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meet the pyro anime version

This new fic story is about different Versions of Jaune arc getting sucked . In the real world The Pyro shot her flare gun right in the scout's face. Today was a good day: Meet the Pyro was soon to be released! . that?) and inserted it into a cherubic version of the BLU Heavy's mouth. A short clip of Meet the Pyro was teased in Valve's video "Perpetual . In the version posted to Adult Swim, the RED Spy's cigarette is unlit, and.

In the real world The Pyro shot her flare gun right in the scout's face who flew back in the air screaming. Back again to candy land the scout tumbled in the air, looking fine as the bubbles around him dissipated before the heavy joined him and chest bumped him.

Another giggled joined and Pyro turned to see the blue Medic waving at him from inside a small box but when he saw that she had notice him, he hid inside with the lid barley covering box.

meet the pyro anime version

Pyro moved towards it and fix the lid on, the scene switched back to the real world where she was slotting her axe through the large door's bars preventing the medic inside from escaping as he tried to pry the door open "No! If you believe in Magic, come along with me. In candy land Pyro skipped down the cookie road blowing rainbow's out of her gun with the first two blue members following her, she passed by the engineer and the spy where a big fluffy unicorn suddenly appeared before them.

Pyro's Night at Freddy's

They grabbed onto it as it flew away, the people watching could only hazard a guess of what happened to the two or if that horse was real or something else. We'll dance until morning, just you and me.

She then continued out, skipping down the lane and towards the camera where the rest of blue team joined, waving her goodbye, even the demo who was closer to the camera waved with a cheery grin before… And maybe, if the music is right… "I'm Burning!

The scout ran by scream in terror before the sniper was thrown from the burning building and crashed to the floor with bit's of glass landing all around him.

meet the pyro anime version

He crawled towards destprately away from the burning debris behind him and latched to a foot in front of him "Help! The black soulless eye's of her mask looked down upon him with mercy as she aimed her weapon and unleashed it "AAAHHH! The as different sort of music began to play the scene changed to Pyro doing a pose as the camera zoom out to show her in a group of red clothed people who were more or less known in remnant like Jaune SpyPort Heavy and Mercury Scout.

Suddenly a title appeared below them TeamFortress 2 If you believe in magic… The scene then changed to pyro gigging away to the music in her candy land as the camera started to zoom out of the large hole in the blue soldier abdomen where half of his spine could be seen sticking out.

The dying man gasped his last breath, falling to the ground cluching his entrails to show the flaming and crumbling carrnige behind him with Pryo walking away from her massicare as she whistled the song.

The small percentage watching couldn't help but be horrified by what they saw. In a lone home in the woods an older blonde man in shorts sat on his couch with an expression of horror as he sat frozen to his seat until the phone next to him rang pulling from his paralysis. Yang Xiaolong was sweating badly, the Reason? Her sister was seen barbequing people without Remorse or mercy because she can see the damage and death while she's in Rubyland as she likes to call it. Her mother once went through them and she turned out fine.

Ruby clearly cannot see the damage and death she is causing because everything to her is just rainbows and puppies. It would appear that miss Rose suffers from Delusions that she's in some utopian fantasy where she sees her self-doing no wrong despite havoc she is actually causing.

Common symptoms of schizophrenia. Omake- Death by Snu Snu Jaune did not know on how to describe the situation he was in, or what he fellow huntsmen Bran and that Kid Mercury were in as well. A simple trip via Bullhead to unknown origins, what could go wrong? Oh Right, the engines fail and there were force to crash land in a remote uncharted area in Remnant. And to make matters worse, they were stranded with no form of communication to single help and they stumbled onto a native tribe of curvy Amazonian women who were Freakishly large.

meet the pyro anime version

Well bigger then the average man, and nearing standing as tall as an alpha Ulsa. Naturally Qrow made some quip about the women unaware that the bush that they were hiding under was the skirt of one of these women who heard them and knocked them out.

The only good thing was that they weren't killed as well as Penny who was the only female member to tag along on their trip and not be captured because she was girl which made more then welcomed amongst the tribe's women.

She would finally see if her work paid off. Spike was fast asleep, and it was the weekend, so the library was closed for the day. She had also invited Pinkie and Rainbow Dash over to see the big experiment Rainbow was bored that day, and Pinkie was always open for something fun. Speaking of which, where were they? She heard a knock from the door, and zipped down to answer it. Pinkie appeared in the doorway, giggling at some unknown joke. Where's that dimensional space-hole thingy?

Fortunately, nothing was broken, so they continued over to the next room in the library, which housed Twilight's workshop and the door. Next time I think I'll sleep in. The universe we go to might be made of candy, or on fire, or invisible. Twilight flicked a switch and the door lit up yellow, as the pumps started pumping magic into the device. It would be a real educational opportunity.

Meet the Pyro

Twilight hurriedly scribbled a note and, mustering up her courage, followed them into the dimensional void. As part of the effort to convince the poor unfortunates of TeuFort that you are not idiotic mercenaries destroying their buildings and worldly possession with bombs, this has been a tremendous failure, and I blame all of you for not trying hard enough. Pyro watched, rapt, as footage of his teammates played.

Weren't they supposed to make him look cool, and likable to the other team members? The real Scout was cringing, almost as if he expected Pyro to attack him. The Pyro was almost indignant at this. Scout thought he was a girl? Pyro kicked open a door, flamethrower out and ready. He remembered that day. The video then cut to the Spy, and the Pyro brightened.

Surely with the Spy's oratory skill, he would say something good about him, right? Pyro was now shooting a stream of fire into the air, while buildings burned around him and dramatic music played.

The Pyro practically withered in his seat. Or not, he thought to himself. Then it cut to a pastel world, viewed through two eyeholes, where the Pyro was holding a contraption of brass and balloons, and wherever he placed the rainbow, flowers sprung up.

His favorite song 'Do You Believe in Magic' was playing. Inside his mask, the Pyro paled. They told him that they wouldn't mention his medication. They said no one need ever know. Then again, Miss Pauling might not know the Administrator as well as she thinks. In The Naked And The Deadit is revealed she still has no idea what her boss wants with all the Australium and has blindly followed her up to this point.

The fact that she is starting to have doubts now Pyro ambushing two Classic Team members in the dark in Part 6, which doubles as an awesome moment. With everything going to hell in a Payload Cart, Classic Soldier and Classic Scout talk about cutting their losses and runningstarting up an orphanage.

meet the pyro anime version

The Classic Scout reaches out and reassuringly puts a hand on Classic Soldier's shoulder, but realizes too late that he's covered in gasoline. They hear something, and look up right as a pilot light switches on from the darkness ; revealing the modern mercs' own Horrifying Hero glaring down at them from the rafters, flamethrower in-hand.

The Medic has somehow stolen his entire team's souls and implanted them into himself, what limitations does he have in the world of medical science? Also, he gave away one of his teammates souls to Satan just so he could conveniently take Satan's pen.

The Scout and Spy searching a dark, abandoned building by themselves certainly produces an atmosphere of unease. And then Scout slips on a pool of blood. Keep in mind that canonically, Scout is still Spy's son. After Scout and Hale make it to the remaining RED team mercs who are trying in vain to fight the yeti, we're greeted by said yeti snapping Soldier's spine. Thankfully, he gets better, and him rejoining the group looking more annoyed than hurt while dragging his lower body around adds an element of Black Humorbut still.

While in the game it's one of the least effective weapons, it seems like the most painful and sadistic out of the bunch.

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This gets even worse with the Overdose, a prototype syringe gun which shoots out of a syringe disposal container. Just think of all the diseases that must be in that thing Gameplay wise, the Blutsauger can give a player that doesn't expect it quite a shock, followed by the split-second realization that unless they can take out the Medic's hit points in one chunk he can just regenerate lost health by keeping firing at you.

The Red-Tape Recorder is a sapper which slowly reverses the construction of your buildings instead of damaging them. There's something unnerving about watching your buildings slowly undo their upgrades and revert to a toolbox, especially with the "Building Those horrible, glowing eyes staring you down as they laugh maniacally, slicing you to ribbons with a stream of crit bullets or catching you in a stream of unkillable fire so horrible it singes your very soul.

Horrifying enough the first time, no less, and even worse when you've gotten to a thousand hours of total playtime and are all too familiar with the death that will soon take you. Uber Pyros get even worse if you keep looking at their "eyes", or rather, their mask. It's the lenses that are glowing, NOT the Pyro's eyes behind them.

So what does that pyromaniac look like with the mask off?! Cranked Up to Eleven with Mann vs. The sight of an invincible, colossal robot Heavy, or a whole army of Crocket Soldiers, or Demoknights is the stuff nightmares are made of. You see the Eyelander that the enemy Demoman has? You may not realize it, but it's talking to him. And it wants your head. Not only does it talk when it tastes blood, but when it's idle in your hands, it will make menacing whispers.

This also happens with the Headtaker and the Nessie's Nine Iron. Going hand in hand with Fridge Horrorconsider the phrases some of the characters say "I'm back! In Poker Night at the Inventorythe Heavy claims that the respawn system puts him through a series of seemingly endless nightmares before spawning again.

Maybe it's because of the fact that he can't spend quality time with Sashakilling enemy baby-men? It could be taken to mean he doesn't believe he ever died at all. Just that after respawning, his death seems like a bad dream.

An Axe-Crazy undead juggernaut that is completely immune to all forms of knockback and slowdown, and is only outpaced by the Scout.

Not only that, by the time a round is over, he's usually inside a very tight-spaced mansion where the usual maneuverability is incredibly difficult. Oh, and if you're unlucky enough to be his specific target, you have seconds to try and hit an enemy player with your melee weapon while dodging their gunfire at the same time.

Made doubly worse on Hellstone. Often, you'll be in the middle of an incredibly bloody firefight with the other team at close range, near the middle points And within a few minutes, he'll have pretty much killed more players than anyone ever could in one go. Whenever you backstab someone with a Your Eternal Reward, the body of your victim instantaneously fades away. The reason why this happens is even more horrific: Even worse, the Spy who stabs with this knife disguises as his victim instantlymaking the YER Spy a much more terrifying adversary.

In the Scream Fortress update. You have this disembodied giant floating eye, see, and it shoots critical rockets, and you need to kill it by shooting at it.

It looks even worse from the behind Merasmus' Bombinomicon possessed itaccording to the comics.