Meet the medic map replica

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meet the medic map replica

Google Map aerial view of the village of Ertebat Shar/Medina Wasl on Fort Irwin. the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment meet to organize their strategy, for an after-action report after medics from the 3rd Infantry Division's. The Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct (REPLICA) is the nation's first and only multi-state compact for the Emergency Medical. A screen accurate replica of the map seen in Meet the Medic! **Notes:** - I haven´t textures from the meet the medic map only the original tf textures, but not.

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meet the medic map replica

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meet the medic map replica

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meet the medic map replica

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It s not just replica football shirt ghosts that Tumen has wanted late. Be practicing in good standing in their home state with an unrestricted license and under the supervision of an EMS Medical Director. Have a process to receive, investigate, and resolve complaints; and share information with other Compact states as necessary.

Since the 's, states have had the authority to license emergency medical services personnel.

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Although the federal government frequently provides resources and assistance to aid states in the development of licensing protocols, EMS licenses are issued by individual states and are based on individual state regulations. These requirements vary by state, but often include: Completing a state approved or nationally accredited training program; Obtaining a passing score on a national certification examination; Passing a criminal history background check; Being credentialed by a licensed ambulance service or other emergency agency; and Having a medical director who is responsible for verifying the competency of the provider on a periodic basis.

The EMS industry has undergone much change since the s. It is becoming increasingly more common for EMS personnel to cross state lines to provide services in non-declared states of emergency. This increased level of interstate movement and cooperation has placed a renewed emphasis on how EMS personnel are licensed to ensure that they are not being accused of practicing medicine in a state in which they are not technically licensed.

As a result, there is an increasing need for a universal means of assuring a legal, accountable and geographically consistent method of licensing emergency services personnel.

In addition to the need for a licensing standard, EMS personnel frequently encounter the need to work across state lines. While there have been limited efforts to address this problem, prior to "REPLICA" a more permanent and wide-reaching solution had not been found. REPLICA solves this growing problem through the formation of an interstate compact, which would allow member states to self-regulate the existing system for licensing EMS personnel.

Member states act as one as it relates to personnel regulatory matters under the well-known practice of interstate compacts. REPLICA promotes compliance with the laws governing EMS personnel practice in each member state, home and remote, and gives states the ability to hold providers accountable from both. State EMS Offices will now know who is coming into their state. REPLICA provides a unique opportunity to support members of the military and their spouses with a clear and timely pathway by which to become licensed.

EMS personnel covered by REPLICA includes those responding to calls for assistance across state lines as part of their duty, covering large scale planned events such as staffing concerts, races or large scale unplanned events where federal agencies are dispatched to support details, for example, wildland firefighting teams.

Today, in many states, these EMS Providers have no legal standing or protection when practicing. What Are Interstate Compacts? Interstate Compacts Compacts, which are governed by the tenets of contract law, provide states an enforceable, sustainable and durable tool capable of ensuring permanent change without federal intervention.