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meet the robinsons villains wiki imaginary

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .. Main article: Meet the Robinsons Wreck-It Ralph - A confused villain looking for appreciation. emotion; Disgust - An ill-conceived emotion; Bing Bong - A beloved imaginary elephant/cat/dolphin . Despite his reformation at the end of Meet the Robinsons, Bowler Hat Guy also made an appearance with classic Disney Villains for the "Unleash the Villains". The manga series Baki the Grappler and its sequels feature a large cast of fictional characters He later meets with his father and becomes disillusioned as to his father's To thank Baki he starts using imaginary cooking to prepare Miso soup. .. In the tournament, he fights and defeats American kickboxer Rob Robinson.

meet the robinsons villains wiki imaginary

Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally and you will be king of the wonderfully horrid things. Heed my words, Goob; Don't let it go. Michael "Goob" Yagoobian also known as the Bowler Hat Guy is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 47th full-length animated feature film Meet the Robinsons. He was voiced by Stephen J. Anderson as an adult, and Matthew Josten as a young boy.

meet the robinsons villains wiki imaginary

Contents [ show ] Appearance Michael is a tall, slender man with brown hair and a thin mustache. He is often seen wearing a bowler hat and suit. He is commonly dressed in black as an adult. Personality As a young boy, Michael is more interested in baseball than his roommate's inventing hobby, though he still tolerated and went along with Lewis' wacky and whimsical schemes.

However, after he missed the winning catch, his fury became completely uncontrollable and powerful, as he was constantly in a very bad mood. Once the orphanage shut down, as time progressed and as he grew uphis resentment of Lewis grew. As an adult, Michael never really matured, acting insane, and stupid, suggesting he never went onto higher education after school. His old-fashioned and tatty clothing and stubborn willingness to remain bitter, spiteful and aggressive make him the opposite to Lewis in every way, since Lewis represented moving forward and progressing.

History Meet the Robinsons Goob as a young boy. Michael Yagoobian is Lewis' roommate at the orphanage. It is completely unknown why his parents left him in the orphanage or if they died when he was too young. He is kept up all night helping Lewis on his memory scanner.

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As a member of the local Little League team, the Dinos, Goob never really takes an interest in his roommate's inventing. The last game of the season occurs on the same day as the Science Fair. During the 9th inning, he falls asleep and misses the winning catch.

The other players on his beat him up for it and he never lets it go. No one wants to adopt him since he is so angry. He also believes that everyone hates him, despite a few that are willing to become a friend, he is too angry to notice. Eventually, the orphanage is closed down and he is left behind.

He spends the next 30 years in the orphanage, never changing out of his baseball uniform and listening over the radio tormenting himself listening to Lewis' successes as Cornelius Robinson. He finally decides that his current situation is Lewis' fault, reasoning that if Lewis hadn't kept him up all night working on his project, he would've caught the ball and could've been adopted. He threw eggs and toilet-papers Robinson Industries as a pathetic attempt at revenge.

She says that she is capable of more things, but Cornelius did not see her as anything else she was capable of doing. Realizing his simple plan was inferior to what Doris had in mind, Goob added in the sabotage of the Science Fair to the hat's scheme.

The two joined forces, and Goob took on the identity of Bowler Hat Guy. He ruins the science fair where Lewis is presenting his memory scanner, then steals the device and takes it to Inventco. Since he doesn't know anything about the scanner, he is thrown out, and at Doris' suggestion, they start to track Lewis for help.

Checking at the orphanage, Goob runs into his past self, who had just returned after being beaten up by his baseball team. After being reminded that Lewis likes to hang out on the roof, future Goob decides to go up there, but not before telling his past self to nurture his hatred and resentment for Lewis.

Upon discovering that Wilbur had followed them to the past, and was now gone, they return to the future and land invisible in the Robinsons' lawn.

When Doris leaves to get Lewis out of the Robinson house, she gives him control of a mini-Doris so that he can accompany her without leaving the time machine. After spying Lewis, Doris flies off on her own, while Goob ponders how to get him out of the house.

After finding a bar of frogs, he has an idea of taking control of Frankie and using him to intercept Lewis and bring him to Goob. This fails as Frankie is too small to grab Lewis. After dismissing Frankie, a garden structure gives him the idea to go back in time and steal a T-Rex named "Tiny".

Bowler Hat Guy

He then sends him controlled by Mini-Doris after Lewis. With the help of the Robinsons, Lewis and Wilbur defeat Tiny and Mini-Doris is taken away by the frogs to her presumed destruction, while Doris chastises Goob for his plan. However, they seize their chance when Lewis is walking away from the Robinson family after being seemingly betrayed, Goob promising to use the time machine to take him back to see his mother if he will repair the memory scanner.

Wilbur's arrival makes Lewis angry enough to agree, and Goob flies them in the time machine to his old orphanage home. After Lewis fixes the memory scanner, Doris ties him up and takes him prisoner, and then Goob tells his story. Carl and Wilbur save Lewis, but before they can reach the house, Doris impales Carl and steals back the memory scanner, and Goob pauses just long enough to taunt them before going back to the past.

Goob successfully passes off the memory scanner as his own, and then presents the idea of helping hats to Inventco. Sometime shortly afterwards, the helping hats begin terrorizing and enslaving the people, and Goob is horrified about it, as he only wanted to ruin Lewis' future, not condemn the humanity. But Doris, having no more use for Goob, sics several hats on him and presumably kills or enslaves him.

This future is ultimately edited, however, after Lewis uses the time machine to go back to before it was set in motion. At the point in time immediately after Goob signs the contract and makes the invention his own, Lewis appears and tells him that Doris is using him and will kill him after getting what she wants. Goob sees Doris being destroyed after Lewis promises he will never invent her. Lewis then shows Goob the industrial, smog-filled future that Doris would have created, which fades after a few seconds thanks to Lewis' intervention in the past, restoring the original, peaceful future.

As Wilbur is restored into existence, he attacks Goob on sight, until Lewis pulls him and tells his future son of his association with Goob. Then Goob leaves, wondering what to do next despite Lewis getting Wilbur to offer to have the Robinsons adopt him. He leaves his binder behind with his checklist and one unchecked box that has a question mark next to it, feeling extremely remorseful for his past actions against Lewis.

Upon returning to the past, instead of going straight to the Science Fair, Lewis heads to the ball field where young Goob is sleeping. Lewis yells at him, waking him up and Goob catches the ball he missed before, winning the game and negating the events that led to his transformation into the Bowler Hat Guy. Goob is shown as a much happier person afterwards, no longer having a reason to be so furious.

He is seen carrying around his trophy and getting adopted by the Hendersons, a couple that had previously interviewed Lewis and having an amicable goodbye with Lewis when he leaves the orphanage. It's completely unknown what will happen with Goob in the future, but given thanks to Lewis that he won the baseball game and was saved from became evil, he never transformed into the Bowler Hat Guy and surely became a more nicer and succesful person. At the end, he witnesses the shadow boxing fight that Baki visualizes against Yujiro.

Shinya Hashimoto A professional wrestler of immense size, he is 2. He is easily the biggest man in the tournament, second only to Andre Andov Garrand, and makes Mount Toba look small. Andreas easily loses to Baki in the first match of the tournament. Baki convinces him to use all of his might which surprises him because no one has ever asked him to use all his power. Takuo Kawamura More of a beast than a man, he is a buff fighter from Brazil that uses vale tudo.

Takuo Kawamura A current yokozuna in sumo. It is revealed that the Yokuzuna had tried to stop himself from falling on Igari and crushing him thus the reason he broke his own arm from it being completely straight upon impact with the ground. Kinryuuzan's trainer explains that the position that Igari had put the Yokozuna in prior to his arm breaking would have resulted in a loss had the fight been a sumo wrestle.

Afterwards he rips off his top knot as a sign of disgrace only to be congratulated by Igari for a good fight and convinces him to never stop fighting. Later, he almost has his back broken by Yujiro. Sergei breaks Regan's arm before his match with Retsu Kaioh as a show of strength. He is easily beaten by Retsu in the fifth match when his neck is broken. He is brutally beaten again, but this time by Andre Andov Garrand because he failed Russia. Before the match begins, he taunts Hanayama by offering him a face guard, which Hanayama promptly crushes and rolls into a ball.

In turn, Inagi is offered a katana by Kaoru, which he breaks with his fist. During the match Inagi breaks his own leg blocking an uppercut from Hanayama, before breaking both arms and his spine attempting to block a single punch.

He passes out from the back pain while trying to put Hanayama in a submission. He lost despite managing to dislocate two of Katsumi's joints. He is fairly well known as Doppo knew quite a bit about him. He is trained by Billy Rileywho happened to be a real-life legendary trainer of catch wrestlers in Great Britain.

He later fights and is choked out by Yujiro. He was given the nickname "Lion Slayer" for fighting lions while training in Africa. He nearly wins but is knocked out in one punch by the boxer. He later fights and is knocked out in one axe kick by Yujiro. Mitsuru Ogata Ian is the heavyweight boxing champ. He knocks out Li Mouko in the first round and fights Shiba Chiharu in the second round. The spirit of Ian's stepfather's father Ian's stepfather is also his boxing trainer appears to him in order to give him inspiration to continue fighting against the very tough Shiba Chiharu.

He is clearly based on John Lawrence Sullivan because he describes himself as a bare-knuckle boxing champion with only one loss on his record, and he has a very similar appearance to Sullivan. In the fight against Shiba one of Ian's hands are broken and his trainer throws in the towel in order to protect his boxing career.

meet the robinsons villains wiki imaginary

Despite this, Ian chooses to keep fighting, but he eventually breaks both hands, causing his trainer to run into the arena and restrain him. As a result, his decision is overruled and he loses. He is later knocked out by Yujiro with an uppercut. Baki encounters Ian inside the Arizona Prison. Ian had been trying to become the strongest convict - a dream he gives up on.

Before he is released he's beaten by Mouth, only to be rescued by Guevara. He may have been based on Mike Tyson.

During the credits of the second to last episode, he is seen on a flight back home sitting across from Regan. Tomohiro Nishimura Leader of the Kurenai racing gangs, he is a street fighter that doesn't seem to feel pain. He fights Hatanaka Kouhei in round 1 where he severely breaks his own arm as a form of intimidation before viciously beating Kouhei.

In round 2 he fights Ian McGregor with shadow bonding and nearly defeats the boxer. Shiba wins by breaking both of McGregors hands with his rock hard skull. Though he wins he is unable to continue due to injury. He is replaced By Andre who proceeds to throw him through the ceiling after a disgruntled Shiba confronts him and demands to know why he's being replaced by Andre in the tournament. After recovering from that, he is struck in the throat by Jack Hammer and knocked out.

He's last shown still injuredriding with his gang. Shiba makes a surprise return in the Son of Ogre series. At the request of Hanayama Kaoru, Shiba is to be Baki's training partner for the upcoming fight with Yujiro. Kaoru says Shiba must be Baki's partner because Shiba is weak.

Baki is reluctant to fight Shiba at first, but finds a reason of his own when Shiba keeps on attacking him at various times throughout the day. Daisuke Hirakawa A judo practitioner who breaks Chiharu's left arm before being beaten senseless by Chiharu. He later fights Yujiro who destroys him again by using his own style of judo against him and throwing into the ground. Jin Yamanoi A shorinji kempo user who beats Mike Queen in round 1 with an armlock, before having his wrist and ankle bitten into by Jack Hammer and getting knocked out in round 2.

Masayuki Nakata He's a bouncer from America. Though his style could be described as brawling, he more less just stands there and takes punishment.

Though this works with 3 men armed with baseball bats this does not work with Doppo. He wears a tuxedo to the ring and Doppo complied by wearing a nice suit of his own. He later fights and loses to Yujiro after breaking his hand punching Yujiro in the head, and a groin kick that makes him fly away. In the English dub his name is changed to Phyllis, perhaps not to label Americans as filth. He is also one of the many people Yujiro beats on his rampage by giving him a powerful belly to belly suplex.

Harlon is shown to be a big fan of Andre Anov Garland. Masaya Takatsuka Yujiro's apprentice. Yujiro met him in America, where he was serving as a bodyguard to the US president. Yujiro took him under his wing after he kidnapped the president. His style is based on love in contrast to Yujiro's style which is more aggressive and based on rage. He fights Yamamoto Minoru in the first round, before losing to Doppo.

After the fight he begged Tokugawa to end his match for Doppo's safety, and Yujiro nearly kills him and calls him weak. Eiji Yanagisawa A giant Greco-Roman wrestler who has over wins and no losses.

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He replaces the injured Chiharu and is beaten by Jack Hammer who almost bites off his hand leaving it dangling by a piece of skin and stabs his ribs into his heart. He is later nearly killed by the Russian convict Sikorsky. He requested himself to be chained with specialized titanium shackles because he could not control his strength, but vowed to unlock himself if "Mother Russia" was in danger; thus given the nickname by his peers, "The Chained Patriot", what is most remarkable about him is that he does not possess any formal training apart from the basic rules of any combat sport he competes in and relies heavily on his own natural strength,strength which enabled him to cut down a tree with a single swing of his axe,rip the full roots of it from the ground and dig not any mere hole but a near meteor sized crater.

This character is based on the real life Russian wrestler Alexander Karelin. He became a practitioner of Chinese kenpo and learned from the same school, and reached the same rank of Kaioh as Retsu, the first Western man in history to attain that title.

Besides Chinese Kempo, he also knows a form of hypnosis to cloud his opponents' senses and allows Dorian to defeat them. He has memorable battles with Doppo Orochi and Katou where he nearly killed them. After being beaten by Doppo he is hospitalized where he escaped and goes to Doppo's house where he attacks him and blows part of Doppo's face off using a bomb located on his wrist.

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He is later defeated by Retsu and is mentally incapacitated, making him harmless. He is later seen, under the protection of Oliva, at the Chinese Tournament where he loses in the first match. He is briefly seen in the anime during the Maximum Tournament storyline, making a cameo as both the man who dug a cave overnight and the man who recommended Retsu for his title.

Of all the five convicts, he is most notable for his use of a wide variety of tools in fights, such as flammable materials, lightweight wire, and even covering his knuckles in broken glass. While not clearly stated, he was probably a soldier in the British Armed Forces since in Britain the death penalty only exists for treason and military law, and he had a soldier acquaintance who helped his escape to Japan.

He attacked and severely injured Rob Robinson and later scares Baki at school, although they don't actually fight. After being stabbed in the eye by Retsu, he later befriends Katsumi and plans on escaping the country on a ship. Yanagi comes and nearly kills Doyle and blinds him before Doyle escapes. Doyle is later seen in a cave where Oliva finds and captures him. His fate remains unknown. He fights using metal blades implanted into his joints and controlled by his nervous system.

He also has a generator where his heart is which boosts his strength. As a side note, he is presumed to be Scottish since he referred Ardbeg Scotch as being "a drink from my home country" during his conversation with Retsu. To do this he had to climb up the smooth surface of a missile silo since the prison was converted from an old ICBM base. After escaping, he nearly killed Andre Andov Garland.

He is defeated by Gaia in the Maximum Tournament arena. Gaia uses his environmental battle method to beat up and terrorize Sikorsky, and forces him to surrender and admit his defeat. His fate afterward is unknown. Although it does not say if Sikorsky has a particular martial art, it seems he uses just strength and has extremely powerful fingers, capable of carving into his opponent's flesh with his raised knuckles. Chafurin Japanese ; Kyle Hebert English [1] - Speck is an American convict who escaped from a Florida state prison, located feet underwater in a giant submarine.

Unobtainium: What Is The Strongest Metal?

Speck kills the councilor, who came to see him in prison, before escaping and killing five more guards on the shore. After wanting to fight Baki he is arrested.

Instead of yielding to the law, he decides to make the Japanese detention center his second home. Speck has quite possibly the bloodiest battle in the series with Hanayama Kaoru where they both inflict severe injuries on each other.

He threw bullets into Hanayama's mouth and forced his jaw shut, setting them off and blowing two large holes in his face. Speck has his throat ripped out after their second fight, which ultimately kills him. He knows a technique called "The Apnea Rush" where he throws a hundred rapid punches, without breathing, that destroys an opponent by melting their bones.

Speck used it to heavily damage the Statue of Liberty which was almost destroyed. After his defeat, he aged rapidly and it is found out he is actually 97 years old. This character is based on the real life serial killer Andrei Chikatilo and Richard Speck.

The smallest of the convicts physically, he is later being shown as the most deadly.

meet the robinsons villains wiki imaginary

He is the only convict whose crime is known, that he killed a dozen men in prison as a test bed for his new skill. He uses a special martial art called Way of the Void.

He is seen to be an old acquaintance of Shibukawa Gouki. He is responsible for poisoning Baki with his Poison Hand technique and also for nearly killing Doyle and for destroying Shibukawa's eye preceding the storyline.

He fights with Izo who uses kenjutsu to stab his leg and cut off his Poison Hand. Yujiro then comes and declared Yanagi the loser which Yanagi did not accept. As Yujiro was ready to leave he quickly spins and breaks Yanagi's neck with a backhand, killing him. Yanagi's death ended the Escaped Convicts saga.

After the failure of the special forces of police, he hires Oliva to finish the job. He respects the grapplers fighting the convicts, since they do a better job than the police.

meet the robinsons villains wiki imaginary

However, he doesn't understand how powerful the fighters actually are. Yusaku Yara Japanese ; James C. He possesses an iron body and is almost invulnerable to anything. He and Yujiro crossed paths while he was sent to assassinate a drug cartel leader. At the same time, he ran into Yujiro. He refers to Yujiro as "Mr. Ogre" and tends to be polite and eccentric before fighting. Yujiro mentions to him that he should take time with his kills rather than being quick about it.

Oly understands Yujiro's bloodlust but prefers to do his job than play around. His trademark is his punch which can go through his opponent's heart. He has just defeated "Che Guevara" in the Arizona Prison and was recently defeated by Baki Hanma in a brute force showdown.

He doesn't seem to practice any form of martial arts, instead using his freakish strength and resilience to overcome threats. His various feats of strength and muscle control seen in the manga are doing an exercise in which he repeatedly pulls a Chinook helicopter towards the ground, withstanding multiple shotgun blasts and then squeezing out the shot by flexing, breaking through iron doors with ease in the Arizona prison in one case by turning a locked handle until the metal twists and ruptures around itand flinging the convict Hector Doyle by one ankle into the floor with such force that the entire building they are in shakes.

He also has one bizarre technique in which he curls into a perfect sphere of muscle in which he is impervious to attacks, but can uncurl and seize his opponents, 'eating' them "like Pac-Man". He then crushes them with his muscles. He uses this on Baki, but fails the second time he tries to use it. He is then beaten unconscious, if briefly, by Baki when they abandon the use of techniques and simply pound each other with all their might without dodging or blocking.

His appearance and name are based on former Mr. Universe and three-time Mr. As a result of his corruption, Oliva was sent to hunt him down.

Markson encountered Oliva while he was doing his usual side job, and Oliva destroyed every part of his body, "barely within a limit of not killing a human" according to Markson, leaving him in a hideously disfigured shape.