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meet the joneses imdb orange

IMDb-rating You're following? Your rating? Episode Keeping Up with Our Joneses. Facebook Share; Twitter Tweet. Viaplay. Stream on Viaplay. Top imdb is this past year's top with most popular appearances The Israeli actress broke Hollywood in with three hits: Keeping Up with the Joneses, . I suppose she's here now for “Orange is the New Black”. A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their seemingly perfect new neighbors are government spies. Zach Galifianakis, Isla Fisher, Jon Hamm. Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher made a cute couple in the movie.

Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds He is here for the wrong reasons: Good for him, anyway, because I really like him.

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But he is also a musician, and won an Oscar for a really outstanding role he made in Dallas Buyers Club They called him to host SNL for that and was better than more other coleagues.

He also played in Midnight Special, but that movie is not very good. The movie was relevant. I have noticed her some time ago in a creepy movie, Martha Marcy May Marlene. Mary Elizabeth Winstead She played mostly television, but she also stared in 10 Cloverfield Lane in What they have in common has a superior position in this top, right now.

meet the joneses imdb orange

Of course he made this top for something more trivial, but much better paid: Was it part of the franchise? Marriage, leaked photographs, etc… Suddenly, Melissa arrives in a taxi.

William has forgotten to get her a rental car the family wagon is in the shop. Akani watches warily from another room as Melissa explains that the kids are "with my sister. That means you're on duty with the kids. Arnie and Akani -- dressed like they just stepped out of a Polo catalog -- arrive at the neighborhood park.

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They observe Barbara collecting cash money from other soccer moms. Each mom, it turns out, takes turns buying pills from their doctors for the whole group. It's a regular cartel. William shows the photos to Barbara's husband, Richard. The man is shocked to find his family's friends are involved in such high-risk shenanigans.

William explains that the next move is to "freak her" by shutting down all her sources and cutting off her funds.

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Richard, once again, reluctantly agrees. Faster than you can say quack, the man offers to exchange pain pills for cash. William brings up Barbara and the curious case of the continuing oxycotton perscription.

meet the joneses imdb orange

William explains that he and Akani are not the police. Barbara, meanwhile, desperately searches her house for pills Pulling out of her driveway, Barbara has a pain in her mouth.

meet the joneses imdb orange

She reaches in and pulls out a bloody tooth. The wife and mother goes to her doctor, looking to score. She gets an annoyed and worried call from Richard.

meet the joneses imdb orange

Barbara is missing her daughter's birthday party. Later that night, she upends the house looking for pills. Her husband pulls her to the mirror. Barbara breaks down, begging her husband not to leave with the children. She promises to get help.

Richard calls William, telling the cleaner that his wife "wants help. William warns the man: It's not over yet. Natalie notices the used pen gun on the floor, and they realize the Gaffneys have broken into their house.

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The Gaffneys arrange a private meeting with MBI security officer Carl Pronger Kevin Dunn to expose the Joneses, but before Carl can disclose classified details, he is killed by a sniper who also attacks the Gaffneys. They are rescued by the Joneses and a high-speed chase and shootout ensue.

The Gaffneys learn that the Joneses are actually trying to discover whether there is treason within MBI. Back in the cul-de-sac, Jeff gives Tim and Natalie some relationship advice and the two couples bond. After they reenter their house, the Joneses trigger a bomb that blows it up. Later, after lying to the police about the Joneses, the Gaffneys are frantically preparing to go on the run when the Joneses reappear alive and well in their basement.

When the Scorpion calls on Dan's phone, Jeff answers posing as Dan and arranges a meeting to deliver the microchips.