it.

meet the robinsons wilbur and lewis fanfiction archive

Wilbur was beginning to think he would never know. Ready to forfeit, he asked him, "and nobody realized you were from the past?

He felt his chance slipping away, and then, before he lost it, he grabbed the chain connected to the light bulb and grinned as he shut the light out.

meet the robinsons wilbur and lewis fanfiction archive

It was now or never, and he would rather take the chance than live his life knowing he didn't take the opportunity. It was dark with the light out, and Lewis was considerably far away, but Wilbur could hear his breathing in the silence.

It was a perfect silence, but it ended just as soon as it started. I can't see a thing, and we have to get back to the time machine.

The Life and Times Chapter 1: Franny, a meet the robinsons fanfic | FanFiction

She wants to change the future. That's why she's in the past. T - Spanish - Chapters: Maybe things would be better if his Dad lost that little league game. He starts plotting when he hears a certain agemate has a time machine. Sequel to Focus Rated: Wilbur's Adventures by radicalw. He learns to cope with the past's benefits and not so great things. He lives with Lewis and Goob and learns to cooperate with their very different personalities.

Hope you like Rated: La Familia del Futuro. Espero que les guste Rated: After helping Billie out of a jam, she repays him by taking him to the Train Convention with her. The two bond, and Billie finds just how desperate David's situation is, so she pulls strings to have him brought home, and work for Cornelius. Everything's coming up David, until I wrote down his address, and I am going to visit him forever until I marry him," She answered. I won't have it!

Franny glared at her mother, then went into her room where her only friend was. His name was Frankie the frog, and she was going to teach him to sing. She knew she was going to do it one day. On her bed, lay tiny Frankie, straped down onto a plate, a scared expression on his face. Above him was Frannys elder brothers, Gaston and Art, giggling obnoxiously.

meet the robinsons wilbur and lewis fanfiction archive

They held a scalpel in their hands. She held Frankie tighter, causing the frog to turn blue. Franny threw Frankie onto her bed and pushed her brothers out of the room. She stamped over to Frankie, who was breathing hard and getting the color back to his face. Not very much at all.

meet the robinsons wilbur and lewis fanfiction archive

The next day, Franny hid behind a car and watched as Lewis left his home and walked down the street. She followed him with wide eyes, drinking in every part of him.